10 Ways How To Track Site Traffic, Popularity, Statistics


title-statistics I know from myself people are obsessed with traffic, statistics, looking at other sites – tracking their stats and so on. And if there is enough demand, of course there are sites to satisfy You. I wanted to put those sites and tools in one list together, because at least for me this field was really unclear – I didn’t know what means Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete, Technorati rankings and I could continue so on. I must say not always these stats are precise, but however they give at least overview, how popular the certain page is, how many visitors that sites gets – and if You compare those stats with Your site statistics, You can get pretty precise results then.

I also use several FireFox add-ons, so I don’t have to type and go to statistic related webpage to get the results, results actually came to me in this way, allowing me comfortably browse, explore and compare sites I visit. Now I am so used to live with these toolbars, I can’t imagine my browsing life without them.  And just a thought – can You imagine how useful in marketing is information about Your competitors?? I just love Internet world :). Okay, now let’s get to the actual article.

I will start with actual FireFox plugins I use and later in order to the most popular and know traffic tracking sites. If You want to get a full list of SEO related Firefox plugins check out my other article – Popular Firefox Extensions for SEO masters.

1. SearchStatus

I couldn’t live without this useful plugin, which tracks Alexa, Compete ranking and Google LivePageRank. If You didn’t know Alexa and Compete sites are the most popular and trustworthy sites letting You track statistic about sites worldwide, compare them and so on. And who aren’t heard about popular Google ranking system, however if You don’t, check out Google official blog to find out more.

And yes, Alexa and Compete has it’s own Top and rating system, so that’s the number meaning, maybe I was silly, but I didn’t realize that at first, so I am pointing it out for You too.

You can download this add-on here.


2. Compete Toolbar + Compete Site

This site is very similar to Alexa, offering alternative or even better some really good site to compare ratings so You have more objective information. I use Compete always together with Alexa, however in compete my site is ranked much higher, so I think Alexa rating is more objective..or I don’t know, I am just critical against myself.


And they offer also toolbar, it is second add-on I use regularly, it’s official Compete.com site toolbar, tracking also average people count visiting site. Maybe this information is not so precise, but when I compare those stats with my site, I can get actual overview, how many people are visiting other sites too – pretty great. There are many other features in this toolbar however, but I am not using them in my workflow however, but You can do Your own research, maybe some feature is useful for You.


You can download this add-on here.

3. Google Analytics


Yes, this is the best statistic site available I think and the most popular one too. Google Analytics tracks information from Your site so detailed, You can spend hours comparing and analyzing Your website stats. I am sure everybody are using Analytics service by now, however if You don’t use it – You should go to their site and take video tour, explaining You everything much better than I could.

4. Alexa


I mentioned this site before, but now detailed overview Alexa provides a wide range of statistics based on popularity rank, reach, speed and in-links. You can compare site statistics also up to 3 sites. And information is precise, because everybody participate in it with help of Alexa Toolbar. When You install Alexa toolbar You get very useful tool and also give Alexa back just by visiting pages and using toolbar. I really like this system, check out maybe You’ll find it useful too.

Get Alexa Toolbar here / Visit Homepage

5. Quarkbase


I heard from this site at the first from Nick from ResourcePile, and since then I always been using it.

Quarkbase is a free tool to find complete information about a website. It is a mashup of over 30 data sources and many algorithms gathering information from Internet on various topics like social popularity, traffic, associated people, etc. – and yes, really complete starting from digg, delicious, reddit links, technorati ratings until RSS readers, traffic stats. Just type in – website url and enjoy huge information amount in seconds!

6. QuantCast

QuantCast is powerful statistic gathering website with information to help web publishers understand clearly their audience, what sites they like after visiting Yours, very powerful. Also if you want to get precise information about Your site, You can become QuantCast Publisher and  add simple code snippet in Your website, to let quantcast track and show You detailed statistics.


7. StatsAholic


If You are looking for simple and fast statistic, You should visit Statsaholic site, where fellows over there offer data and graphs, which are generously provided by Compete and Quantcast. Enter up to 3 domain names and compare.

8. PopUri.us

Also one simple and great site, just type in website address and get Google pagerank, alexa, compete, quantcast rank, technorati links, yahoo backlinks and more.


9. Website Grader

“Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.”

Every information piece about site is very useful giving You several SEO related advices, domain age, expiration, Google indexed pages, traffic rank, last google crawl date, also You can compare Your site with others and so on. Very useful, must know site.


10. BuySellAds

Maybe some people will laugh, I added this site too, since it’s not generally related to statistic information gathering, but I see from my site details Est.Impressions are very precise there. And now many people use this service, so You can just click to Advertise Here button and see precise results of that site monthly unique visitors and also alexa, compete rank, Google pagerank, delicious bookmarks and so on.  I just love that little thing about unique visitors.

