20 Premium WordPress eCommerce Themes And 6 Shopping Cart Scripts


One of the coolest things that ever happened on the internet is the ability to sell things online. Not everyone has the capability to create websites that are built to sell products, it’s a good thing we have WordPress and WordPress developers to thank for their themes and scripts. In this article I will present eCommerce themes and PHP scripts that will help sell your product online using the cheapest means possible.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, WordPress has an amazing support community today that you won’t ever get lost. But of course it is always good if you have a basic understanding of how WordPress themes and scripts are created so that you can have an idea, if you have not yet, of how to edit and customize themes and scripts. A little knowledge of PHP and JavaScript is good too, but not really needed unless you want some tweaking done.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with the selection of premium eCommerce themes and scripts!


Over the years we, at 1stwebdesigner, have presented several free themes that are of premium quality. Right now we’re presenting yet another perfect collection from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon that are still maintained and are supported by their authors.

1. Animal House – E-Commerce and Blogging Theme $35

Some features:

  • 15 Background Patterns to choose from
  • 12 Custom Widgets (Social Icons, Flickr, Video, Twitter, Google Map, etc.)
  • Social sharing bookmarks built into posts (50+ sharing options to choose from including printer friendly PDF conversion of posts)
  • Flexible home page (remove any section and add widgets to areas)
  • E-Commerce Ready with Jigoshop
  • 4 Slider Area Options (Gallery, Content, Nivo, or none)


2. Sofa SuppaStore $35

Some features:

  • Stock Inventory Manager
  • Orders Tracking
  • Unlimited Coupon Codes
  • PayPal and Mail Orders ready
  • 11 built-in Widgets
  • Online FAQ and HowTo support site
  • Newsletter


3. Cute & Sweet $40

Some features:

  • Newsletter system
  • Select how many news articles to display on the home page
  • Built-in simple shopping cart (PHP script)
  • Google Map and driving directions on the contact page
  • Built in contact form (with re-captcha capabilities)


4. Sport and Grunge $40

Some features:

  • Built-in simple shopping cart (PHP script)
  • Google Map and driving directions on the contact page
  • Working contact form
  • Photos in this website are using Javascript and CSS classes to apply a pre-made grunge border to your plain rectangle images.


5.E-Shopper Plugin Free Premium E-Commerce Theme $35

Some features:

  • 2 Home Page sliders
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Working Ajax Contact Form
  • Payment Methods – PayPal or Google Checkout
  • Coupon system
  • Tax Rates
  • Username Purchase Tracking


6. Kids Toys $40

Some features:

  • WordPress shop payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Google Checkout
  • Unlimited number of products
  • 5 widget areas


7. Child Care Creative $40

Some features:

  • Custom post types for Testimonials and Products
  • 6 widget areas
  • Simple shopping cart
  • Newsletter system


8. Viroshop $35

Some features:

  • Customer Wishlist
  • Featured Product Carousel
  • Payment Methods – PayPal or Google Checkout
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
  • Product Specifications – Size, Color e.t.c
  • Give visitors the option to choose a shipping method
  • Individual product shipping


9. Sofa Shoppr $40

Some features:

  • 8 built-in Widgets
  • Supported payment gateways: PayPal, 2CO, Authorize + mail orders
  • Switchable layouts
  • Stock Inventory Manager
  • Orders tracking


10. RGBStore $35

Some features:

  • Menu Manager
  • 6 Page Templates
  • 2 Sidebar Position
  • Auto Image Resizing with New Post Thumbnail
  • It is important to note that this theme relies on ecommerce plugins to work.


From here on click the images for the live demo. Note that the features the following themes have mostly resemble each other, so there’s no need to post them here. 

11. Store Box theme $65

12. Store – Ecommerce theme $65

13. Kidz Store e-commerce theme $65

14. WP Store $65

15. Store Front theme $65

16. eShop e-commerce theme $65

17. Emporium theme $65

18. eBook theme $65

19. iProduct Theme $65

20. eProduct theme $65

Scripts and Plugins

Say you have no extensive coding experience and you want to sell a digital product through your website but you want to live frugal. An easy solution to this is to use free plugins or scripts for the shopping cart, but money is money and you can’t be too trusting when it comes to free plugins handling all your transactions.

Perfect for self-publishers of e-books, music, and other services/products that can be transferred digitally.

