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1stwebdesigner is turning 6! And we couldn’t have done it without you. So, we are giving away 20 of our Flat Web Design Course with a total value of almost $2000 to our loyal readers! Over the years, our core focus has changed from simply publishing tips and tutorials to creating courses for freelance web designers and developers. Right now, we want to share them with you.

Do you want to help change the face of education?

Read our story and be inspired (and of course, get the chance to win 1 of the 20 prizes!).

A Brief History of 1WD

1stwebdesigner (1WD) was founded on August 30, 2008, by Dainis Graveris, then 19 years old and enrolled in design school. His love for design and learning led him to find a way to share the things he knew, and so he started 1stwebdesigner.com.

1WD started with mainly list articles featuring tools, tutorials, and themes gathered around the Internet. In just a couple of weeks since its inception, 1WD’s traffic grew from zero to almost a thousand visitors daily. As the traffic grew to the hundreds of thousands per month, Dainis opened 1WD to contributors.

To date, 1WD has had 190 contributors. Half of which were active contributors from 2009 to 2011.

These contributors made 1WD what it is today. They shared the same passion by which this blog was founded in and helped shape what 1stwebdesigner is now today, along with our loyal readers.

Since 2008, 1WD:

  • Received almost 150 million pageviews
  • Published 1722 articles and tutorials
  • Received over 33,000 comments
  • Worked with 190 contributors
  • Gathered over 200,000 social media followers

At the dawn of 2011, 1WD had over 20 active contributors from all around the planet. It was a bustling community, with several comments thrown at each article; discussion was always present.

The numbers look great, but over the years we’ve had our share of problems too.

  • Hundreds of hours of downtime because of bad hosting service.
  • We’ve been a target of comment spam attack and DDOS.
  • We lost traffic from almost 3 million monthly down to just 2 million.
  • 1WD was hacked and spam advertisements started to appear on the site.
  • And just recently, May 19, 2014, we lost 40% of our traffic because of the latest Google Panda update.

But we are striving to be better! And it would be lovely if YOU could tell US how 1stwebdesigner can improve. We value your input; we’d love to see them in the comments below!

Little Victories

Of course, we also need to talk about our little victories over the years.

2013 was the culmination of 1WD’s team’s passion. For the first time in years of collaborating online, the team finally met each other in person.

  • Began publishing video tutorials
  • Published a full-length web design course
  • Published three ebooks
  • Weekly free webinars
  • Established 1stwebdesigner headquarters in Iloilo City, Philippines
  • Expanded from 5 full-time employees to 20


Photo quality aside, here are 14 of 1WD’s awesome team during the first 1WD Team Building in Iloilo, Philippines. Learn more about the team on our About Us!

On August 30, 2014, we will be celebrating our 6th year with you. This is BIG for us because we are moving forward with full force!

Our plans include:

  • Revolutionize the face of Online Education
  • Teach people web design and development
  • Conduct webinars and seminars
  • Help freelancers earn more money

Those are just a sneak preview of what is to come.We want you to be there to witness and take part in it!

This is not possible without you, of course. We know that you’ve been waiting for it, so we will no longer delay it!

Giveaway Time!

We will select the winners by August 31. Be sure to get as many entries as you can by August 30!
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  1. Lisa

    I’m quitting my job so I can pursue a DIY-career in web design. 1stWebDesigner is my go-to resource!

  2. Larry

    Happy Birthday 1stWebDesigner!!! You are one of the best learning resources on the web! Thank you for all the great advice and tips. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Jonathan

    Congrats and this has one of the best resources for me when it comes to web development

  4. Darlene

    After taking a “break” from the completely overwhelming world of web design it has been so refreshing to see your posts, tutorials and advice on 1stwebdesigner. I’m happy to say you guys have inspired me once again to get back into the game. Happy birthday!

  5. Warren

    I want to attack those sites that are not doing much for their owners by pushing the concept of “Website” as a functional business asset instead of a basic marketing expense. Video productof a service / knowledge base is agreat idea. Mail Chimp integration is excellent (cRM). Do you have any thing in logistics?

    l already own the class, so please give it to the person under this comment.

  6. Tushar Khatiwada

    I have been following 1WD for long time. Have learnt about RWD and helped me become a professional web developer.
    Thanks 1WD and it’s hardworking Teams.

  7. Nguyen

    Happy B-Day 1stwebesigner. I really like your articles and tutorials, it’s help us a lot to become a better web designer. I think it will more better if you add tutorials or articles for mobile app design, you know.

    I hope that I will become one of your contributors on some day.


  8. kenny moreno

    Thank you very much I really appreciate it I am a self-taught web designer/developer . thank again for all the help God the Team!

  9. Philip

    Happy anniversary!!

    Thanks for this wonderful gift.
    Our gift is follow you every day with love and learn from your excellent online courses.

    A thousand years of these,
    good work.

  10. Matt

    Yesterday was my first webinar from 1wd, I am sure there will be many more in my future. Loved the content. Congrats on 6 years.

  11. Nicholas Tart

    Congratulations Dainis, Rean, and the whole 1WD Team! Six years and 20 full-time employees is a great achievement. I’m happy for you all. Keep up the good work.

  12. Rick

    Thanks for your awesome website and your inspiration.. I’ve learned a lot because of you.. I only see nice things coming through on facebook!

  13. wow!! Happy Birthday 1WD!! it’s good to know that you have a base here in the Philippines hope to see your team here in Manila!! Good luck and more power!!

  14. Fahmi Jufri

    happy birthday!
    as a beginner web designer.
    i learned a lot from 1stwebdesigner.
    don’t forget to share more freebies :)

    keep up the good work..

  15. Anthony Mathenge

    Happy birthday!!You guys are just great,first,you are a great inspiration to young web designers who are new to the market,and your blogs are just great!You always have new and important blog posts and Live webinars.You guys are great,Thanks for your Tuts and continue to inspire and teach…Oh! and i’d love the giveaway,it would help a great deal.Thank you.

  16. Kanishk

    Happy Birthday IWD. I am newbie and I thin learn many things from your courses. and surely keep up the good work

  17. Ali

    thank you for this wonderful resources , it was very useful and inspiration for me :)

  18. Kathy

    Your content is perfect for beginner web designing enthusiasts and I really like the variety that you offer (not just design posts, but also the creativity and productivity sides too). Thanks!

  19. Happy Birthday, 1WD!! May you continue to inform and inspire thousands of web designers! Thanks for always being there when I needed a hand to hold on to. :)

  20. Peter

    Wow! What an inspiring success story.
    I’ve been following 1WD since I started web design career. My first set of tutorials on CSS were from 1WD.
    What I love most about your tutorialsis the sstep-by-step easy-to-follow style in which they’re written.
    However, I notice you don’t have much tutorials on joomla. This is what I’ll love to see you do in the coming year.
    Happy anniversary

  21. Artur

    No way! Just yesterday i was looking at this course wondering about purchase!

    I love You. Repeat: I love You! Tuts are brilliant. My understanding of PHP and WordPress skyrockets when i have chance to view the tutorial.

  22. Fábio Fernandes

    You guys are awsome! Please do continue you great work, it is inspirational :)

    Greetings from Portugal.

  23. Pam

    Congratulations. You tutorials are amazing and I have learned a lot from 1stwebdesigner.

  24. Congrats on the 6 year anniversary!!! I’ve followed for a little while now and love it. The content is always top rate and good quality.