20 Visually Beautiful Firefox 3.0 Themes


title-firefox-themesIf You use browser as much as I do, You’ll find times, when the old, standard Firefox design will feel odd, too usual..You’ll want something fresh. I got this feeling, so I wanted to share with You this great list with 20 visually beautiful and clean designed themes to try out. I checked everyone of these, so I know there are no problems and You can use them with no worries. And also remember there are a lot more included in those themes – You can’t really judge them only from screenshots – many little details gives each theme lovely and complete look for example – loading bars, mouse hover effects, scrolling bars etc., so just try them out and choose Your own theme that fits Your needs the best.

1. Silvermel

Silvermel is excellent light, clean theme looking like apple design classic style and really detailed one.

sirvelmel sirvelmel-options

2. Aero Fox

This is one black vista style theme I personally use for a while already, looks really cool.


3. Mac OSX

Beautiful and light theme, Mac lovers will evaluate this one.

macosx-theme macosx-options

4. NASA Night Launch

One more dark theme, with almost black interface and stylish look.

nasa-night-launch nasa-options

5. Mostly Crystal

Mostly Crystal is designed by known designer Everaldo with lovely detailed icons.

crystal-theme crystal-options

6. PimpZilla

Maybe a little bit overdone, but really visually stunning theme – Pimp Your Firefox! pimpzilla pimpzilla-options

7. Nemesis

Crystal like look theme with really cool icons all over.


8. BlackX 2

Maybe not so colorful, but however visually good looking theme.

blackx blackx-option

9. GrApple

Really amazing and visually stunning Apple style theme, You can choose between 4 similar, but visually little bit different themes.

grapple grapple-option

10. Vista Aero

If You love Windows Vista and new Internet Explorer design, then You’ll love this one.

vista-aero vista-aero-options

11. ChromiFox

ChromiFox is inspired from Google Chrome browser with bright soft and light blue design.

chromifox chromifox-options

12. Elementary FireFox

Simple, but really good looking Elementary Firefox theme will grab Your sympathies. elementary elementary-options

13. Gradient iCool

Really cool looking and harmonious black/blue theme based on Windows Media player design. gradient gradient-options

14. Vista On XP

You don’t like the green in the XP theme of Firefox 3? Get the blue one of Vista for your XP!


15. Aquatint Black Gloss

Great dark theme with lovely hover effects and glassy aqua icons.


16. MonoChrome

Beautiful monochrome and light theme right for You, if You don’t want to be bothered with too much colors.



17. Noia 2.0 Extreme

Extremely good designed theme, with cool looking icons and clean look. noia noia-options

18. Utopia FFSE White

Very originally designed theme, with clean look and nice subtle colors. utopia utopia-options

19. Heaven Cube

Dark modern theme with great detail and harmonious colors.

heaven-cube heaven-cube-options

20. iFox Metal

And the last one will be this iFox Metal theme – again giving apple style – but I know, we all love it – beautiful theme indeed! ifox ifox-options

So I hope with this list You’ll be satisfied for some time. Good using and if You know more great and visually stunning Firefox 3.0 Themes, share with us in comments!



  1. Danh ba web 2.0

    Good job ! Thanks for share

    Danh ba web 2.0s last blog post : Logo các trang nổi tiếng trong ngày Halloween

  2. Well, I don’t go for too many colored themes because we will have to be constantly looking at these windows. So I prefer quite a simpler themes, something like “Silvermel”. Nevertheless, other themes are also quite good.


    Rahuls last blog post : Happy Bijaya Dashami – 2065

  3. kuanhoong

    Nice themes.

    I love the XP theme the most.

    kuanhoongs last blog post : Benchmark your web site with WebWait

  4. Internet Trend

    beautiful themes.. now, i can switch to any themes i like at anytime. haha

    Internet Trends last blog post : Lukestar: Lake Toba

  5. Frank Stallone

    I admire the time you put into these articles; if I spent the time you do on design I would be happy but my girlfriend and family would disown me!

    This is a great list despite the fact that I normally do not like adding themes to software since it normally causes them to run slower or take longer to load. Clearly I need a new computer…

    ::Macbook Pro Dreaming::

  6. @Frank yes, I have such a luxury for now..I have time to search, learn and to deliver You these kind of articles regularly, I believe in this way results will come..:) and thanks, don’t know my FF didn’t show any slight changes, must be computer yes.. Actually You are dreaming my dream too about macbook pro :)

  7. Thanks for showing these list of themes!
    And… your new site design is GREAT ;)

    Johnson Kohs last blog post : Make a Web Interface with Car Images

  8. Anonymous

    You might want to fix #3. Apple’s Mac computers are never spelled “MAC”

    MAC = Abbreviation for Media Access Control
    Mac = Computer made by Apple