101 High Quality CSS And XHTML Free Templates And Layouts: Part 1


If you have been following the latest articles, I compiled 43 PSD to XHTML, CSS Tutorials article some time ago. This should be considered as the next step to the web development process. There are a lot of really professional and high quality XHTML, CSS templates available for free – if you are familiar with coding, you can learn many new techniques just by studying code. Those templates are free of charge; however, don’t forget to check the license of each one of them before using them. Don’t forget that you don’t need to copy those layouts;  just play with CSS, images to get complete fresh look.

Here I present to you the first part of free templates – every template is hand-picked. I picked only those templates I thought are interesting in the code or really exceptional according to standard layouts.

1. Environmental Brand XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

2. Organic Design XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

3. Breaking OnTop XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

4. Dark Dimension XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

5. Your Business XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

6. Squick Design XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

7. Greefies Solution XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

8. Impress 01 XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

9. Blog Division XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

10. Aquatic XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

11. CatchInfo XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

12. Genious Web XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

13. Total Management XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

14. Premium Series XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

15. Blogging XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

16. Voyage XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

17. The Green House XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

18. WidgetLike XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

19. Night Vision XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

20. Compressed XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

21. Golden Gate XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

22. Free Port XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

23. Puzzled XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

24. NonZero XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

25. Greeny Grass XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

26. StarGazer XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

27. Pluralism XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

28. BreakFast XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

29. Decorative XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download


30. The Missing Piece XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

31. NewsPrint XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

32. Individual XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

33. Trial Services XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

34. G-Consultant XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

35. Cool Web XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

36. Green Solutions XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

37. FlashWeb XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

38. Time Manager XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

39. Floral Impact XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

40. Intra Blog XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

41. SkyHighIndustry XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

42. Ntech Blog XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

43. Total Touch XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

44. Extreme Updates XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

45. Temper XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

46. Royal Policy XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

47. Redish XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

48. InTech Growth XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

49. Metamorph Energybolt XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

50. Info8 Design XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

51. Logo Design XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download


52. Grunge Design XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

53. Solution Blue XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

54. Celestial XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

55. Dream Land XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

56. Nature Theme XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

57. Black Berry XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

58. Interlude XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

59. Reality Software XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download


60. Bitter Sweet XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

61. ZenLike XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

62. TerraFirma XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

63. Dreamy XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

64. Coffee N Cream XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

65. Pet Lovers XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

66. Vanero XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

67. Bright Pixel XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

68. GreenFest XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

69. Out Of The Box XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

70. My Personal Website XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

71. Chocolate XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

72. iOrange XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

73. Granite Glass XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

74. Info5 CSS XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

75. Compus XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

76. Colorus XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

77. Clicker XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

78. Inverted Headline XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

79. Web Application XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

80. Family Site XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

81. Communications Company XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

82. Motion XHTML, JS And CSS Template


Preview || Download

83. Home XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

84. Warped XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

85. Solemnity XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

86. MiniBlog 1.0 XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

87. Clementine XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

88. Beauty Advisor XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

89. AppleWeb XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download


90. Internet Encyclopedia XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

91. Interactive Media XHTML And CSS Template

Preview || Download

92. Concept Nova XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

93. Abstract Studio XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

94. Internet Services XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

95. Internet Hosting XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

96. Artificial Intelligence XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

97. Internet Corporation XHTML, JS And CSS Template


Preview || Download

98. Internet Broadcast XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

99. Internet Sharing XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

100. Internet Market XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

101. Business Company XHTML And CSS Template


Preview || Download

As promised here comes second part, together there are 202 templates. Enjoy –

101 More Quality CSS, XHTML Free Templates: Part 2

Wish you the best luck studying these layouts and implementing the techniques in your own web development projects!



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