1stWebDesigner’s Life #2 – High Exposure Job & Darker Than Dark


I hope you liked our very first strip about flash banners and introducing our characters. We’ve got a lot of cool names suggestions,  and one that our team really enjoyed is “Webster”, by Laurel G. We have some other cool variations (like Coddy Webber) but we’re still open to more suggestions if you have a better idea :)

Today we’ll be talking about 2 funny situations that I think you may have experienced. So let’s go through them.

High Exposure Job

Darker than dark

So, what could you do in these situations?

Do you remember that our goal here is to get some insights from these funny things? So, let’s go on this.

Phishing bait

The first one is pretty common. Actually I’ve seen many cases that people think that we should feel privileged to work for them for “exposure.” Kind of strange, isn’t it?

First of all, if you can, stay away from these people.

If any job description starts with “it doesn’t pay well, but..” something is very wrong.

I mean, I’m not saying that you can’t take the occasional lower-paying-then-you’d-like gig (we all have to do this sometimes) or even free work. I work several hours of my day for the simple pleasure of helping friends (yes @SaadBassi, I’m looking at you).

I’m saying that if someone doesn’t want to pay you a fair price for your work and uses words like “exposure” and “future works” as phishing bait, you should stay away from them. Not all clients will have the cash to pay for your services, but the ones that are worth working for will at least offer you something for your effort, they may give you free meals at their restaurant or trade other goods or services for your work.

Expert Client

The second situation is a little more difficult. It’s when your client thinks that he knows everything about what you’re doing.

This situation, dear padawan, require us to put AADR plan in action:

  • Ask- When he says “when I turn off my monitor I get a much darker color” you should ask: “So, have you seen this color in any other site? What makes you think that this is possible to do?”
  • Anticipate – Just before he asks for any other changes you should think about what he wants to accomplish and anticipate possible improvements, like a different color palette or new features.
  • Do – Just after suggesting something, if you think that this will improve client’s results just do it without waiting for a final “OK, go” order.
  • Reassess – Let’s face the truth, things hardly go as planned. So after running your website for a while just reassess what is working, what isn’t and what to do about it.

It’s your turn!

Have you seen something similar to this? DO you have any cool name suggestion for our hero? Do you have any fun stories to share? Just go on and comment! :)



  1. Stephen

    Just posting to say that those comics are really funny. I found the second one especially amusing. I’m hoping to get into web design someday (teaching myself), so I’d best get ready for ungrateful clients :P

  2. Maidul

    Some clients says
    “Its a very simple job to do.”
    but they don’t have any experience on that field.So how they know its easy or hard to do :)
    Another one is when i non technical client want to prove you that he know a lots about web developing.

  3. Josh Bedo

    Awesome little strip, I actually had a client do the same thing as the second strip “These whites aren’t all the same this one isn’t as white and these greens aren’t all the same color”

    • Hey Josh..

      That’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes colors really look different even if they’re same (try looking in different angles from a LCD monitor).. Even for specialists, sometimes those color differences are kinda crazy :D


  4. Renato Alves

    I really liked. Congrats for the great work. Looking forward to the next ones. ;)

  5. So glad you liked my name suggestion! I can relate to the 2nd situation a great deal and was actually just talking about this with another designer friend and the AARD idea is a good one to try out.

    • Hi Laurel!

      I use this AARD method inside my mind every time, since my partners are (hopefuly) kind of perfectionists.

      And thanks by your nice name suggestion, in our next episode we’ll have our hero’s final name :)


  6. Ryan

    The: “Why does it take so long to build, it’s just a bit of this and that?!” (aka cost so much money). “My neighbours kid can do it in only one day. And he’s just a high school computer wizz!”

    Some clients downplay the effort, knowledge, experience and professionalism it takes to build a quality website. Certainly when it’s a website that, on top of having a good frontend, has a lot of backoffice functionality tied in.

    Anyone share the same experience that makes you feel like an overpriced nincompoop?

    • Hi Ryan,

      “Some clients downplay the effort, knowledge, experience and professionalism it takes to build a quality website.” Yeah, I’ve seen this a lot lately. Fortunately I can just go and left this kind of client, since they will bring you only more and more problems.

      Nice comment, thanks!