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Today, 1WD is happy to announce the launch of our 3 quick eBook series! This series will consist of eBooks covering the latest trends, practices, and technologies in web design and development.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “How is that different than what everyone else is doing?” Glad you asked! What really separates our eBooks from the competition is that we cover the same amount of material, go into the same amount of depth, but do it in an easy to follow 50 pages on average. That’s right, all the information you’ll need, in a size that you can actually read!

To begin the series we are first releasing three eBooks, covering Responsive Web Design and HTML5 and Web Design Trends. Here is a better description of each.

Update: Ebooks are no longer free, you can buy them on Amazon for 0.99$ each now!

How You can Get Those Ebooks?

E-books are available for free on Amazon Kindle format, follow to ebook landing page to read more. I bet everybody have used Amazon in past and has account at least! Even if you do not have Kindle, you can just download free Kindle reading app for your computer,mobile phone or tablet! As easy as that!

All we ask is that you kindly leave review and rate books after checking them, I assure it will take less than 1 minute max! Thank you!

You can download all Ebooks, check descriptions and intro videos here – Quick Ebook Guides For Web Designers, Learn Web Design Trends, HTML5 basics and responsive website design in 1 hour!

UPDATE: Books are now available free on UK Amazon too! We received some complains about not having it for free in UK! Everything is fine now!

1. Responsive Web Site Design, Quick Guide How To Get Your Site Ready For Every Device And Browser

by Jamal Jackson

Remember when serious browsing of the internet on anything other than a desktop or laptop would be laughable? Well, those days are long gong now. The great advancements made with smartphones, and the introduction of tablet devices, have made it now so that there is no assurance of what way any website will be viewed.

So the need of ensuring websites appear as close to pixel perfect in every browser, has now become a need to ensure every device gets a quality experience. What is there for a web designer and /or developer to do?

This book is an introduction into Responsive Web Design, best suited for those just beginning learning it. Responsive Web Design is the hottest, and most useful practice of the moment. Responsive Web Design cuts the development time down tremendously when trying to target different viewing devices, and better prepares your website for the future.

This eBook covers all you’ll need to know to get started turning your older websites into Responsive Websites, while providing a solid process for creating Responsive Websites. Starting out with a brief introduction into Responsive Web Design, and ending with great advice on how a quality responsive experience should be, it is a knowledge packed read throughout.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction, 3 pagesIn this section, Responsive Web Design is introduced and its finer points are explained. By the end of this section, a basic understanding of technicalities behind it will be gained.
  • Getting Started (Brief Overview, and Tools), 4 pagesThe Getting Started chapter expands on what was introduced in the Introduction by going more into detail, and by introducing the necessary tools and techniques to begin building Responsive Web Sites.
  • Background, 3 pagesThis is where we begin to take a more detailed look at different aspects of Responsive Web Design that tend to intrigue newcomers. In this section, we will be looking over the best ways to achieve a responsive background no matter the chosen type.
  • Navigation Menus, 2 pagesIn this section we will look at a way to automatically feed the navigation menu designated for mobile, from the main navigation from your full site. To do this, we will be using jQuery.
  • Typography, 2 pagesIn this chapter, we will take a moment to look at how text should be set in Responsive Web Design. Going over the proper way of setting up font-size, and setting a fallback.
  • Images, 3 pagesA hot topic amongst newcomers to Responsive Web Design is how will the images interact with a responsive design. That is why in this chapter, we will be taking a look at how to set up images to be able to respond to viewing device widths just like other elements.
  • Advice on targeting mobile devices, 2 pagesIn this final section, we will expand upon this basic understanding of Responsive Web Design. This will be done by introducing different thought provoking tips on how to improve Responsive Designs.

2. Learn HTML5 Website Basic Features And Elements In 1 Day

by Ruben D’Oliveira

Are you using HTML5 yet? Well if you’re not, its understandable. HTML5 isn’t yet fully cross browser supported, and its not complete yet so changes/updates can easily appear suddenly. That’s good enough reasoning not to use HTML5, right? Wrong!

