7 Things Designer Can Learn From Girls


Things Designer Can Learn From GirlsThere are many things everybody can learn from girls, including designers. Whenever we see girls the things we first notice about them is how well she is dressed & how particular they are about in whatever they do. This led me to a thought that what it takes making these girls so perfect & being a designer myself how can I learn things from girls & implement them in my design.

So I had chat with some girls from which I came to know following points that designer can always follow & learn from girls.

1. Time Management

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Chris Gilbert

In comparison to guys, gals are very scheduled in everything they do, they have fix time for various task they perform whole day. Designer can learn time management from girls as whenever designer get involved in any project they don’t track time and end up giving more time than usual in their work, which make them less efficient & unproductive. On other hand girls plan their day in advance, they have their own to-do list which they follow very strictly.Many designer face similar problem of spending huge amount of time on recreational web surfing as searching for inspiration for their work, they should limit this time & should remain focus with their work rather than getting distracted.

2. Experimentation

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Redeemer University

Girls are always experimenting with their look, closet, hair & many other things. In one way or the other they try out things in different ways. By experimenting they keep themselves look fabulous always. Lady Gaga is a good example of getting success with experimenting different looks. In the same way designers also need to experiment with their design rather than just sticking with same methods. Experimentation is very important as people are now open to new ideas & concepts.

3. Color Theory

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Katie scrapbook lady

Girls are particular about their clothes, make-up, accessories, shoes, etc. When you see a girl perfectly dressed, you can easily notice different colors they are wearing, being a designer you can easily find out that they are really good at color combination & patterns. They perfectly wear different colors all around them & carry them off with style. So as a designer you can always look upon girls for inspiration, where you will get lots of idea about color schemes, color palettes & patterns, which you can implement in your next design project.

4. Socializing

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Sagar Patil

Girls easily adjust themselves in new environment, it’s all because they are very talkative in nature & are great social animals. As they make new friends easily & quickly, it all start with a “hi” which ends up creating friends. In design community socializing is really important & designer can always learn a thing or two from girls about socializing.

5. Organization

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By  David Reber

If you have seen a girls wardrobe you would definitely understand what I mean by learning organization from girls. There are tonnes of things in their room like 100’s of handbags, 1000s of shoes & the list never ends. But whenever they want anything they have quick access to it without loosing anytime. In the same way designer always have huge digital data in their computer which needs to be organized all the time.

6. Bargaining

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Rave Master

Bargaining does not always involve money, but its a kind of negotiation. Girls are really good at negotiating in every kind of situations like shopping, winning in conversation with guys, etc. On other hand designer can use this technique of bargaining with their clients or boss about their design where they can save lots of effort without compromising on creativity.

7. Creativity

Things Designer Can Learn From Girls

Photo By Raja R

I am not wrong if I say Girls are most creative creature on the planet, most of the people will agree with this. Girls don’t like things to be simple they always want something to be added & do things different so they can get noticed. Even designers need to be creative with their work, which will give them an edge over others that will give them a good recognition.

Whenever as a designer you feel low on inspiration & ideas I suggest have a good look at girls & ask them for suggestion, you will definitely get lots of good ideas that will help you get a boost in your creativity.

Please Comment & Share your thoughts.

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  1. Kunal Bhardwaj

    Well, the main essence of design comes directly from creativity.
    When we talk about design, we talk about how good (colors+graphics) and how interactive (navigation+organization) the website is.
    A person’s natural qualities of living a life has nothing to do with implementing design on web or in general. I have been among the guys who spill beer on their work desks but create just amazing designs and also have been among guys who are so well organized in their life, timing etc but do not have any web color sense.
    Web Creativity is not natural, it comes from perception and vision of how things will look when fit in together. I totally disagree that either sex can teach design to each other because designing cannot be learned, it can only be thought.

    All the qualities you mentioned are good for a disciplined life but I cant understand how come it relates to your creative ideas. Its good you find girls as a learning source, but your concept is totally funny….


  2. Arlene Houston

    Well, these tips really help! I discovered it quite informative, and it answered most in the concerns I had.

