Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages


“Freelancer” – a title very self explanatory. You wouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what it means. Being such, you work on the comfort of your own home & time. No one is the boss of you – just yourself. But let’s face it, two heads or more is always better than one. Getting ideas and opinions from other people always helps much. Especially working in the industry where impressions always matter, Working alone can get very exhausting and lonely. You may come to a point that you just black out and run out of ideas. Build a group to help you on your struggles.

In this article, I will be sharing the essentials of accountability groups and why freelancers should take advantage.

What is an Accountability Group?

An Accountability group is a circle of selective people (at least 2-5 people) who have  good working relationship, trust, high reliability and have the passion for excellence together as a group. Just like family, helping, goal setting and looking out for each other’s welfare is the basic mind set of the members of this group.

How can  your Accountability group be effective?

Accountability groups must be -

  • SYSTEMATIC – essential for goal setting and time framing those goals.
  • PICKY – quality means everything. An accountability group needs to have people with the best quality that the  business needs.
  • RELIABLE – every working relationship needs that high standard of trust. Make sure your group is built with strong foundation of loyalty.
  • COMMITTED – Members should take the group seriously and bring out their duties as members.

Yes, an Accountability group isn’t about simple social meet ups. It’s a group made up of serious, diligent, dependable, success makers.

Why should I get an Accountability group?

  1. It’s super fun!

You may be wondering – how can a serious group of freelancers be fun? Well if you enjoy being on top of your game and winning it, then that’s the reason. It is fun, basically because with an accountability group, you accomplish your goals and expectations for your success. When you get such a positive impact on your business, wouldn’t you consider that fun? – I thought so.

Just like when you plan a vacation. You huddle for exciting ideas that would make your plans a success. You will find it very thrilling after gathering all the great ideas your friends shared, then putting it to action. It’s the same with setting goals and sharing ideas on how to make your business more profitable every time you have a meeting. Success is always fun.

2. It challenges you.

Because you work in your own comfort, there may be times – or maybe most of the times you don’t do things on schedule. Working at home can be tricky (I should know, I’m a work-at-home lady). I try to discipline my self to work on my set time like working in an office. It’s tough to really keep yourself on track.

Accountability is one way to challenge yourself. If the rest of the members keep pushing you, it’s never impossible you get motivated to do what you have to. If you make a formal working schedule and fail to follow it, take a look on your weekly goals to motivate you and keep you focused.

3.  It’s supportive (two thumbs up)!

People around you who doesn’t understand what you do may question – what’s keeping you busy staying at home and sitting in front of the computer all day? Others may think that your job is unstable and that you can walk out on it anytime or it may walk out on you.

You maybe missing all kinds of events in the world, but don’t worry because you’re not alone. Having an accountability group makes you aware that there are people facing the same situation you are in right now. It’s better to keep yourself busy for a reason – profit!

4. Business growth.

Anything you feed, grows. So the more you feed your self with new ideas and strategies you will surely  double or triple your profit. Which means business is good! It also gives you self growth as well and makes you feel you’re learning new things every time.

Complimenting accountability groups share and refer clients. Freelancers in the group partner each other but still preserve the harmonious working relationship. Joint ventures are being underutilized to grow business.

5. It makes you work your business and not the other way around.

Proper goal setting, boundary setting  and prioritizing can keep you out of that messy, crammed schedule. If you have an accountability group, there will be people who can help you manage your time and organize your goals for every week. You will have people to share your extra load.

Be on your business as well as in it. It is important if you look forward to a healthy  growing business. For sure, taking things up to the next level wont be long.

Freelancing doesn’t mean you have to completely work by yourself. It’s taking things under YOUR control but not isolating one’s self. Working with an accountability group is a plus! It shows how you can work with people as well. So go and build your own accountability group, you’ll see it’s for the good.



  1. Rahul

    loved the way you said more heads is better than one and i agree with all what you said , it is really fun of course , cause motivation plays that role that make you be excited about every single step or task you do ! about challenge , i found it a very good point !!! :) thanxx