Article Marketing 101 – How to Drive Traffic to Design Blogs Using 101 Community News Submissions


You launched a blog, filled it with jaw dropping tutorials, displayed ads on few corners, opted for an extremely amazing theme and then waited! Now what? Traffic starts pouring in but others are already running away with the goal post. In between the hugger mugger geometry of blogs smoothies are shaken, not stirred! Brains are muddled and thoughts blown away. Without the skyrocketing visitor numbers that blog proves to be a far fetched island which is overflowing with useful information but hidden from the eyes of the beholder. So, what do you do then? How do you look for the niche traffic which your blog is craving for? Well, this article won’t repeat the basics. Rather, we will go through the list of 101 Community News and Article Submission websites for design article marketing. They are worth your time. Trust me!

Obvious Ways to Drive Traffic

The ones that I am going to throw light on are very obvious. So obvious that you have already used most of them. I won’t explain them in detail but I want to jot them down so that some nazis don’t complain about me missing out on most of the ways to drive traffic.

  • Content rich article - Oh! Don’t you already know this? With an article that lacks content that readers are looking for, you are bound to end up nowhere.
  • Comment on other similar niche blogs and forums - This is one of the very slowest but sure shot ways to gain niche traffic.
  • Guest posting - Once you involve yourself in serious guest posting then you can be rest assured that your tutorials will gain enough publicity and some solid backlinks.
  • Link back to other similar niche blogs - You tend to increase conversation when you include the links of other blogs in your tutorials. You tell them that you care and that you are reading them daily. In turn they will link to you whenever they feel necessary.
  • Social Media Marketing - Again, you want me to explain this? You want me to teach you the importance of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the likes? Which bunker do you live in?
  • Search Engine Optimization - Basically, SEO is all about pleasing Google. And, we have already talked a lot about SEO so let us just move on.

You know what? I can go on with these obvious ways to gain traffic but you will get bored very soon. So, let us just jump over to the hidden world of community news submissions for design tutorials.

A Quick Brush with Community News Websites

Before we dive into the world of community news websites, let us understand the tidbits about the same. This information will surely come in handy for those who are new to community news websites:

  • Basically, community news websites share knowledge that they receive from a submission page that invites readers to submit handy tutorials that are niche specific. Readers submit useful design tutorial links (of there or other blogs) via the submission page. Then the admin of that community website publishes a link to that tutorial on its community page. The idea is simple and proves to be very handy to drive traffic to design blogs if the tutorials are listed on other high end design blogs.
  • Advantages - Once your tutorial is listed on a community news website then you get traffic from that website and an important backlink which helps from SEO perspective.
  • Disadvantages - It might take several submissions over multiple community news websites before your tutorial is listed on some sort of community website. Also, at times the returns aren’t as big as the efforts.
  • It is easy to create your own community news website and submission page. A simple blog like theme which links to external tutorials is all that you need to have your own community news website. You will figure this out when you start checking the plethora of examples that are about to follow. The submission page will be more or less like your contact form with the field titles edited to suit the community news submission page requirements.
  • We have published similar lists before too! But, as you know it. You, our readers, constantly search for fresh content so we thought why not go ahead and publish a fresh list of community news websites. So, here they are.

Done! Enough talking! Now, let us dive into the endless list (101 is kind-of endless in itself, right?) of community news websites. Stick around and do try them.

NOTE - Please keep the below pointers in mind for all the links that are about to follow:

  • PageRank and Alexa are bound to change with time. Check latest pagerank here and latest Alexa here.
  • PageRank mentioned is the PageRank of community news page of that particular website.
  • Alexa mentioned is of the homepage of that website.
  • Links to community news page and submit form of that particular website are given for your ease.
  • Where required, two extra line of description will be given below each website.

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100+. The CSS Gallery List (Jaw Dropping Bonus)

Check the CSS Gallery List, which has over 100 CSS galleries listed. You have the choice to submit your link to each of them manually or pay $20 to get this done automatically.

1. Hongkiat

PageRank - 5Alexa - 1,979Community News PageSubmit
  • Links, once approved, will be pushed to twitter and Facebook. Also, they “might” be used in future posts of Hongkiat.

2. Tripwire Magazine

PageRank - 3Alexa - 2365Community News PageSubmit
  • Charges fee of $2.99 per successful submission.
  • Other then the community news page at times the link is also used in various articles.

3. SpeckyBoy

PageRank – 4Alexa - 2597Community News PageSubmit

4. DZone

PageRank - 6Alexa – 3031Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration but the website is famous enough the fetch important traffic.