  3. John

    I agree that girls can bargain better than boys and are creative at times, but other qualities might not be true with all the girls around. For designers, I believe discipline is the key.

  4. Mohsin Nazir

    rightly said, girls have color sense more than boys. the reason is that they have more colorful clothes than boys

  5. Fox

    lol this article was rather funny. And i think that’s the point most of you are missing, it was written by a guy who obviously likes admiring girls and get inspiration from them (is that sexist? no it’s fooking human instinct !!), (now if he was a gurl i’m sure it would refer to guys, and if it was a gay guy then prob boys or a lezbian prob women. webdesigning political madness gone mad hehehe), thats the trouble with over educated fools to clever for there own good, to quick to shoot someone down who doesn’t satisfy there own vile satisfaction yous say sexist, most of you’s have jumped to a preconception judgement that he’s being sexist with out confirming this fact, so what does that make yous. see it for what it is “FUN READING”. I mean it’s like saying some cheesy pop song is sexist because says gurls breaks hearts or what ever… chill the fook out and read the article on how not to take all things on web designing seriously …

    i dear my grammars not right I’m thick it would appear lolz onwards and upwards

    to poster great article u made me laugh and chuckle to myself…

  6. Matthew

    When more than 50% of all online purchases are made by women it is a foolish web designer who ignores the influence the female audience has and should have.

    When designing websites it is vitally imprtant that the demographics of the target audience are taken into account. For example a web site about wedding party organisers has got to appreciate that the target audience is going to be almost totally female.

    An organised approach to targetting the correct demographics is important.

  7. Chris

    These points can’t be associated “only” with female designers, we’re all human after all. Plus I know a few female designer friends who struggle with time management and creativity.

  8. 3LauraB

    I wont be retweeting this article, although I think the points are very valid in Design,only not necessarily attaching them to be “Girl” traits. I can see why some men might be a tad ticked off with this, as I would be if it was “men” only traits.
    I am a girl (Last time i checked) and I have no fantastic qualities pointed out in #1 #5 and #6, but I do love my designs and bringing them to life.
    I know men that are definitely better at time management than me, and scheduling and they keep me on my toes! So like I said the points made are important but maybe without the gender generalization would make for a better read and less negative feedback. Thank you for taking the time to make the post though =-D

  9. Ieatvegans

    What planet are you from dude? I mean, feminism may be Satan’s frollick into the vagina of society, but you’re just dumb, or from Afghan village. Same thing. Am I a bigot? A little. Your grammar is crap, and you generalise in a very unintelligent way. It’s disturbing that you have an audience.

  10. dienw

    could be agree with the points.. but relate it to girls without any bases is not a strong argument. things like time management (even catched at the top), and organization, are long time domain of men. if someone read and feel true, it’s more like reading astrology. my 2 cents.

  11. Also typo in the use of the word “designer”? Most uses here (ie the title) should be pluralized.

    An interesting article… I gotta say I do agree with some of these points, solely based on my own experience; I’ve applied traits I see in my wife and how she does things into my freelance work ethic, some of which include the above. Though this is my “individual” experience.

    The article meant no harm. At the end of the day, it’s about finding ways to work better as designers in an otherwise overlooked source of inspiration. However, it does go without saying that stereotypes used to build an argument are dangerous (if not faux pas altogether), as evidenced by the responses above.

  12. Sally Croft

    Whoa….that’s like a breath of fresh air Nikunj, very good read. But I don’t understand the girls versus guys debate followed in comment section. People you need to agree girls are more aesthetically sound than guys, why to fight then?

  13. Mohsin

    It is an interesting research … Girls may be for certain period of time more creative than men but they grow up they become more emotional and sensitive which ultimately lack their creativity…

  14. AC

    @Nikunj – “but majority are girls who are very precise about all this” – can we see the results of your research please? Or have you just plucked this out of thin air?

    People talk about the “death of the design community” – well done, you’re contributing nicely but writing something so irrelevantly sexist which presumably was simply designed to be a piece of comment/link/flame bait?

    Again, well done.

