Apple is announcing 2nd Iteration of iPad 2 Today? Rumours and Specifications


Apple is holding an invite-only media event today and it is rumoured that they are going to announce the rival to latest Dual Core tablets like Motorolla Xoom and Galaxy S Tab 2.  We will keep you posted about all the updates as soon as the event starts. If you are wondering why 1wd is covering gadgets and technology news, we thought it might be cool to cover Apple because many people in creative circles use their products. However, this is an experiment and we are open for feedback and suggestions.

Read on to see whats coming next in the 2nd iteration of tablet’s world Giant iPad.

Apple's Invite sent to Media outlets (Showing the iPad screen in background)


Some expected updates for new Apple iPad 2 are:

1. The iPad 2 is expected to be slimmer and airier as compared to its predecessor, also with larger speakers and an “improved display”, which will provide better experience in vivid sunlight. But Retina display is not expected as it won’t be economical provided the display screen size but we are not certain of it as there are so much rumors about display of to be announced iPad..

2. It is expected to have both front and back-facing cameras for FaceTime and Photo Both. Not having a front facing camera was a super let down in the original iPad. We are sure Apple wont let iCustomers down this time.

3. Some sources are also expecting iPad 2 to have Verizon support. So there will be a Verizon iPad along with the original AT&T iPad. Three versions of iPad 2 are probable. One will be Wi-Fi only, other will feature Wi-Fi and UMTS, the 3G technology utilized by AT&T and the third model will support Wi-Fi and CDMA, used by Verizon, reported by DigiTimes.

4. DigitalDaily reported that “iPad 2 will likely run on a 1.2GHz, dual-core, ARM Cortex-A9 chip and Imagination’s SGX543 GPU architecture–a big improvement over the SGX535 Apple uses today. And it will have double the RAM–512MB, same as the iPhone 4. ”

An iPad 2 listing has been briefly spotted at Amazon Germany, potentially revealing the technical specifications of Apple’s next-generation tablet via Softpedia

Along with iPad 2, it is believed that new iOS5 will get its preview at the start of the show, which is expected to present new voice navigation features, certainly new map applications and probably Cloud/MobileMe/iWork/iLife integration. And notifications have to be getting updated.

We will be posting news after the event but if you want to see the live stream of show, you can head to Apple’s official website (For Mac and iOS users). In case you don’t have one, you can always stop by Engadget’s live blog here.

Conference will start  at 10 a.m. PT!


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  1. Hi, this is one of the useful and well data about apple and it has the main 4 specification. And, it has the so many features with the great support in that. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable information on here.

  2. It seems like the expected updates were right on. The new iPad is blazing fast running on a dual core and the cameras, well, that’s what everyone wanted. I do think that the Android tabs running Honeycomb will offer more features and better integration. That aside, the update to the iPad looks great!

    • Well, yes – I hoped on more impressive updates, but I cannot say I am disappointed. As you said – everybody got what they wanted. I at the point am glad I didn’t but ipad1 and waited for this one.

      Curious to see how Honeycomb will compete and how much people will actually enjoy it!

    • 1WD Editorial

      We will have to wait and watch. 11 March is not that far. I am not Apple fan boy but I really liked the iPad 2. I think iOS update will manage to compete with Honeycomb. :)

    • Saad Bassi

      If you are a dedicated mac user then iPad 2 is best choice for you. If not there are much better options available. For example Motorolla Xoom has dual core processor and 1GB ram as well (iPas has 256mb ram). And honeycomb is way better than iOS 4.3 because its specfically designed for tablets.