1WD 2 Year Anniversary And Massive 6000$ Worth Giveaway


Hello everybody! Finally that day has come! Which day you may ask?

Well…where should I start? –  today 1WD is celebrating 2 years anniversary and fourth (4th) version of design.

We were working really hard all summer, and if one year ago I was working all alone, now I am honored to have a beautiful team together with me including several full time writers Rean, Sheena, Jane, Michael,Charina with our main chief editor Saad Bassi and social media ninja Ligita Kluga.

Huh, also what I need to add, our actual 2 years anniversary was on August 30, but we didn’t announce it because our new design wasn’t finished. Now it’s here and we are finally ready to move on!

I was planning this new design for almost half a year,  I changed its look a lot of times and even thought of hiring a web designer – because as a designer myself I was never satisfied with  final outcome.

Finally I thought it would be really a shame for a designer, to get his own page designed by someone else and put everything aside and seriously got to work. The site you are seeing right now is final outcome, and this is how 1WD site should look from the very beginning 2 years ago!  I really hope you love it the same way as I do and you are very much welcomed to reveal your first impressions in our comment section, which is much prettier now too by the way!

Before we announce our huge giveaway to celebrate this big event and launch, I think now is the best time to look back again and show off all achievements, show what really made 1WD grow so much and how do we intent to keep it growing even further! Last year we actually did the same process, and today we will compare both years to make this even more interesting. Are you excited and cannot wait for the results? Let’s start!

Personally I think the main turning point was the moment, when 1WD got a great team –  Saad Bassi, who is our main editor and Ligita Kluga, who does all the hard work into backlink building and social promoting. I just went more in background and finally got more time to work on new ideas, try new social media promotion ways, went deeper in marketing research and of course, worked on new redesign a lot.

Besides our team, we also got huge team of regular and not so regular guest writers, who altogether allowed us to go from 2–3 articles per week to 12 articles per week! We are still working on increasing both quality and quantity, but since our readership is increasing –  I consider that article count increase is appreciated by people and we are doing the right thing.d


As you can see from our Archive section from Year 2010 article count started to increase and it happened because of other changes –  I finally got an office – 1WD headquarters and good workplace increased work efficiency greatly. Before that for almost 1.5 years I was working from home, it was not an easy task.

I am sure you cannot wait to see some public stats to measure 1WD growth, enough words..let’s see real numbers.

I must say once site is established, all you have to do is to keep providing constant quality and content –  1WD kept very similar mode all the time and proved to be a regular source where to look for web design related articles and readership continued to grow. Of course, article count also increased traffic from Google, more articles – more chances to be noticed.

Public Stats:

  • Now – 1,811 / Last Year – 10,780 Alexa Rank
  • Now –  5,792 / Last Year – 18,538 Compete Rank
  • Now –  2,013 / Last Year – 950 Del.icio.us Bookmarks
  • Now –  180,142 / Last Year –  25,382 Inbound Yahoo Links
  • Now – 64,095 / Last Year –  14,666 RSS Subscribers
  • Now –  23,463 / Last Year –  5,174 Twitter Followers
  • Stayed the same –  5/10 GooglePage Rank
  • Now –  more than 1,5 million / Last year –  more than 400,000 unique visits in August 2009
  • New – we created Facebook page, better later than never, which has 1,559 fans for now. Need to work more on Facebook, I know.

To put last year stats more in perspective, check out this graph, where I compare this and previous year:


Interesting to analyze now, while unique visits increased –  people also tend to spend less time on page and bounce rate is actually bigger, maybe that’s because of massive social media promotion, where people are used to process huge amounts of information in short time.

What’s your opinion here? Do you have suggestions for us?

  • How do you like current article frequency?
  • Do we deliver quality?
  • Where we should grow now?
  • What kind of content we should deliver more?
  • What would you like to see change in this year?

Would love to hear your feedback if possible, with such big readership we really feel responsible for delivering only the best information to you!