  15. Matt, This IS a sexist post. Period. None of these traits are exclusive to females of any age, whether young girls or mature women. If they were, then it would not be possible for male designers to incorporate them into their own lives. Presumably the female designers would already be doing this and have a terrific advantage over their male counterparts. In fact, they would have such a lopsided advantage that there would be scarcely any male designers at all.

    It would seem that you are writing from the background of a patriarchal culture and I cannot fault you for your origins; but you are writing on a world-wide parchment and need to take a broader view of humans. And, yes, females of any age and culture qualify as humans. They can be as bright (and as stupid) as any guy. They can radiate beauty of spirit and flesh or they can carry darkness and morbidity with them every step of every day. They can have all the traits you mentioned above, none of them, or – far more likely – some blend. What that blend is will vary throughout their lives, throughout the month and even throughout the day.

    When I was a young boy I mowed the large lawn of an elderly woman. One hot afternoon she invited me in to cool off and, while I was there, showed me her name in a newspaper listing of the survivors of the sinking of the Lusitania. She not only had that newspaper, but also seemed to have collected every newspaper ever since. Her house, a large, two-story farmhouse with a porch across the front, had an aisle from the front door to the back that branched off at the stairs and the bathroom and widened out as it passed through the kitchen. So much for universal female neatness.

    The comments above this have made the point that sexism is not a trait of intelligent people (men OR women). Please give consideration to these viewpoints when posting in the future.

    Oh, BTW, the points you make about the desirability of these characteristics are all ‘spot on’. It was just the way you went about it that so many of us are objecting to. You painted women as being somehow the perfect embodiment of them and men as being universally lacking.

    And that, my friend, just ain’t so.

  16. Ezequiel bruni

    Dear Nikunj,

    I think your article was well-intentioned, but flawed. The problem is that you generalized too much, pigeonholing the sexes, and placing women and men in separate boxes.

    The gender divide is much less distinct than you might imagine, and that is why so many people are getting offended.

    Don’t let the negative feedback discourage you from writing, but learn from it. I think that you have the potential to influence the design world for good, but in the future, I would recommend that you keep the gender issue in mind. There is sexism in the design industry, and people get easily offended.

    Be careful, and in the future, check with others to make sure that your views on any given subject are not TOO black and white, when the subject matter is not.



  17. Ezequiel bruni

    There is a lot of negative feed-back being directed towards this article. People are saying that it’s sexist and wrong. I really don’t think this is the case.

    In my opinion, this article falls into only two traps: 1. Poor grammar, and 2. Generalization.

    Many women DO exhibit a tendency towards organization, creativity, and good time management, but not all. I remember walking into a room that my two older sisters shared. Mercy, my oldest sister, was a neat freak, and my other sister, Anaik, was not. The difference was like walking from an Apple store into the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, all in the same room.

    But back to the article: aside from those two problems, I don’t see what the issue is. Aren’t skills like time management, etc. good things to have?

    Nowhere in the article does it say that women cannot be designers, or that all designers are men. It’s just a look at what we males in the design industry could stand to learn from the opposite gender. I don’t see that as a bad thing.

    I won’t deny that there is sexism in the design industry, which is both sad and stupid, but I think that defending feminism has gone too far when seeing the word “girls” or “women” in an article written by a man provokes this response.

    Maybe I misread the article, and there really is an Evil Inc. subtext in there. Could anybody, especially our amazing female designers in the community, shed some light on this?

  18. Oh come on people…why you all are rating this article so bad. It’s a creative approach to compare two different things and list the positive aspects to follow. It’s just his perspective that many girl qualities (like time management, bargaining) could be adapted by designers for better…what harm in that???

    • They aren’t “girl qualities” … that’s the harm. The implication is that men do not possess these qualities. They do. I can think of no woman who possesses them perfectly nor can I think of a single man who lacks them absolutely. To claim that these traits are the exclusive domain of either sex is wrong.

      Matt has, unwittingly, engaged in the sport commonly known as ‘man-bashing’ and that is the source of most of the outcry.