HTML5 is the future, and everyone should be developing with it right now. The improvements and advancements made with HTML5, were all done with the purpose of making a better coding experience and the Web a better place to browse. However, for those just venturing into HTML5 there is going to be a lot to take in. A guided tour of HTML5 is a great way of getting introduced to this new technology, that is sure to be around for a while.

This ebook is an introduction to HTML5, aimed at those looking to get a good first look at it. The book discusses the new features of HTML5, HTML5’s history, its semantic differences from HTML 4, its pros and cons, and why you should be using it now!

Table Of Contents

  • HTML: Brief History, 2 pagesHaving an understanding of the past is always helpful when trying to gain a better grasp for the present, and possibilities of the future. This section gives a quick overview of the history behind HTML, leading up to HTML5.
  • Introducing HTML5, 5 pagesAsking yourself why is it necessary to change a coding language you’ve come accustomed to is normal, this section tells gives you reason. Here you’ll take a look at why HTML5 use is growing rapidly, how safe is it to use RIGHT NOW, some of its pros, and some of its cons.
  • Semantic Differences from HTML 4.01, 7 pagesThe first question any developer unfamiliar with HTML5 is commonly something on the lines of, “What is the real difference here?” Well, this chapter will break down the new features, and removed what has been removed, to make HTML5 a better and cleaner coding experience.
  • Main Features of HTML5 ,11 pagesSo this is where things get in depth. In this chapter, the focus will be on illustrating the finer points of the cool new features that HTML5 bring to the DOM. Things like new web form features, geolocation, audio, video, and the canvas will be looked at.
  • Website Examples, 3 pagesReading about what something can do, and actually seeing it for yourself are two completely different things. That is why in this section, we will take some time to look at a few highlight websites using different HTML5 features.

3. Latest Web Design Trends, The Road To Good Website Design (2012, Quick Guide)

by Costin Găman

In art, its history is clearly defined into movements titled after the prominent style of that time. Web design is slightly different. The prominent styles defining moments in time for web design are better defined as trends. The dominant trends of the moment define the popular design practices and styles of the moment, while also showcasing what can be done for the web at the time.

As all know, the internet is constantly evolving form of technology. It is the job of web designers and developers to be able to maximize their work, within the limitations of the web. So each different web design trend movement, if you will, was heavily influenced by what could be done at the time.

After reading this thus far, an understandable question might be popping up in your head. How is knowing any of this going to benefit me? Well, there is an easy answer to that.

To be able to foresee the possible future, one must first have a grasp for the present. To have a grasp of the present, an understanding of the past is required.

Web Design Trends(2010, 2011, 2012) is a brief look at the web design trend movements of the two previous years, and our current one. The three years covered here will be looked at in four different sections. These sections being: code and technology, layout and usability, graphics and typography, and social and mobile media.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction, 1 pageThe opening section takes a look at how trends in web design come about. By taking a look at the reasons of why and how they occur first, a better appreciation for the history lesson of trends in years will be achieved later on.
  • Areas Covered, 1 pageIn this section, you’ll get a brief look into the four divided sections. Each section represents an important aspect of web design that is most influenced by the passing trends of the times.
  • Code and Technology, 5 pagesAs the name suggests, it concerns the advancement of HTML, CSS and the capabilities of physical technology, without which the trends would evolve at a much slower pace.
  • Layout and Usability, 4 pagesSince the web is becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, additional measures have to be taken in order to make our visits as easy, quick and painless as possible. In this section, we will be taking a look at the aspect of web design responsible for this.
  • Graphics and Typography, 4 pagesJust like the artistic movements change in time, so do the aesthetics on the web. Typography has been included here because it has already become more than just text and it can function as a functional and decorative element.
  • Social and Mobile Media, 5 pagesIt’s no mystery that the web has gone mobile and people like to share things on their device of choice. For  this reason, we need to adjust our way of thinking and create more versatile designs for the various available screens.


You can download all Ebooks, check descriptions and intro videos here – Quick Ebook Guides For Web Designers, Learn Web Design Trends, HTML5 basics and responsive website design in 1 hour! Read them and it would be awesome if you could leave customer review and rate books as a way of saying thanks! Thank you!

And again if you don’t have Kindle, you can read Kindle books on PC, Mac, phone, tablet if you just download any of Kindle free reading apps here!



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