The following scripts are both working and are supported by their authors. They can work without WordPress, although a little coding experience is necessary for installation and modification.

1. PHP Shopping Cart $12

Some features:

  • Unlimited number of categories and products
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • PayPal checkout Integration


2. Secret Paypal File Download $10

This script is perfect for selling digital products online.

Some features:

  • Supports PayPal Sandbox
  • Automated processing payment
  • Prevents leeching by setting an expiry to download links of digital products


3. Simple PHP Shopping Cart $9

Some features:

  • No registration before checkout
  • Different shipping rate per product
  • Works with PayPal, Google Checkout, and Bank Transfer


4. woooShop – Shopping Cart for Every Website $8

Some features:

  • Works with PayPal, Moneybookers, 2Checkout, and Paymex
  • Configurable “add to cart” buttons


5. Optimal Payments Payment Terminal $7

Some features:

  • Works with major credit cards
  • Javascript validation
  • Confirmation emails


6. plum.Shop – A jQuery Shopping Cart $6

Some features:

  • Pure JavaScript
  • Elegant
  • Works with Google Checkout, Paypal, Moneybookers, custom methods
  • Discount codes



Drop us a comment and share your themes, plugins, and scripts!



  1. Elen

    You got a great list of WordPress eCommerce themes. Thumbs up!. A lot of thanks for these themes for wordpress. Does this work on the latest version of wordpress?

  2. Barsha

    I really like ‘animal house’ and ‘kids toys’. very beautiful designed WordPress eCommerce themes.

  3. Torreto

    Nice list :)
    Which of these solutions will be the best for directory of apartments?
    My client wants to have a page where he can add apartments that he own, to the directory.
    Users will be able to view, advanced search apartments (by cost, city, etc.).
    I thought that one of the WP plugins will be the best for this…
    What to choose?

    Thanks for help… :)

  4. Brad

    I am about to start a shopping site and when searching for a theme yahoo brought me here! I loved the RGBStore which best suits my site! Million thanks dude, you made my morning!

  5. Duffrey

    Thanks for those tips on Shopping Services, I am also satisfy for your information really It is very helpful and I like It.

  6. Hey everyone,

    My name is Vedran, I’m the community manager for Templatic; I just wanted you to hear our side of the story. Darren here is wrong regarding several things. He is kinda correct about one thing though. Our ecommerceplex site is in fact blacklisted because of malware but it’s due to a scripting attack on the site – something that can be easily seen by reading the diagnostics report.

    Darren has made these accusations on many sites over the last few months so I won’t repeat myself again here. If you want to hear my thoughts on some of these accusations please click here.

    If you want to talk to me in private about these accusations or anything else Templatic-related know that I’m always available at vedran[at]templatic[dot]com

    Thank you,

  7. Nora

    Such a great collection of beautiful themes, i have also a little collection of it, n i found some more interesting n eye catching themes here, so i wanna add them in my list! thanks :)

  8. Nice list of WordPress eCommerce templates and shopping cart plugins. The eCommerce resources for WordPress is growing everyday. I used to use osCommerce to build eCommerce websites, but I don’t need to anymore…I can do it with WordPress. I have built a couple of eCommerce websites using WP e-Commerce which is compatible with most themes, even the free ones.

  9. Darren

    Nice list of themes and scripts but all the templatic themes are full of bugs and their most of the themes are not fully WordPress 3.0 compatible and are vulnerable to malware.

    What’s more worsting is they copies codes from other theme provider. and they puts encryption code as well.

    their own site gets infected from time to time. (Script clash may be counted as a malware but here, they have different reason)

    Most annoying thing is their support is horrifying and they are sometime abusive too.

    I would not recommend their product to anyone after having so many bad experience.

    • Hey Darren, seems like you really had a bad experience with them. Do you have any real proof, demonstration about them doing such bad work?

      Thanks for writing here, looking forward to hearing more from you about some details!

      • Darren

        I can’t point out everything as currently their site is malware free. But I can point out their one more failure project having such virus issue where they had made so many false promises and now it is infected.

        One more unethical cheating they are doing is that they books few standard generic domain names of other popular theme provider and they presents their product and encases it on others credit.
        One can easily mark their professionalism from the level of their support.
        sometime they gets abusive as well.

        It’s no more secrete that they copies code from other theme provider and they don’t even care to remove non applying CSS code as well.

        Some people calls templatic CEO as a The Pirates Of WordPress.