27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers


This is my first Twitter related article, I am using Twitter a lot lately so it is really unforgivable not even have one article related to Twitter. Now I am starting to correct this mistake and here comes list with 27 Twitter tools, which will help You find more followers, manage them, find who doesn’t follow You back, who stops following, statistics and much, much more.

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Besides the tools you definitely could use guide how to tweet and build your followers as well, right?

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Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!


2. WeFollow

Find new followers based on Your inputted keyword.


3. Twitterless

Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views.


4. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It was created to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.


5. Mr.Tweet

Do not exist anymore because of Twitter own recommended follower engine.


6. Who Should I follow

WhoShouldiFollow was designed to find other interesting people to follow on Twitter. Whether new to Twitter or just looking to get more out of it, WhoShouldiFollow can suggest people who are similar those you already follow.


7. MyCleenr

MyCleenr is a unique way to sort your friends by their last tweets. It allows you to get rid off all the inactive and useless accounts that you are following! Bad thing is, this tool is limited to help only people with 700 followers for now.


8. Less Friends

Do the people you follow on Twitter, follow you? Find out.


9. Twubble

Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.



Tired of shallow e-mails from Twitter when someone follows you? Want more information right in your inbox? Check out Twimailer and get all DirectMessages and other e-mails from Twitter directly to original e-mail address You provide. Twimailer is just a middle man and e-mails are never stored.


11.Your Twiter Karma

Get fully manageable page with all friends, followers with avatars, where You can do several bulk actions as bulk follow, bulk unfollow, bulk block. Very handy.


12. UseQwitter

Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message.


13. Nearby Tweets

Launched as an early–stage beta January 20th, 2009, the Nearby Tweets project was developed by Brian Cray to extend Twitter’s capabilities into its true potential: a geography–centric social tool for networking and a business tool for building customer relationships and monitoring real–time buzz. With Nearby Tweets’ sophisticated geographic layer on top of Twitter people and businesses will find Twitter more relevant, manageable, and fun!


14. Twitblocker

Are you being overwhelmed by twitter friends who can’t stop talking, but they’re like… still your friends?

Install this greasmonkey script, then double clicking the chattering peeps will temporarily remove their tweets from your timeline. Restart your browser to get them back. Simple eh?


15. Twitterator

The purpose of this little script is to allow a Twitter user to “follow” a bunch of other Twitter users in one fell swoop—a Twitter friend list generator if you will. Just enter URL that points to a list of twitter usernames or enter the list of usernames manually.


16. My Tweeple

My Tweeple is a great way to manage all of my Twitter people in one place. You can easily see who You’re following and who’s following You.

With a simple click, You can follow, unfollow, or block people, and these changes instantly update Twitter.


17. SocialToo

SocialToo can help you be a social networking power user. Keep your follower lists in sync across networks, and get daily updates. Send surveys to your followers and more! All we need is a SocialToo login, your Twitter ID and an e-mail address.


18. Twitoria

How many friends are you really following? Twitoria finds your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot!


19. Twellow

This tool helps to “cut through the clutter” to find other Twitter users in a specific industry using this service.


20. Tweepsearch

TweepSearch was created to allow people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information. Twitter doesn’t currently have a bio search and as your Twitter network grows, it’s nice to be able to look through your tweeps.


21. TwitterMass

TwitterMass is a hyper networking toolset for Twitter on steroids. Site suite of tools aim to help relieve some of the mundane processes you would go through when trying to build your Twitter network.


22. TwitterCounter WordPress plugin + Statistics

Additionally, you can add the Twitter Remote to your blog, which shows which twitter users recently visited your blog or website.

TwitterCounter creates on their site impressive statistics also showing how much tweets You create every day, follower growth and so on.


23. Twitter Friends

If you are using Twitter, you probably have a few contacts (= people you follow). Probably more than just a few. If you live a liberal following policy (= if another user follows you, you follow back), then the network of your contact does not have any deeper meaning. But there is a smaller, much more meaningful network hidden behind your total web of followers: the relevant net. TwitterFriends helps you to find the users that are meaningful for you and keep in touch with them. Those could be users you are talking to on a regular basis or who are feeding you great links all the time.


24. Social WhoIs

This website is a proof of concept that a better Social Media can exist; a social media based on interests and “personal relevancy” instead of popularity. And this, really is the next step in social media!

Here is what it can do for you:

* Help you decide whether to follow someone or not

* Help you find people who share your interests

* Start or participate in disucssions about your interests


25. TwitterHolic

This list is being constantly updated so you can find out who the most popular twitter users are. Also You can get detailed statisticsa about Your twitter account.


26. FollowCost

How annoying will it be to follow “username” on Twitter? Follow Cost measures how much people tweet.



Check out who is following who and get positive/negative response.


Which are Your favorite tool? Mabye You can add more useful twitter tools to increase follower count, which I haven’t listed?



  1. Ayush

    I found another one Twit cleaner, free to use and it will mass unfollow useless people…. very good toll hope this will help

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    I am using Twitter past 2 months to optimize my software company website.
    Although i am happy with the output,but want to be serious with twitter to get best from it…As i am newbie,can you please guide me with your ideas and experience,although i lied your ideas and give it a try…Waiting for your response!!