How do we explain constant growth and how do you start your own one?

If there is such question, I think actually the main reason was article count increase, with bigger team we are able to do a lot more than before, where one person just physically isn’t able to write that much articles, do marketing, social media, promotion even working 24/7. I must say if you are really serious about your business, hire people to help you out once you get such chance –  they will help you to grow site to the phase you never imagined, site could reach!

Google traffic increased like 7 times, thanks to the list posts 1WD continue to have big success through Social Media sites like –  StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Facebook. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks, it’s really worth spending time to build trusted networks and readership with it.

I am investing a lot of site income in our growth, I am keeping myself just like 1/4 and 3/4 goes into development, payments, hosting expenses because I know 1WD can grow a lot bigger, I really want it to become number 1 source for each web designer. If you have a passion – you can achieve the same as I did here, just believe yourself and don’t leave your dreams too fast, give them actual chance.

If you want to go to past and see how and why 1WD began its success, read last year’s report post –  1st Year Of Blogging: Success And Achievements.

About New Site Design


At first I wanted to mix giveaway, 1WD redesign process and stats in the one post, but after some thinking I decided that redesign process description need to have separate post so I would be able to explain you whole thinking behind it and show a lot of detail and power in our new design. Keep updated, new article will be out in few days!

The Most Massive Giveaway At 1stwebdesigner Ever – Prizes Worth 6000$ !!!

Well , now we are getting to the best part for you – our huge giveaway and great prizes – everybody loves free stuff right? Christmas came early this time!

We have contacted and collaborated with 15 different companies, which were kind enough to offer really great prizes! Okay, but how can you get them? Actually I will pick winners based on 2 different aspects ( the first one is the most powerful):

  1. Loyal Reader Option - You need to add a comment here or in our Facebook group (join it too if you like it)  in this article status update and tell there what you would like to win in this giveaway together with valuable suggestion, what do you think we would need to do to improve in design, content, functionality – criticize us, we really want to become better!
  2. Quick Visitor Option – You must join our Facebook group and simply share this article on Twitter adding hashtag #1wd2years and follow us on Twitter @1stwebdesigner for further updates!
    When you have done it, just leave a comment on this post what you would like to win.

As you can see number 1 option is for more loyal readers, who have opinion about what’s happening here and actually wants to help us improve.

Well and number 2 option is for all of us, who just are quickly browsing through and just wants to get nice Christmas gift for this special giveaway occasion!

And now – get you keyboards hot and start commenting and checking out our actual giveaway prizes right now:

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Company’s expertise and services:

  • They do pixel perfect PSD to HTML;
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    5 GabFire Themes Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway of Winner’s Choice (Worth 300$)

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    ElegantBanners Giveaway: 3 Custom Banner Ad Packages (Worth $336)

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    I am looking forward to your kind comments – just to remind read the rules how to join this contest&giveaway at the top of this article.

    This contest will be closed officially after a week on December 27, when I will announce all the winners!



    1. Late happy anniversary Dainis! Will be here next year to congrat you once more :)

      If possible, i’d like to win the “KreativeThemes 5 Themes Giveaway of Winner’s Choice ( Worth 350$)”.

      Good luck to all,


    2. Thomas Elkhart

      Sorry to sound impatient, I wasn’t- the result time wasn’t posted in the original article, just wanted to clarify. Thanks for the response!

    3. Michael

      Congratulations on your anniversary! I’m a big fan of this blog. One thing I’d recommend is less scrolling. Ideally, there would be just enough to read on the page and then I’d click to continue reading or click to see the next example within a big old list. Also, for the list posts, its’ helpful when there’s a sidebar letting you know what’s coming up, along with quick links to help readers skip ahead quicker. As a design guy, that’s just my 2 cents! The Internet breeds short attention spans, so the more you can get us actively engaged (and clicking), the better.