5. Design Modo

PageRank - 5Alexa - 3,564Community News PageSubmit
  • They don’t have their community news page.
  • All they do is push your link to their social media profiles which in itself is huge promotion.

6. Folkd

PageRank - 7Alexa - 3,659Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration but returns are great.

7. Abduzeedo

PageRank - 4Alexa - 5080Community News PageSubmit
  • Abduzeedo also requires registration before once can submit tutorial links.

8. My Site My Way

PageRank - 3Alexa - 5,655Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 4 sitewide backlinks are added advantage.

9. Queness

PageRank - 4Alexa - 5870Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration before you submit links.

10. InstantShift

PageRank - 6Alexa - 7485Community News PageSubmit
  • Links published on sidebar so you get temporary PR 6 backlink.
  • Traffic from all the pages of InstantShift.

11. Blog Engage

PageRank - 4Alexa - 9,167Community News PageSubmit
  • Paid submissions.

12. Design Float

PageRank - 6Alexa - 9,361Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

13. DesignrFix

PageRank - 4Alexa - 9788Community News PageSubmit
  • You get a temporary site-wide link from the sidebar which can be at times as strong as a PR6 backlink so this will be worth it.

14. Design Your Way

PageRank - 5Alexa - 10,130Community News PageSubmit

15. Design Mag

PageRank – 0Alexa – 10,376Community News PageSubmit
  • Link, once accepted, will be published on sidebar along with the community page.

16. CSSDrive

PageRank – 5Alexa - 13,701Community News PageSubmit
  • Links published on the community news page and the PR 5 backlink is worth the try.

17. Design Moo

PageRank - 5Alexa - 14,157Community News PageSubmit
  • Designmoo is a community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and more.
  • Requires registration.
  • Niche crowd and traffic.

18. Top Design Mag

PageRank - 4Alexa - 15,330Community News PageSubmit
  • Along with the backlink from community news page the links are temporarily published on sidebar.

19. Design Bump

PageRank - 6Alexa - 18,670Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

20. Maniac Dev

PageRank - 4Alexa - 23,795Community News PageSubmit
  • Links included in posts so the traffic is also worth a shot.

21. Design Newz

PageRank – 4Alexa – 27,323Community News PageSubmit
  • This is a community news based website only.
  • Readers are bound to check the links once they are published.
  • Better chances of getting traffic.

22. Premium Coding

PageRank - 3Alexa - 29,032Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 4 sitewide backlink from sidebar is added advantage.

23. Pick Me Web

PageRank - 3Alexa - 31,215Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

24. The Design Work

PageRank - 4Alexa - 32,433Community News PageSubmit
  • 3 latest links are published on sidebar
  • Permanent position in community news page.
  • The sidebar site-wide link can really be worth it by all means.

25. 10Steps.SG

PageRank - 4Alexa - 32,883Community News PageSubmit

26. zaBox

PageRank - 3Alexa - 33,608Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system to keep news on top.

27. Photoshop Lady

PageRank - 5Alexa - 34,443Community News PageSubmit
  • Paid submissions.
  • Huge traffic and PR benefits.
  • For Photoshop tutorials only.

28. The Web Blend

PageRank - 5Alexa - 35,377Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

29. WordPress Arena

PageRank - 3Alexa – 35,396Community News PageSubmit

30. Fuel Your Creativity

PageRank - 4Alexa - 38,167Community News PageSubmit

31. Good Tutorials

PageRank – 6Alexa - 39,072Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

32. UX Booth

PageRank - 4Alexa - 41,642Community News PageSubmit

33. Cruzine

PageRank - 3Alexa - 45,412Community News PageSubmit
  • Use the “Add Link” button on community news page to submit your link.

34. Graphic Design Junction

PageRank - 3Alexa – 46,364Community News PageSubmit
  • Sitewide sidebar link of PR 4 for a short interval is also an added advantage.

35. Art Fan Design

PageRank - 4Alexa - 46,444Community News PageSubmit
  • A site-wide temporary PR 5 backlink comes from the side bar too.

36. Dzine Press

PageRank - 3Alexa - 48,165Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down to the end of community news page in order to submit your link.
  • A temporary sidebar sitewide backlink of PR 5 has its own worth.

37. Desizn Tech

PageRank - 4Alexa – 48,364Community News PageSubmit

38. Share Brain

PageRank – 5Alexa – 48,975Community News PageSubmit
  • Use the submit button on the right sidebar to submit your link.

