9 Great File Hosting Services Reviewed


It really doesn’t matter what are You doing – there are time for everybody, when You need to upload files, share with them online or just keep somewhere You can always get those files from. In my early days I send my files to e-mail and that’s my way of file hosting. Now there are a lot more options, to choose from and the best way is to choose some file hosting service, so You don’t need to keep those files on Your own server and get better download and upload speed too. I made great list of 9 the most known free file hosting service sites You can choose from – choose the one which fits You the most.

1. Media Fire


This service offer a bunch of free, great options and unlimited storage but only 100MB per file.


2. ADrive


One of the best services offering 50 GB free upload!


3. File Savr

Free service without registration required, files are kept forever as they are being downloaded and upload size is 10GB. Very good and fast service as I tested it.


4. File Dropper

Very fresh designed site without any annoying countdown timers or blinking, aggressive advertisements like in MegaUpload or Rapidshare, upload size is 5gb without registration required.


5. FileDen

Also very user friendly and clean website offering 1GB upload size, but also fast download speed. My favorite one actually because of simplicity.



6. FileQube

Upload size is 2GB and service is totally free, one file size is up to 150mb and a lot more nice features as web file manager, different widgets to make Your life easier etc.


7. Send U It


Fast, easy service with two simple steps – upload file up to 100mb and send to friends private link for download. Only thing it expires quickly, You can set expiration up to 1 week.

8.  Easy Share

Pretty great resource allowing You 4 different ways to upload files – web upload, FTP upload, upload with Easy Share software and remote upload – very handy.

Maximum file size per upload is 100MB and unlimited storage and no registration required if You want to just upload file, however for managing files and uploading files from FTP, I suggest to register. Very good service and completely free.



The last service I will review is zSHARE  with unlimited upload, but 500mb per file, no registration required and it’s completely free!

There is no limit how long files are kept on the server, but if files are not downloaded for more than 60 days are automatically deleted.


Please share with file hosting services You use too, if You know any. Hope You enjoyed this list!

This is second part of two:

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2. 9 Useful File Hosting Services Reviewed



  1. Bob Hart

    I personally hated both megaupload, rapidshare AND most of all hotfile…I used to have alot of my stuff on RS, but then their service went down to crap…then switched to hotfile, who’s servers crashed & lost ALL my files…then megaupload which omg i can’t believe what happened.

    now I have all my files on:

    …decent sized allowance, and it gives my users direct-links…which they love….so far, it’s been better than sonic, MU and HF COMBINED!!!

  2. I really like dropbox. They start you out with 2 GB but you can get up to 8 GB free. For every friend you invite you get an extra 250MB. Click my name to get started with some extra space.

  3. Nina

    I just visited filecube and found following note: “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 01/14/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion”.

  4. ___seb

    I use dropbox, which is very handy because you choose a folder then the content in it is send (without action of your part), then on other computers where your dropbox is installed, files get downloaded.
    Very handy, you just forgot it”s here :)

    ___sebs last blog post : Premieres impressions sur le CMS MODx

  5. Kris

    Thanks for the post.
    I do not use a file hosting service as bandwidth price is an issue here in South Africa.

    Otherwise, I’d definately use your list ;)

  6. qmmr

    Thank you for this round-up. I was using mail but after reading your post I am going to check out these sites.

  7. Richard McLaughlin

    Great post. I am looking for a GOOD company that can deal with European TLD’s and so far the offers have been crap (sorry for the French, but I live in France!)

    Maybe I’ll find one on your list that can help me.

    Richard McLaughlins last blog post : One Huge Carnival Of Leads To Making Money Online