    4. Sergei Tatarinov

      I’ve been visiting this blog for about a year now.

      What I don’t like:

      1) The logo. It’s well recognized widely and perhaps is not a very important part for such blogs, but it is ugly, no hard feelings. I imagine a simple text line would look nicer and more inviting.
      2) Annoying google ads. They let you earn some real cash, no doubt about that, but there are more reader-friendly alternatives for well established blogs. Write paid reviews! ;)
      3) h2 or what ever tag you use in your post might stand out a little more, that would make it easier to look through the article in case you don’t have time to read it fully. Or in any other case… We all know how many readers actually read stuff.
      4) Twitter stream in the sidebar is way to long. I’m sure 1WD has a lot of stuff to put in the sidebar, to make the whole layout more beneficial for both: readers and yourselves.
      5) Hide the trackbacks and make the comment field easier to locate. Place it at the end of the article, perhaps. Not at the very bottom of the page.
      6) The price of premium membership. Sorry but your resources are not as valuable as those from say wegraphics or vandelay or tutsplus, yet yours are priced higher.

      What I do like:

      1) New header. Awesome! :)
      2) There are many interesting and helpful posts.

      I guess my comment is turned out too harsh, but you asked for opinions and you’ve got mine. You’re obviously good at what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be so popular. But why not make it even better or even… wait for it… perfect?

      What would I like to win? CMC gift card.

      As if you’d ever allow me to win after this comment.. Joking. :)

    5. Labby

      Congrats on your Anniversary, i just love you blog for many reasons, good footer, nice setup, great theme customization, but still you need more customization….

      i would like to win

      studio press themes
      5 GabFire Themes
      5 KreativeThemes

      i would like to win this for more better efficiency…

      done everything, as you said


    6. Mehdi Raza Jaffery

      Hello Dainis,

      1. I think that has more to do with my firefox (v3.6.13) handling long pages than your website…. The page stutters when I scroll it on my pc. My page loaded in 1.751 seconds (via that invisible text). By the way, Firebug shows your page onload event at 1min 44s. But you have to do something about the size of page… like the html+css+js+images weigh something about 2.6MB(via Firebug). That’s massive for 1 page, bro!

      2. Guess I read only latest articles… oops!

      Chill man, your site’s gr8. I have been reading it for around 6 months and both the quality and quantity is increasing…. ANyways hope you publish more jQuery articles because I like it very much.


    7. Congrats 1stWD on completing 2 Years, I have personally learned a lot from this blog & have been following its article form more than 8 months & have seen with times that 1stWD have been improved a lot in quality of the article.

      The suggestion I would love to give 1stWD is to increase the design related articles as well as tutorials in which helps lots of user.

      By the way I really loved the new design of 1stWD, Keep up the good work guys :)

      Ohh, I would love to win eleven2 hosting or any of the WordPress themes


    8. Shrikrishna Meena

      Thanks for your reply, The new design of your blog is just awesome (Takes some more time to load with an dial-up connection but Okay…. Improvements are at First spot)…

    9. whole heartely congratulations

      excellent ads placement in your blog, i think, i should sometimes better learn from you about most of the things realted to blogging…and please make some changes in the footer, its not looking nice at all..

      i would love to win

      Eleven 2 hosting
      studio press themes
      5 GabFire Themes
      5 KreativeThemes

      great contest to enlarge my growth in blogging


    10. Congrats on a great year, and happy anniversary. I’ve posted on twitter and joined your Facebook grouop/fan page. I’d love to win the Eleven 2 GiveAway 1 Year of Free hosting. Thank you!

    11. Clara

      Hi Dainis;

      Thanks for your answer.Today i again checked 1WD in 22 Wide Monitor with latest Firefox and i cannot see social media buttons on the left.(I learnt from the below comments that they exist normally)Same in IE.
      Also at top right,in the navigation menu I cannot see the Premium fully.Half of Premium icon and background is like dropped opacity.