      Reproduction has clearly-defined, gender-based roles. In every other field of human endeavor the gender lines were long ago blurred. While members of certain religions would disagree, I think that this blurring is a good thing. The role that God assigned to Eve was as Adams complement. That is, the two made a unified whole. Each was necessary, but each brought different attributes to the table.

  19. Mariana

    Interesting thoughts, though It seems like only men could be designers… lt sounds somewhat sexist. Design is not about gender!

  20. Kat

    What a patronizing and ridiculous article. Not one of the points is exclusive to “girls”, not one is something ALL “girls” share.

  21. media designer

    Are you trying to gain readers with this garbage? I know women who are not any of the things you mention, and men who are all of the above.
    There is no excuse for sexism.

  22. blackgown

    Well, its weird theory. But u are right that from girl we can learn something, something beautiful..

  23. Benn Wolfe

    Wow, awesome article chock-full of nearly worthless stereotypes. As an avid reader of 1stwebdesigner I am appalled that this was ever published.

    Can’t wait for next week’s “7 Things Designer’s Can Learn From Jews.” If this was a joke, it was neither funny nor well-crafted.

  24. what? This is truly the most blatant stereotypical article, I know girls that are designers too they don’t all just shop for pretty things, multi-task and manage time well… catch up pal

  25. Paul Murray

    An interesting theory, though I don’t agree so much with the first case. From personal experience women are the WORST for time-keeping, particularly when waiting for them to get ready to go out. At least, my girlfriend is :D

  26. Matt Pritchett

    Great article! I’m glad someone else has noticed this! I actually watch my fiance all the time and get color schemes, patterns, and ideas from what she wears/pairs together on different days. She truly is an incredible inspiration in my freelancing journey!

  27. AM

    Wow, what an astonishingly sexist and poorly written article! I have no idea where you live but here in the Western world there are at least as many female designers as male designers (oftentimes more). I can’t believe this was published on a design site, I am unsubscribing immediately.

  28. Branden

    You people are ridiculous. He is speaking about the majority of girls. Sure I can name dirty, un-organized, terrible dressing females myself too but he is obviously speaking about females who actually have pride in the way they dress / carry themselves appreciates their clothes and jewels so they keep them organized / on time and understand that in order to be successful these steps are nescessary.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t guys like this because I am like this but it is more likely to find a girl with these traits than a guy. You all are taking this too critical and trying to compare it to just the girls and guys you know. Think about the ideal role of a male and the ideal role of a female…it is exactly how it is described above.

    Good Article. I got the message.

  29. Hi,
    Really nice article and some really truthful observations and I’m not just saying this because I am a girl ;)
    Again really interesting.
    Feel free to check out our website http://viuu.co.uk ::: made by a girl by the way ;) :::

  30. Von Shakalon

    I don’t think we know the same kind of girls, you and I. Also, please improve your english.

  31. dave

    I know plenty of girls and guys who both have and lack all of the above qualities in equal measure

  32. Nick

    “If you have seen a girls wardrobe you would definitely understand what I mean by learning organization from girls”

    Please tell me this entire article is a joke? Thanks for wasting 3 mins of my life.

  33. Well, I believed Nikunj has such a good perception on the girls out there. I don’t think we should relate all these characteristic to only girls. I have male friends whom are even better at bargaining, socializing, organizing etc than our female counterparts. Not to mention, some of the most creative people are guy too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  34. A nice read, thanks.

    However, I am not sure about if this suits for girls in general or at least the majority. The girls (or females) I know do not really fit to #1 and #5. Have you ever looked into the handbag of a lady? ;-)

  35. TK of Sweden

    I find this article very interesting in several ways. As a metrosexual I feel that you could just as well have changed the word “girls” to my name in the above text. Especially for the first 3 headlines.

    I also can’t help woundering if maybe one is in the wrong line of work if they need to look at girls to become better designers. To me this is a question of personality and interests rather than gender.

    Avalible on Twitter:@TKofSweden

  36. Hi!
    Thank you for the nice reading.
    We are a very little web agency made by a woman and a man and the woman part completely agrees with you ;-)
    Let me say that the male counterpart sometimes is good to stop the excess of creativity and get me to code and get things done :-)