50 Gorgeous Flash Websites You Definitely Should See


Oh well, it is time for yet another inspirational post, this time I am featuring really creative and inspiring flash websites. Such websites never stop to surprise, because really there are almost no limitations, you can do and create everything there with action-script, animation, include videos and also create really interactive designs or even games!

I got really amazed what can be done with Flash and how limitless possibilities are. You also may notice there are a lot of design, development and interactive agencies in this article, but that’s really self explaining – creative souls and agencies really offer the greatest creativity, because on their own designs they really have no limits. Enjoy and consider to visit also this fresh portfolio inspiration article from year 2012!

1. Saizen Media Studios

Excellent digital artwork and animation – dreamy scene!


2.DrawingArt – WebDesign and Development Studio

One of my favorite designs – check it out to understand why!


3. Section Seven

Seriously check out this creative design and development website – you gonna love this – so elegant!


4.Semisture Webdesign


Very creative and beautiful animation saturated webdesign, note interesting flash preloader and line animations when sections loads at first.


5. Fl-2 Interactive Agency

Beautiful typography and mouse hover effects, award winning website.


6. Lecaid Design Studio


7. Esj * Com * AU

Sticky, sticky, very sticky website!


8. Recom CGI

Very nice loading effects – on images, text animation while loading the page – indeed beautiful work!


9. Millice – Cyril Louis

Elegant and light Cyril Louis website, nothing more, nothing less.


10. HYPR – Interactive and Creative Design Studio

Indeed interactive and unique approach.


11. TwistCube

A lot of twisting cubes and elegant approach in this website.


12. Go For Change

Interactive and creative design company encouraging you to go for change!


13.John Wright Photo

Very clean, subtle and professional photography website design, just seems very harmonic and elegant!


14.Timothy Hogan Photography

This is one more beautiful photography flash webdesign, but this one stands out with really huge photographies in full screen leaving everything else in shadow. But photography is his profession, author really shows quality of his works here.


15.LS5 Design Agency

Extremely creative design agency with really a lot of animation going on their website, get cocktail of all the best features!


16. SoyTuaire Labuat

This interactive website gave very strange and inspiring satisfaction feeling!


17. Mattthias Dittrich – Interaction Design Portfolio

Beautiful interactive 3D environment and animation.


18. Museum of Science and Industry

So cute preloader – really made me smile!


Very catching game with scientific taste!


19. Parasol Island – Film Animation Interactive

Company specializing in film animation industry, check out their videos there not only webdesign!



Private web-designer and art director flash website with interesting design and subtle animation.


21.MultiAdaptor: Branding & Identify Systems

Colorful branding website with subtle, but cool animation, i think this is very good way to display text and finished works!


22. Chemical Box

Interesting animation effects, mouse hover their logo to create each letter colorful!


23.Hello Monday

Award winning website, voted as one of the best websites in 2008 – unique project display here and beautiful animation.


24. Blanc Fonce

I would describe this site as simple elegance!



25. 2Advanced Studios

Browse through sections and you’ll notice website is full with beautiful digital artworks and animations showing their skill on every step!


26.Magnetic North – An Interactive design company

One more award winning website – draw and discover yourself what’s on the site!



27. In2Media – Digital Agency

Great typography, background animation,preloader and really good color schemes throughout whole website!


28. Cartelle – Interactive Studio

Very inspiring – share the beat!


29.Progetty Studio

Crazy design in totally good way!


30.Narrow Design

Interesting approach how to display many projects vertically in nice timeline. I just love that white grunge background.


31.Yodabaz – Fresh Webdesign

Interesting 3D text approach and in background is going on animation where author just moves all the time creating interesting feeling.


32.Aiala Garcia – Art Director and Webdesigner

Beautiful colors and elegant sliding effects displaying all the finished projects and everything else in one page!


33.PMA – Projects

Nice 3D effects going on in background which are by the way all the finished projects – impressive.


34. Mcinen

Clean and elegant design company’s website!


35. Nvidia Speak Visual

Nvidia website is full of beautiful effects, I enjoy the most creative spotlight section, where people tell about their passions and feelings working at Nvidia, creative facial videos.


36. Okay Dave – Dave Werner Portfolio

Really unique website board which is designer Dave Werner’s home site.


37. Michael Kelley Photography

Simply gorgeous and elegant photography website


38. Maven Interactive

Very unique portfolio page though actually I enjoy whole website from start to finish!


39. Unit 9 – The Creative Mind

Truly amazing website!


40. CreakTif!

Website built in one very interesting kind of house!


41. Experience 159 – Alfa Romeo

Very exclusive Alfa Romeo car company’s website.


Really amazing mouse hover effects – try them out!


42. NikeLab

Almost all big companies have created beautiful website, Nike is no exception, check it out!


43. Morris Code

From design point of view sketching preloader was the one, which cached my interest!


44. CocaCola Zero

Maybe I am not so big fan of CocaCola, but I totally love their website! Cannot even describe how elegant it is!


45. CocaCola Hapiness Factory

I am sure you have seen creative video advertisements in cinemas, this is original website created like interactive game!


46. Living Sasquatch

Website preloader is really stunning like whole website design!


47. Comcast Town

Just sit back and be inspired! Excellent 3D work has been done here!


48. MadeForEachOther

Very interactive illustrated and animated design! I typed “1stwebdesigner” in love letter to get nice effect!


49. Feed Your Ego

Very strong and powerful website, interesting game and interesting ego customization options.


50. BePop Jeans

Huge vector artwork and animation effects has been added to this site, lovely.


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  1. Adam Stevens

    Interesting in relation to one of the above comments about using HTML5 – with the safari click to flash plugin, a lot of these sites do work in HTML5. Whether that is the way forward though isn’t for me to judge! Great sites though!

  2. jack dowson

    Such a great blog, about flash websites. Given websites are very informative because flash website blog are dedicated to web designers, developers, bloggers to help in there projects regarding web designing and development etc.. I was searching about web designing and I found your website with useful information, thanks for information.

  3. Samuel

    Please keep talking about Flash dying out in web design, this post goes a long way to proving them wrong.

  4. Rick O

    These are all really pretty good Flash sites. I think my favorite would be “2Advanced Studios”. That one is certainly different. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Reynolds

    John Wright Photo and Timothy Hogan Photography really did have a hard job there! I hope they got paid well to be put through the stress of photographing 2 stunning women!

  6. daniel reynolds digital

    Fantastic work here! I am not the biggest fan of flash but seeing flash being utilised this way is really refreshing. Pity a lot of people think flash is just a destructive tool and not a tool that encourages user interaction and exploration.

  7. Brummie

    Thanks for sharing this collections of flash sites Dainis, Drawing art is also my favorite among all. AnywaysiIt helps me a lot for improving my final project that I’ve been craming for this whole month. Hope to see more of your helpful collections I feel Blessed now.

  8. Martin Varesio

    Getting your code to fully emulate the psd can be tricky but when you achieve it

  9. Great list of great websites!
    Everybody who like this list should also go see Leo Burnett’s website, just google it and you’ll see why… =D

  10. I think some of the websites contain much more photoshop than the flash, though photo portfolios are definitely great! Thanks, good set of designs.

  11. Alekz

    Sweeet!!! Great list Dainis, now seeing this my inert inspiration is growing…
    Love it Tnx :)

  12. Luis Lopez

    I love flash sites, they are impressive and most of these I’ve already seen, I go almost every day to FWA to see the site of the day and i don’t remember if all of these have been there but they should.
    Excellent list

  13. Dicky

    Wow, nice list of beautiful websites built with Flash technology. Thanks for sharing!