You can see my account details by clicking on the link as an example.


I could continue, but I thought for statistics with these sites should be already more than enough. Enjoy the list to help You in marketing, SEO or just to satisfy Your curiosity about other site statistics.



  1. My website has a PR1 and I am determined to make it at least PR2. Do I need to enroll myself to all those statistics related sites? Which of them is the best, aside from Alexa and Google analytics?

  2. Sreejesh

    Thanks for the list, but can anyone give me the link to compete analytics where I can get the tracking code for my website. I’m not finding it anywhere on their page.

  3. Anil

    hi, all above all the tools are owesome and specially google analytics is very finest tool in the internet worldwide.

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    Does anyone know of a tool that allows you to track visits in realtime and display them on your site?

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    Just the link we need! We’ve wanted to use more tracking tools especially those that can help us compare our site with other sites that provide article writing services :) Thanks for this!

  7. rohit

    Very good article. Thanks a lot. Till now I have used only alexa and google analytics. Will use these tools too

  8. Nice list. I want also to suggest opensiteexplorer.org. This is a powerful backlink watch tool. First you must register for an account. Then you will gain free access to backlink reports Up to 1,000 links. It’s a useful site with lot of interesting metrics.

  9. Thomas

    Very informative and nice post. I think google analytics is the best in all these sites. I look forward to see some more posts like this in future from you.

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  11. I’m looking for a good solution for comparing the pageviews for multiple websites on 1 page.

    Do you know of any widgets or sites that allow you to embed pageview info in a blog and then update that info in realtime?

    Thanks for your post and for your help.


  12. Sandra

    Thanks so much for a great list. I love the Alexa feature and will use it to promote my
    Please keep these useful resources, links and help coming.
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  14. Richard

    I personaly use some of those methods.Quant cast is my favorite as I can use it to determine the demographic of my market at a glance. I also use GetClicky which is very user friendly. But whats the use of tracking traffic if you don’t have any. Go to Web Traffic Genius to get access to one of the most powerful tool for generating pure targeted traffic.

  15. Brian H.

    Hi Dainis,

    Just discovered your site. I love it and could read all night but have to get to bed. Saw you were from Riga Latvia. I had friends in Klaipeda, Lithuania and I’ve always wanted to visit the Baltic states. I’ll be back often to read your great posts. Loved quarkbase.com.


  16. Ben Huebner

    Thanks for these list of services! I use google adwords for quite some time, but does it make sense to use an other service in addition? If yes, which one?

  17. Aline S

    Another useful estimator for the value of each website is http://www.estimix.com . The estimation provided is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic. It provides trusted information, helpful for an objective human analysis.

  18. thanks all the information about traffic was very helpful, and also Website Grader was helpful, thank you for information.

  19. Jahangir

    I use only Google analytics and am very happy with it :)

    But thanks for sharing some great sites for traffic analysis.

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    I am using Google Analytics, Sitemeter and whoas.amung.us to track my visitors. Will only look into other tools once i have more articles and visitors. Thanks Dainix!

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    Nice list,I have been using Google analytic for all of my traffic purpose, But have nit used all of them mentioned in your article, would surely try out some of them mentioned.
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    I’m another Google Analytics user, but it’s nice to know there are so many other options.


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  25. Thomas | Santhos Webdesign

    Veru usefull post! SearchStatus is a great tool which I didn’t know already but I’m now using it!

    You might wanna check out ‘Seo for Firefox’. Another great plugin which adds some useful information to the Google search results!

    Great post!

  26. Nakul

    @ Dainis Google Analytics does have option of heatmaps.. Didn’t tried the accuracy or usefulness, but it does have option.

  27. @Raymond I agree, I yesterday looked at that website too, but thought it somehow don’t belongs here, although pretty unique feature to get application on computer :)

    @GDevelop happy to help – even better if it’s useful! :)

    @Software thanks for share, very useful – however I have a little bit different article telling how to track other people statistics, but this list is very promising. I’ll check it out! :)

  28. Thanks for this collection to analytic sites.

    I will try out at least two new tools i didn’t know about:
    Quarkbase and Website Grader

  29. nicholi@gmail.com

    These look like cool apps. I’ve never heard of most of them. As far as analytics, I’ve used Google for a while now. But now I am trying out the open source analytics software, piwik.

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  30. @Dee Langdon thanks for good words, use them well:))

    @Trond Google analytics is great tool for just Your site statistics, but I am talking about other ranking systems and how to compare and get to know Your competitors too.!