      One more thing.In the sidebar you have 2 columns side by side.Adsense and partners.BUT, the title ”Partners” stands just at the top of Adsense ads column,not on top of the partner links.


    12. Hi,

      First of all, Congrats on your Anniversary! It’s nice to see your blog have now reached to a higher level and it’s even more fantastic that this blog is about something that I (or even most of us) love: Design.

      It’s amazing you get a lot of supports from your readers, shown above by how serious they are in giving you opinions on things to improve your blogs, but below are just my humble opinions (some of them might be wild thoughts :) ) about what my wish list for this blog:
      1. As I am a freelancer, It will be lovely if you can cover more posts (or even ways to connect) about freelancing.
      2. I’m dreaming that somehow, some day you can manage to connect your readers in a ‘meet-up’ and some kind of online ‘meet-up’ where your readers get to know each other in a cool way is also appreciated.

      As for other things, by reading comments above, I believe you can also gain positive impact if you can manage to solve some technical areas (like this new blog being painfully slow) without compromising what you’ve been planning where this blog would head in the future.

      As for the prize, I would very much appreciate it if I can win one of the following, as they are what I need the most right now:
      1. Code my concept Gift cards. (as I need it to build my new website so I can grow my business)
      2. Eleven2 Hosting; or
      3. Templatic Themes

      Anyway, Best of luck on your blog and hopefully I can always get positive insights from this blog!


    13. Glen

      Congratulations 1WD Team!
      The very good statistics are the result of hard work.
      Great recognition! Keep it up!
      I’d like to win Eleven 2 Hosting.

    14. Hello Mehdi,

      1. Site is much heavier now, can you check at the bottom of footer (by selecting invisible text there) how long it took page to load for you? I have – Page loaded in 1.923 seconds. (and then..what browser are u using)

      2. Why is that? I thought that’s the great place to keep up with the most popular monthly articles.

      3. will check if we can change that, thank you for noticing.

      Didn’t find it on the top 5 mover section now, but we’ll try, thank you for your comments and for joining our contest!

    15. Well, my pleasure to be on Google search..yes, a lot of visitors come from Google, glad to see that you Shrikrishna decided to become regular reader, appreciated!

      Thank you and glad to see you joining to contest, best of luck!

    16. I love 1wd.
      With the large following 1wd is sure to be the leader in it’s field!
      I would love to win any prize! :D
      Magic Members would be particularly cool :)
      Have a great Christmas!

    17. Latief

      Congrats, lucky me I found your blog at a group at Facebook. I really enjoy your articles, really great web for anyone who interest in design ;)

    18. Hello Clara,

      I must agree, it is so, we have too much list posts and too much inspirational posts, about article count – I don’t consider 50+ posts as quantity, we’re trying to grow and there are like 5 full-time writers working every day to compile these posts – and by the way..last week we dropped our article count from 2 articles per day to 1 for some time, to be sure we improve our new articles and make them better.

      Be patient, we’re improving all the time, sad you feel like we’re just “inspiration” based and offering just quantity.

      Can you tell which browser you’re using..and in which monitor size does it look bad..or has some problems? We tested it on big screens, but back then didn’t find any problems. Will check though. Thank you!

    19. Thank you Steve, agreed about social media links..didn’t notice..but when you put it so, I found them annoying as well – will make them fixed to the left side without any animation :)

    20. Greetings Thomas,

      I am really glad you enjoy overall color scheme..I decided that new design needs to be a lot lighter as it was so it’s really easy to read content and focus on it.

      1. Image Sizes – huh, I don’t think that precise, self explaining images distract from content, just many people quickly browse through site and notices only images and headings, some may read huge chunk of text, but basically it’s hard. Hope that explains my stand.

      2. Further reading – I agreed about this several times, changing now..count of big thumbs to 2 and will redesign it to small thumbs.

