1stWebDesigner’s Life #7 – The New Social Network & Feed Stuff


Hi there! It’s time for a quick break and enjoy 2 more funny stories, brought to you by our awesome cartoonist, Jamie Sale. Oh, and I must say that if you are looking for an illustrator for hire, he’s the right guy.

Today, Webster, our superhero, will deal with an ol’ style client, the one that still thinks that floppy drives and flash websites are the latest technologies out there.

We’ll see 2 kinds of interactions. One when a client wants to be more into social media, but just doesn”t use it, or even worse, he’s on the wrong sites. And the second is about Feeds, which seems to be a fancy word and since the client likes it and sees it everywhere, wants it on his site too.

Let’s laugh a little on our own past (maybe present and future, unfortunately) a little bit. :-)

The New Social Network

Feed Stuff

And what would you do?

A little on marketing

The first thing, is telling clients a little about marketing.

I know, we are not marketing consultants or anything like that, but the truth is that we know much more about user types than the client does.

Even though the client may know if a person is or isn’t his target just when that person enters his store, he may not be so good to define which kind of sites he’ll find those targets at. So that may sound crazy but in some cases MySpace can be your best option. Same thing with Orkut (have you heard about this? It’s been a hit in Brazil for a couple of years) or Twitter or Facebook.

For example, I just don’t use Facebook. I don’t need to, because Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are much better options for me. So you’ll need to understand client’s needs and bring him consistent options for marketing beyond the simple “Facebook + Twitter” option.

It’s time to develop a thicker skin

If you are an employee this is a really bad scenario. When your boss asks you to do something that will end up being just a waste of time.

I know that it’s bad, but you need to learn a way to ignore this. A good mindset will help you do that. You can think about your tasks as challenges and opportunities to learn more and more. So, you’re doing that not to show to your mom, but to know how to do that, to play with it and to eventually use for your own proposes.

That way anything you do will never be a waste of time, despite of your boss ending up not using it. You know you’ve done a valuable contribution and that’s a great thing.

Also, if you really think that what you have done is great and should be used, you can try to reach people on highest scales and try your luck with them. It may sound crazy to ignore the hierarchy, but it can lead you to great opportunities.

How about you?

So, do you have any funny stories to share? It would be great to feature your funny facts here!



  1. Mary Deblois

    Yes, I think the key is to use simple words with clients who aren’t very acquainted with the language of web developers. Of course, it takes some time to know the kind of client we are dealing with and to understand the kind of output they want. I think the important thing here is constant communication.

  2. The reason why clients hire us is because they have no idea how to do it themselves.. but it can be really hard to talk to a client that doesn’t use the internet much. They aren’t sure what they need. Or they may SAY they want something but don’t know why.

    • Hello Ashley, it is important to understand how to speak simply to clients! We are deep inside there, but we need to explain in simple words :) And talk to them like that because it will help!