1stWebDesigner’s Life #6 – Social Media and a CD Portfolio


The Boss has finally decided to get into this social media thing. Well, you know that can’t be good for our superhero, Webster, right? Also, he’s been doing a great job on a portfolio for his company, do you think The Boss will like it?

Our cartoons were awesomely designed by Jamie Sale. If you need to hire a cartoonist, just call this guy, seriously. Also, if a friend of yours asks for an advice on cartoonists for hire, you know who you’ll recommend, right? Well, I think you got it :)

Social Media

Portfolio copy

Is email social media?

Mass mailing is kind of media, and kind of social (since it includes groups of people). So, why can’t we just call mass mailing social media? I know, I know, that’s because people can’t reply back to the company, right? What about mailing lists or mail groups? People can reply and have their own profile. How does that differ from Twitter or Facebook?

I know it’s a joke at first, but have you ever thought about the power of email? I mean, the Internet is full of social media hacks talking about how you they can get you the most exposure on social media. The main thing is, are you delivering the right marketing message? Because if you are, even if you have just a newsletter people often spend the time to hit “reply” and drop a line. Even if you just wrote an article, people will try to talk to you (as I hope you do via comments ). Everything can be social, if you let it.

This is something that works for me, but I reply to every single comment I get. I try to get back to everyone so people will know that they are talking to real people it also opens the line of communication.

So, my question to you is, why aren’t you making more things social?

Spreading the word offline

Ok, ok, you don’t need to make CD copies of your portfolio and send it to clients. But, unless you spend 100% of your time in front of your computer you’ll need to, at some point, do a little networking, deliver a few business cards, talk to real people.

There are so many digital coupons out there that when I receive something cool via traditional mail, whether it’s coupons for Google Ad Words, or something equally as cool, it really catches my attention.

I’m not saying that you need to write a fancy letter to each of your clients, just that it would be nice to send them something ‘real’ every so often.

Now it’s your turn!

Hope we didn’t get too philosophical this time. But share your thoughts and funny stories with us!



  1. Mark Forbes

    I think the main reason that it’s not classed as social media, is because people just check their emails then log off. Whereas on facebook, twitter, and other websites… The users tend to stay on it for periods of time.

    Like on facebook, if someone posts something then they’ll like it and comment. They may even click on your link and comment at the bottom (like I’ve just done).

    On emails, if the sender is donotreply@website.com then people just see what the email has, then delete it, because they can’t physically reply unless they click the links in the email.

    Just my input :P


    • Rick Leijten

      Indeed, its all about creating trust, just think about how do you or your friends respond on such advertising.

      I don’t believe in mass mailing by Social Media. It kinda depends on what the goals are. All you can actually do by Mass mailing is branding. I don’t think people would really start ‘like-ing’ your products that u send them by mass mailing.

      Overall i agree on the fact that face-to-face advertising, by talking to people promoting for example that portfolio is the best way to get connected with ur audience.