      3. I’ll try to find if Disqus offer pagination, agreed.

      4. Yes, that’s the hardest part, sometimes not so good writings get through our editor team, but we are working on that section really hard, trying to find good proofreader as well.. A lot of writers and me too don’t speak English natively, but we’re trying to improve.

      Thank you for your comments, highly appreciated! :)

    21. Chad W.

      I would love to win 500 Die Cut Business Cards but I’m not stingy, I would settle for just about anything worth bunches of money :D

    22. thanks for feedback :) It’s no problem to talk with me more :) I’ve dropped you an e-mail via your contact form… check your inbox :)

    23. Thomas Elkhart

      Site design is wonderful- Soft greys, great use of dividers and drop shadows. Relatively easy to navigate and search. My criticisms are:

      -Image sizes that you use in posts, like this one, can be distracting from the content. You can still gain the attention of the reader without using such dominating pictures.

      -The section for further reading is huge too- more giant images, maybe use thumbnails? or just text for more minimal approach.

      -Comment section would be better with pages. Its a hassle to scroll through a bunch of comments and makes the page seem cluttered.

      -Sometimes in the content, (like this post) the English has errors that make it confusing. For the most part, the writing is fine, but some proofreading would be great!

      This giveaway is a great idea too- looks like you’re getting a lot of attention.
      I would really enjoy the CodeMyConcept giftcard, or the Eleven2 hosting space. The stickers aren’t bad either! I’m also trying to start a content providing site, so these things would be great!

    24. Hello Matt,

      yes, I’ve been fighting to decrease easy inspirational article count with more thoughtful ones – just stay with us, we are working on it.

      Why comment area is frustrating for you? I thought it’s really simple..can you explain more?

    25. Note taken, WordPress is always a popular topic, will try our best to write more articles about it :) Maybe you have some more detailed requests, interesting ideas what to write about because simple getting started guides are widely available in a lot of other blogs, we could need some unique twist, small topics which aren’t showcased anywhere else.

    26. Hello Arun,

      such kind words always cheers me up, thank you – and I am glad I gave you some inspiration in your own site – checked it out..just keep content coming and then start communicating..that’s the key.

      Hehe, I hope you’ll have some more other articles to refer to real soon, cheers to you back :)

    27. Cheers Tim, maybe one of the toughest..but as you noted it has a lot to improve..and I realize it.

      1. Yes..i thought about that for a long time, but you helped me make my decision, really will write to BSA to get rid of them..hate those banners as much as you do.

      2.You seem to be very fond about Seomoz blog, I haven’t really read it a lot, but as you point out i should..and I really like their rating system to posts, nice way to show readers opinion.

      I don’t understand what do you mean by user generated content, you mean guest writers or encouraging big discussions in comments? On content we will work greatly now, we are increasing out team, started to use organized management system..and generate more unique ideas.. – it takes time of course but we’re doing that.. About commenting, responding – I am aware when I get of writing and went more in background, I partly lost community I had.. =/

      3. Agreed about facebook page, i don’t know if just landing page will help, but whole content..organizing contests..building community there – ah, that’s a hard and time consuming task, Note taken – really want to improve FB community. Thanks for sharing post, will read that after i finish responding to your comment :)

      4. For top commentators – links aren’t clickable..but they are there..so for seo purpose those commentators still can leverage, but I wanted it to be monthly most active commentators, haven’t done it right for now.

      Huh, you can hover those images with mouse and see titles there, I don’t understand why you hate that section so much? Footer is more like for fun stats..just for excited site browsers..that’s why it’s on the bottom of whole content.

      5. Agreed about this too, i have comments at the left of the post, i don’t know if read more is such distraction, but will put some thinking there. Related posts – totally agreed, as i mentioned in comments before..will decrease related post count as well..as start redesign it to have 150x150px screens.

      6. It came with Disqus, i don’t see it hurts anything..at least readers see there are buzz going on and maybe see themselves in tweet list.

