1. Mohsin Nazir

    A logo should be in relationship with both text and image, and the logos you define fulfils

  2. Lauren

    Not sure if my comment got posted but just wanted to add the the best logos are almost always are very simple that is why they are so brilliant. Thanks

  3. Massim

    They’re all brilliant but I think that something’s missing… try to figure a more complex version of the Nike or Windows logo… it definitely wouldn’t be the same! Simplicity is the key for a winning logo/logotype.

  4. Ann Neo

    You blog has played a very important role in my Web Designing career. Thanks alot for another great post. Owe you guys a beer and alot more. ;-)

  5. Simple is always better.Its hard to choose one as my favourite.Because all are perfect.I most like “foot” :).Thx for this awesome collection.