1STWD Q&A E-book : Interviews With 25 Popular Bloggers


Title-interview-book-coverThis is my first ever made *.pdf e-book and I was very excited to see how many people will respond to my call and how their actual answers will sound like.

Purpose of this Questions and Answers Interview e-Book was to explore and compare how experienced and well-known bloggers/designers think, how they organize their workspace, solve their problems, get inspiration and much more. Learn from them because as you can see their way of thinking works!

Each question is carefully thought through with intention to help new designers, let them understand how great minds think and how they got to position where they are now. Maybe 5 questions seem like a very little number, but when I put all answers together, e-book turned out to be very long..okay, not very long, but definitely more than I was expecting before.

Okay, I will not go deep into philosophizing and get straight to the point – here you have 5 questions each blogger tried to answer to as clear as possible:

  1. Photo of your workspace. How well-organized is your workspace? Where do your work?
  2. Favorite color scheme for your designs. Why?
  3. first source you have in mind when you’re having coding type difficulties?
  4. Favorite website for daily inspiration?
  5. What’s your most successful traffic increase event you’ve done in past?


I really put hard work into this e-book, it took a lot more time  as I expected, but at least I got a chance to communicate and meet with all those great people behind powerful blogs and know them a little bit better.

Thank you all for collaborating and I just hope this e-book will return expectations and you will evaluate this work.

I got honor to interview here all these following people:

Thank you all again for contributing, hope you will like it!

Now go ahead and push the button to receive your e-book copy!

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  3. Gurjeet

    Well this is very interesting indeed.Would love to read a little more of this. Great post. Thanks for the heads-up…This blog was very informative and knowledgeable!

  4. Jack

    Thanks for including TYPESETT.com, your ebook turned out well. Was this really your first PDF file?

  5. Amol G

    Hye Thanks for the valuable post. I remember one i had asked you for the blogs, and how you guys maintain it even many things about this. That day you have told me that you would going to write a article for it and since from that day i was eagerly waiting for this article and you did it bro.

    Thanks you i mean i don’t have words for the valuable post of article.
    Keep it up.

    • Ah, Amol – we have a lot of delays, behind the scenes process is pretty tense, but I will continue with articles – how to maintain, organize, blog daily and more..in the moment when I will finish redesigning website..:) Keep updated! and thanks for great feedback!

      Now I see work was worth the efforts! :)

  6. LizardWijanarko

    Hi Dennis,
    Just downloaded your ebook, looking forward to it!

    Wondering for its content is huge inspiring and warming me up for blogging.

  7. Nick Pagano

    Very cool Dainis! I like how this turned out. I’m honored to be included! Some interesting/helpful answers as well. Cool stuff.

  8. Kimcool

    Great man! I think you will collection more photoshop design in the ebook in the future:)

  9. Rebecca

    It looks interesting. Having a collection to read all at one time really allows one to see the similarities and differences among designers in not only their work, but their philosophy.

  10. Jae Xavier

    The should do a reality t.v. show on 5 bloggers who live in some downtown metropolitan city with a great view who have very contrasty personalities.. yeah – something like that.

  11. Excellent job, Dainis – it’s very neat to see all these answers from so many different bloggers all together, and the ebook looks great! Thanks for including me in the interview – I’m flattered to be in such great company.

  12. Brian Lovin

    Great post and ebook Dainis, thank you very much for including me in this list of great designers!

  13. Looks very interesting – thanks a lot for gathering all this information from several great webbloggers. Thanks a lot for including me too! I’m now going to read it to see if I can find something useful.

    Keep up the great work mate!