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    hmm This is awesome work. I have read the article and it seems to me very innovative indeed. Want to really see some more update here. Keep it up man thanks

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    Thanks for the article. I found we follow last night, and plan to use a few of the other resources that you recommend.

    Again, thanks.

  6. Patt

    Thanks I can wait to get started on these…
    Now When I get followers with they last long or just be added for a short time
    The reason I asked is because Its happened before


  7. nisha


    Very nice post, it helps me a lot, but some tools are not very good in this post. please share some shedule tweet kind of tools.

  8. Sue Cooney

    Great set of tools. Do you know of a tool that lets you search your followers and their tweets?

  9. Carren

    Thanks for those 27 tools but am looking for a tool where you can get followers . I have used one in early days of twitter and then stop using it . i forgot the tool now

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    Half of these links are unavailable or discontinued due to the new Twitter release. =(

  12. chapalucho

    What about mass following software, like twidium? If you have your own buisiness, Twitter is the number one online marketing tool. And to get the advantages of it you should use some kind of automatization.

  13. Terry

    One that’s not mentioned is a cool piece of desktop software called TweetAdder. The software helps you find and then automate the process of following/unfollowing. I’ve been using it for over a year and the results are amazing.


  14. Anita

    That’s a great list and i’m glad I did the search for twitter tools. There’s so much to do sometimes not enough time to keep up, so introducing a lil automation doesn’t hurt. I like your list. Thanks

  15. I would that I am Retweeting the same information that my followers have already seen – i.e. eMarketer articles – once people see that eMarketer is relevant to them – they follow themselves.

    So Is there a tool that will give a stat of the % of your followers that are following people you follow, or % of your followers that just received that mesage. Any ideas?

    • 1WD Editorial

      There is no such tool, I have Google’d it but no luck. So, you have to wait until someone develop something like that.

  16. Very interesting article. I looked to serveral sites and they will really help me to increase my twitter knowledge.
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    This is very good concise information. I’m new to Twitter and moderately experienced in SEO. This info helps me understand the various interrelated components that will help maximize efforts on Twiiter.

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    These are great Twitter tools. It will be easier with them to manage twitter followers.

  19. Great article Dainis! I love how you added a screen shot for each, easy to read and understand thank you! Twitter counter, twellow and twitter mass certainly stand out for businesses wanting to grow their flock! ;-)

  20. Alyssa Dahmer

    Awesome suggestions, thanks for the links! Do you know if these tools provide stats on retweets (who retweets you, who retweets your followers) or where you can find tools that provide that info?

  21. Is there a tool to search who is following me quickly. there are so many spammers who #ff – but don’t even follow me. I want to search them out and block them.

  22. Wilfred Reinke

    I am looking for a tool that will tell me which of my followers alos follow another person if I input their twitter name, so that I do not have to look through all of that persons followers, which can take a long time to scroll through

    • Shelly Lodes

      SocialOomph https://www.socialoomph.com has a free auto follow feature. Sign up for an acct and in the column on the left click on “Social Accounts” and then “Edit Automation” you will see your twitter ID… simply click on “Edit” to turn that feature on and off. If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter @shellylodes

  23. mymizan

    It helped me much. but, a few projects are down. I don’t feel safe when some projects ask me to input my twitter password directly. though they are a few.
    I bookmarked it to come back. Thanks very much!

  24. Nigel Frith

    Thanks for this – I think you should add Tweetadder – although it is a “paid for” solution, it works pretty well. There are also a bunch more new tools, perhaps time for a refresh on what you like

  25. Ryan

    How about Klout.com? A virtual credit score for twitter signal-to-noise ratio…It shows how, and to what degree, a user’s messages resonate.

    Great list. Thanks.

  26. John Harvey

    Excellent selection of tools, signed up for two of them. Many Thanks. John.

  27. Linna

    Very useful twitter tools.

    Just want to know,which tool able to unfollow in bulk?

  28. Diana

    what? no love for TweetDeck? it’s my Twitter social dashboard. simple to use, awesome design. check it out, dude.

  29. Paul

    Thanks for the list. I’ll try them out. One needs to keep on checking on what tools are still working due to the changes at twitter. Some tools that were working before (some free) for bulk following are no longer working. One got my account banned. So be careful.
    All the best.

  30. JayJay

    hehe nice post, i found for posting music to my twitter :) ( also known as )

  31. Thanks, tool no.1 (friendorfollow) was exactly what I was looking for; perfect. Makes it easy to see who is/isn’t following and vice versa. Will check out some of the others too.

  32. Tracy Osborn

    One of the best tools I’ve used is Tweepsect (http://tweepsect.com).

    I can search others in my field (competing businesses/friends with the same interests/etc) and see who “mutually” follows them. This is more interesting to me than those that accounts follow but don’t follow back, since there is more “conversation” between the two. Also, you can see stats about the accounts, and follow right in the app. It’s great.