      Thanks Tim for great suggestions, I would love to talk with you more, you seem to have good opinion and neverending interest to improve in social media, seo, marketing..:) I may not do great, but doing pretty good indeed..but I think you’re the same – good is never enough! :)


    28. Yes, that’s the best case..I need critiques to think of areas to improve.

      Huh, ad placement.. I agree you must hate big banner at the top..previously it was completely on header..i didn’t like it there either..but maybe if you’re regular visitor..some ads just become invisible to you..as it is for me.. I think i will ban that white PR9 advertisement, which really stands out badly from design.

      About footer – you don’t need to use footer at all as reader. It’s meant if you just want to see some fun stats, most popular articles..or quickly click – Go to top button. I don’t see that footer causes any distraction or does anything bad just by being there.

      Further Reading section – note taken..i agree..will decrease related posts to 2 an consider using 150x150px images in one line..to save space.

      Thank you a lot for your critiques,very insightful comment!

    29. Thank you for comments, I don’t know if we will be focusing on photography tutorials, since we try to focus more on webdesign,social media, graphic design, freelancing and marketing.

      But of course we’ll try to cover Photography topic too more in future perhaps.

    30. Anid

      I like to know more photography tutorials. !! here and graphic tutorials also. the redesign is great. leved it and the stsuts of the site in the footer is good, it make the site pro.

      We like to have concept code giftcard.

    31. Matt L.

      Hello and congrats on your accomplishment!
      This has been a great resource, with many great posts over the years!
      About post content – it would be great if there were less inspiration roundups and more functional tutorials on things like design principles and javascript.

      The comment area is frustrating and overly complicated.

      I would like the eleven2 hosting.

    32. Shrikrishna Meena

      A very happy anniversary to 1stWebDesigner…. Really achieved a great position in just two years…. As long I remember I first came here via Google searches three times before adding it to Google reader…. Just because of this I got an Idea to create another web-interface (or can say Website)… Very Thankful to 1wd.
      Tweeted about this post on twitter with hash tag (as u mentioned to do) and If There is a chance that I can win… You are free to send me any Christmas gift by your choice….

      Cheers 1WD Team… Enjoy the Party!!!!

    33. Soohow

      Happy Anniversary! Awesome giveaway prizes and I would like to win anything lol… If not, hereby Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

    34. George Elias

      I would like to start off by saying CONGRATS on the 2nd anniversary! Awesome job and keep up the hard work.

      I must say that your site is one of my main resources and visit it daily for updates, great work on the increased articles. Some of the few comments I would have are:

      – The Most Commented / Most Popular on Twitter: I would probably move that into the sidebar as it takes away from site and main page.
      – For Further Reading: Same comment as others, would try to reduce it and maybe make into a one liner type thing.
      – Some content: I would love to see a tutorial on how to convert PSD/Fireworks designs into HTML and CSS.
      – Ads: I would try to find a better way to blend the ads in the site and not overwhelm the user with them.

      Again, great job and wish you the best for the future.

      I would love to win the Eleven2 webhosting.

    35. Happy anniversary and congratulations!!

      I’d also suggest removing the adds from the top of the posts, even for adds, they are quite annoying.
      Also it would be great if you could add even more tutorials :D About web design but also about web development :)

      I’ve also posted on twitter :)

      I’d like to win some wp themes.

      Keep up the good work!

    36. Clara

      Congratulations guys.You are doing great job(promoting posts)

      Well,1WD? One of th best ”Inspirational Posts” blog.
      Quality or quantity?The answer is 50+ posts every month.SORRY.

      By the way.your blog is verrry slow and it doesn’t work in some wide monitors.

    37. lazaac

      congrats for the 2 year of anniversary… the traffic looks cool! i would like to win all the prizes..? may i? :p

    38. PamS

      Happy Anniversary! Your website has been a great inspiration and learning tool for me. Thank you, I appreciate. That’s also quite a list of giveaways you’re offering. I would be grateful for any one of them.

