40+ Creative uses of Ribbons in Web Design


You must have noticed the increasing trend of using ribbons in web design. By using ribbons in web design you can make the noteworthy objects of your website more appealing and prominent. More often than not, a ribbon is used as background for navigation. Here is a beautiful and inspiring showcase of some visually appealing web designs that feature ribbons.

1. Wells Riley

Wells riley

2. Carnivale du vin

Carnivale du vin

3. Wp1000 Themes

Wp1000 Themes

4. Urban off

Urban off

5. Decorama design

Decorama design

6. Tech jobs under

Tech jobs under

7. Future of car sharing

Future of car sharing

8. Pistachio app

Pistachio app

9. Small studio

Small studio

10. Le tipi

Le tipi

11. Less Money

Less Money

12. Table 37

Table 37

13. Sleepstreet


14. Pixel Stadium

Pixel Stadium

15. Simple as milk

Simple as milk

16. Fe.Rocious


17. Quote Roller

Quote Roller

18. Tapp3 Media

Tapp3 Media

19. Jopp Design

Jopp Design

20. Tanya merone

Tanya merone

21. X graphica

X graphica

22. St. Kilda High Hopes

St kilda high hopes

23. Letter Learner

Letter learner

24. The Portfolio of Alex Pierce

The Portfolio of alex pierce

25. Rockaholic


26. Paris Jones

Paris jones

27. Myselfdsk


28. Made by Chipmunk

Made by chipmunk

29. ParkBud


30. Appmiral


31. Sunday Best Websites

Sunday best designs

32. Cake Sweet Cake

Cake sweet cake

33. Moving


34. Webzguru

Web Design india

35. Ruby Bots hosting

Here a dark blue color ribbon that lets you give your email address and become a beta tester of Ruby Bots. The graphic elements also liven up the ribbon look.

Rub bost hosting

36. Run do to-do

Run do to-do,

37. Ebridal


38. Pongathon


39. Legal Services of Southern Missouri

Legal Services of Southern Missouri

40. Consafan


41. Krichevtsova Alexandra

Krichevtsova Alexandra

42. Elevated Imagery

Elevated Imagery

43. CJs Favorites

CJs Favorites



  1. Heheheh. And I thought we were being original using wrap around ribbons for menus and other bits. The big question is how long do you think the trend will last before its outdated and ‘so last week’?

  2. Sam

    Creativity has no boundaries, some great designs, got alot of ideas for using ribbon element in design, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thought this was an interesting article and one that has some very inspiring sites in it. I see a lot of sites using ribbons within their sites when I am looking for inspiration and I think we have to be careful how they are used within a design because they can make or break a design in my opinion. There are some great examples here and the one that stood out for me was the Tech jobs under site. It stood out for me because of the design of the ribbon, it broke away from what you would consider a normal ribbon. Great article and I look forward to more from yourself.

  4. I like the ribbons when they are subtle, overdone they can look a little tacky. The ribbons that are asymetrical also seem to work a little better imho. Could be a great design feature though, especially for female or wedding orientated sites.

  5. For the majority of these, the uses of the ribbons isn’t all that creative. They’re just being used for aesthetics, as usual.