  33. The excellent report. Позаимствоал it is a lot of new. I wish successes I Suppose that the resource will successfully move ahead

  34. Stan Lumber

    Looks like you forgot one, TweetWhistle. Social networking sites are must for business. We’ve found that Twitter is a great tool for direct marketing. The more followers you have, the more people who will be exposed to you product/message. We use Tweet Whistle, which is more than just an automated friend adder. You can target the followers you are looking for, send auto tweets and more. You can download a free demo. Get more info at
    or http://bit.ly/22tbJX

  35. Ramit

    Great list of tools here.
    Anyone know of a tool for tracking mentions, with ability to mark them as handled or pending?

    Please share.

  36. George

    One more tool to find twitters – findtwittertofollow.com. Uses your existing friends to suggest new people to follow.

  37. nakatoo

    Wow ! a great and comprehensive list ! By the way i found this ebook which contains over +200 twitter tools all ranked and reviewed
    Check it out:

  38. Barry

    It blows my mind that such an apparantly simple application such as Twitter can have such an array of sophisticated applications to improve the experience. Thank you so much for putting so many of them together on your beautifully laid out web site!

  39. Larry Bilich

    Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving us with all kinds of great downloads and info for a better twitter experience…

    Wishing you all my best,

    Larry B.

  40. Lauren Davidson

    Finally some guidance on how to use Twitter without wasting time (or losing your mind). Can’t get anywhere without a destination, a map and a compass!
    I’d love to see ratings or user reviews on the above services. That would be the icing on the Twake.

    Thanks for the great resource! Wishing you a meaningful and productive day,

  41. Thanks for these resources. I’m pretty new to Twitter, so still figuring it out. I noticed a lot of these deal with managing people who are not following you or who leave. I’m still trying to decide how I should decide to follow people who start following me. When I see someone who is following me who follows 9,000 people already, I wonder how much he could possibly follow all those people! Is the goal to get as many as you can to follow you or just select a manageable few who seem like-minded?

  42. slym

    This is real great collection of twitter tools, I am planning to use some of them on my site. This post is real worth to recommend.

  43. rc983


    1. People Search : Find people with keywords in their Bio and follow them.
    2. Cross Follow : Find people who are following some account, or who are followed by some account. They can then be mass followed with ease.
    3. Mass Follow/Unfollow (one will get the list and he can chose the people to follow or unfollow)
    a) Flush — Unfollow who do not follow you
    b) Grow — Find and follow people who are likely to follow back
    c) Reciprocate — Follow your followers 4. Direct Operation — Mass Follow/Unfollow people directly without choosing from the list 5. Follow Lock / Unfollow Lock — Lock people who you don’t want to follow or unfollow with Buzzom

  44. Justin K.

    Great post! You should add Ref.ly to your list. It’s an amazing new tool for turning Bible verses into short URLs.

  45. Matthew Tommasi

    Very nice list!

    I have also done up a list as well.

    The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools @ The Social Media Guide http://bit.ly/zhXUv

    Matthew Tommasis last blog post : The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools

  46. Angela Roberson

    Thanks, this is a great list. Just when I thought I’d heard of all of them you’ve shown me a few new services that look good. I also ran across another site that had a blog talking about 201 Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps.
    It’s a free pdf download on his blog here

  47. I noticed friend of follow made the top of the list, while I liked it at first, it seemed a bit slow and didn’t give me as much control as I wanted. I’m now using has the same general idea, but actually lets me do more of what I want on my account. Also giving autotwilot a look now, I think the same guy created it, so far it seems promising, but it’s early.

    Craigs last blog post : The benefit of leverage

  48. Rob Angeles

    Awesome list you got there. Let me share to you guys Tweepular at .


    Rob Angeless last blog post : 7 Reasons On Why Your Business Should Create Online Communities

  49. If you are running multiple accounts and need more than 100 api hits an hour (if you get your ip address whitelisted you can get 20,000 api calls an hour).

    Then check out http://www.MyTwitterButler.com for $10 it’s a windows .net application that run directly on your pc instead of in the cloud.

    It does two things;

    1/ Auto Follows Users with up to 4 search terms per twitter account (allows multiple accoutns – I run mine with 11 accounts simultaneously but it slows it down).

    2/ Direct Message Broadcast – you can send a direct message to all you users with just one click.


  50. Super list! I plan to link it to my next blog post of using Twitter! I wanted Twitter tool to make blocking easier and looks like you helped me find one!

  51. Luis Eduardo

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    Also if you want to follow me @EXXCORPIO

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  52. Angie Bowen

    Wow, there are so many here that I hadn’t heard of which is surprising :). I’ll have to try a few of the new ones out.

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  58. Jeffrey Summers

    Most of these will not work above 5,000 followers. For bulk follow/unfollow tracking I use http://www.buzzom.com

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  59. wow… what a almost complete list!! :-) I knew some of these tools before – but there are some new, that I have to try out!! Thank you for you work!! :-)
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    ~ Kristi

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  64. Jochem Prins

    Maybe you could also include tweepz.com in this list? Helps you find new people on twitter as well. Currently over 4 million tweeps are indexed.