    39. Steverobillard

      First off let me say congrats on your success, and my hope that it continues throughout the next year. I like the clean nature of the new design.

      While I like the redesign. I don’t like the implementation of the social media links in the left sidebar. While scrolling through the page they jump and are a little annoying. There are ways to avoid the scrolling/jumping.

      I would most like to win the sticker mule credit.

    40. Mehdi Raza Jaffery

      Well I don’t have much to write except that:
      1) After the redesign, your website has become much more slower now.
      2) I don’t like the most commented tab…. oops, sorry.
      3) Your Disqus comment’s has margin-left set to zero. The comments are sticking to the left end of my monitor which I hate very much.
      By the way, I found your site on technorati.com when you were amongst the top 5 movers of the day in the technology section. Good luck. Fix the problems. I would like free web hosting… hehe.

    41. Marc Davison


      I was taught to do cheers and wishes. This way you get some good, and some areas to improve upon.


      For taking the time to design you site and not releasing the design til you were happy with it.
      For increasing article amount, it’s a big help to the community at large.


      Better ad placement. I hate the ads at the top before the article even starts, every single time I see that I nearly leave the site. I understand and appreciate that you need the ads to keep the site alive, but they seem to be all over the place with no thought.

      I agree, footer needs some purpose, and the reaction area isn’t useful. Why, as a reader, would I want to scroll so far down the page just to see what you have in your footer?

      I think the ‘Further Reading’ section could do with only links, or much smaller pictures. The images for it should not have the same visual weight as the images in the main article.

      That being said: Congratulations and I hope two years after I launch I can be as successful.

      I’d also like to win a code my concept gift card!

    42. Shawnmurphy

      I just wanted to say Thank You for inspiring me. Your web site is easy to use and informative without all the annoying ads most others have. Please continue doing what you do best!

    43. Arun Prabu

      Congrats! I have learned a lot from 1WD. I have started off my tech blog recently. I’m commenting here not to win any gifts, as I’m actually a guy who’s not interested in “comment and Win” type of articles / tutorials. seriously. It’s your advice that I love, on starting our own blog…Your words give me a ray of hope to develop my site and not to get demoralized early.

      “If you have a passion – you can achieve the same as I did here, just believe yourself and don’t leave your dreams too fast, give them actual chance.” – Awesome lines for me…

      I have added it into my opera speed dial. I’ll come to this page again if I ever get demoralized and :-)
      Wishing you success.

    44. Hey Dainis, congrats! Your blog is truly one of the toughest in its niche.

      Here are my suggestions:

      1. even if they pay money to you, get rid of those PR9 links spammers banner.. they were reported for abuse on digitalpoint forums… and once your loyal reader will be tricked by them… he’ll surely blame you for this referral..

      2. Your site is doing really great.. but I think you need to start building community and encourage ppl to guestpost. I’d recommend you to refer to SEOmoz for community building. I like that they have a huge avatar at the beginning of each post. And each post has it’s own rating system – thumbs up and thumbs down… moreover.. the usability/design of their comments is the best I’ve ever seen.. especially I like that once you open the post again, all the new comments are marked with other colour. So I really suggest on community building and encouraging User Generated Conent

      3. Your Facebook page is really dull :( considering the trend of creating awesome looking landing pages for your business.. i’d recommend you to take a closer look at Facebook Marketing and start with building a viral facebook landing page which will convert 99% visitors into fans. You can check my post about Marketing on Facebook here – http://www.seomoz.org/blog/facebook-marketing-ultimate-guide (btw it’s one of the Top SEOmoz posts of 2010)

      4. Sorry, but in my opinion your footer is completely useless and unusable. a) those top commentators do not even have a link to their profile to benefit in some way of being “top” b) the icons of the best posts with no names of the posts do not make me want to click them and go somewhere I don’t want to go to (where I will probably bounce)

      5. the “read more” button on your homepage is more prominent than the comments page.. though most people already know that all posts are hidded under the cut.. but do not know if there’s a holy war generating tons of comments… and btw.. those “related posts” and a huge promo thing distracts people from participating in conversation as they need to go through it first before they read the first comment.

      6. “reactions” box is something I personally find completely useless.. does anyone read it, so far?

      I could have also suggested some ideas on promoting your website, as I’m actually an internet marketer :) .. but I see that you’re doing pretty well anyways! so just want to encourage you to keep doing what you do!

      …and yes, I’m interested in wordpress templates prizes :) any of them :)

    45. p.s. One thing I noticed, the side-social-bar <—— over there. It might help to push it a few pixels to the left (5 or so), so it's not so much on top of the content/comments.

    46. Francois

      Nice giveaway !
      Would love to win Templatic wordpress theme, I don’t need the others.

      Really, I only suggest to keep the same number of posts each week and be constant, best thing you could do to keep it the best ! Happy birthday.

    47. Rean John Uehara

      This is an Epic Birthday for an Epic website! I visit 1stwebdesigner like…everyday! It is already a part of my life, a day without 1stWD is like a day confined in a hospital. 2 weeks ago I was browsing 1stWD’s posts, from the very beginning of 1stWD up to the point where Guest Authors were introduced. I know quite well how hard it really is to maintain a website that is visited by over 1 million people every month and I’m proud to be here with all these magnificent people. Being the avid reader that I am I can’t help but browse the website every now and then, many things I have learned and has been inspired greatly!

      What I want to see for 1stwebdesigner in the near future is to develop a community, to have fruitful discussions on the comment section where people may fight while defending their stance, in a friendly way. I think we’re going there soon. And if I am to win a prize I’d want to have Eleven2 hosting. :D

      Ending note: If this anniversary is epic, what about the next? Yayyy!!

    48. Rahul

      Congratulation and Happy anniversary…very nice. I want to win any of those mentioned above.hahahaha

    49. Abdelhadi Touil

      First, happy birth day to congratulation 1WD :)
      Then I’d like to thank you for this great giveaway, and I’d like to see more interesting content here as always, especialy WordPress and PHP tutorials. Also I like jQuery and coding tutorials.
      If I win, I’ll choose: 5 Templatic Premium Theme Single Use Licenses Giveaway of Winner’s Choice (Worth 450$)
      Retwitted here:
      Good luck!

    50. Chris

      Congratulations on your anniversary. Its had to believe that its only been two years since you started. I could have sworn I was reading your articles further back…

      I too am in a site redesign and have been looking back over your articles for assistance. I keep running into little hickups dealing with code and would love to win a giftcard from codemyconcept. Decals or a template to work would also be nice; however, the CodemyConcept participation would pull me from code and allow me to focus on the visual side of the design.

      Keep up the good work. I look forward to more great articles popping up in my RSS reader.

    51. I really like this website ^^.

      I had learned lot of here since I found you in deviantart. Thanks for your tutorials and congratulations.

      If I can choose what I wanted to win I prefer: 5 Templatic Premium Theme Single Use Licenses Giveaway of Winner’s Choice (Worth 450$), 3 ProThemeDesign Themes Giveaway of Winner’s Choice (Worth 240$) or Iconshocks Giveaway: 3 Bundle Licenses of Your Choice (Worth 700$).

      I have twitter, but I don’t like it…

    52. Tomas Varil

      Hello, congratulation to your great anniversary. The statistics itself, shows that you made a great work!
      I would like to see more articles about creating a wordpress custom themes. Or getting started guide, because I really would like to get more deep inside of wordpress themes engine :-) Best wishes to next 2 years!
      I would like to win WordPress Membership Plugin, which I have never known about until today and I have been always looking for something like this :-)