39. PS Deluxe

PageRank - 0Alexa - 49,154Community News PageSubmit

40. CSS Creme

PageRank - 6Alexa - 50,393Community News PageSubmit
  • Used for website submission.

41. The Cool List

PageRank - NAAlexa - 50,414Community News PageSubmit
  • The link is pushed into single post page.
  • Traffic and strength of website is surely worth the submission.

42. Web and Designers

PageRank – NAAlexa – 51,580Community News PageSubmit
  • Somehow the community page seems to have no PR
  • The homepage has PR 5.
  • Links included on the homepage or any other post will be worthwhile.

43. Graphic Design Links

PageRank - 3Alexa - 51,977Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

44. My Ink Blog

PageRank - 3Alexa - 54,980Community News PageSubmit

45. In Deziner

PageRank - 3Alexa - 56,805Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires login to submit news.

46. Orphic Pixel

PageRank - 4Alexa - 61,908Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 5 sitewide link from sidebar.

47. Concept Dezain

PageRank - NAAlexa - 64,037Community News PageSubmit
  • The community news page has no PR.
  • Temporary PR 5 backlink from sidebar.

48. Nenuno Creative

PageRank - NAAlexa - 66,973Community News PageSubmit

49. Designs Mag

PageRank - 3Alexa – 68,989Community News PageSubmit
  • Tutorials appear on sidebar for a short interval.
  • A PR 5 backlink is worth all the effort from sidebar backlink.
  • The sidebar itself has the form to submit your own links.

50. Flash User

PageRank - NAAlexa - 69,272Community News PageSubmit
  • The community news page has no PR.
  • Temporary backlink from sidebar will have PR worth 3.

51. Visual Blast

PageRank - 4Alexa - 70,412Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down to the end of community news page for tutorial submission.

52. AnimHut

PageRank - 5Alexa – 71,830Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down on community news page to submit articles.

53. Stunning Mesh

PageRank - 3Alexa - 73,823Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down to the end of community news page to submit link.

54. Daily Inspiration

PageRank - 3Alexa - 75,611Community News PageSubmit

55. WP Scoop

PageRank - 4Alexa - 76,712Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

56. 9 Rules

PageRank - 3Alexa - 77,553Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

57. Design Dazzling

PageRank - 4Alexa - 82,186Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down on community news page to submit articles.

58. Karachi Corner

PageRank - 3Alexa - 85,721Community News PageSubmit
  • Sitewide backlink from sidebar of same PR is an added advantage.

59. Multy Shades

PageRank - 3Alexa - 93,217Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 4 sitewide backlink from sidebar.

60. KnowteBook

PageRank - 3Alexa - 96,151Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll to the end of community news page to submit your link.
  • Please remember that the community news page is very lengthy!

61. Kailoon

PageRank - 3Alexa - 106,912Community News PageSubmit

62. Design Poke

PageRank - 2Alexa - 118,093Community News PageSubmit

63. Admin X Web

PageRank - 4Alexa - 126,643Community News PageSubmit

64. Hype Sol

PageRank - NAAlexa – 128,933Community News PageSubmit
  • No idea about the community news page as there is no detail available.

65. Pixel Groovy

PageRank - 4Alexa - 132,269Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

66. Logolitic

PageRank - 3Alexa - 133,046Community News PageSubmit

67. Design Knock

PageRank - 2Alexa - 147,616Community News PageSubmit
  • PR 4 sitewide backlink from side bar cannot be ignored.

68. QNT Gallery

PageRank - 3Alexa - 148,290Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 5 sitewide backlink from sidebar is worth all your efforts.

69. PSD Learning

PageRank - 3Alexa - 148,583Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down to the end of community news page in order to submit your link.

70. Soul Travel Media

PageRank - 3Alexa - 152,767Community News PageSubmit
  • An added advantage of PR 2 backlink from sidebar.

71. Design Dim

PageRank - 2Alexa - 169,201Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 4 backlink from sidebar is an added advantage.

72. Seize Design

PageRank - 2Alexa - 172,022Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 3 backlink from sidebar is added advantage.
  • Scroll down to the end of the community news page to submit link.

73. Tutorial’s Palace

PageRank - 3Alexa - 173,387Community News PageSubmit
  • Scroll down on the community news page in order to submit your tutorial.

74. Divot Design

PageRank - 3Alexa - 183,372Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary PR 4 sitewide backlink from sidebar is another added advantage.

75. Blog Web Designer

PageRank - 0Alexa - 183,746Community News PageSubmit
  • Homepage has PR 3.
  • The backlink which one gets is from the single post page so hardly any PR benefits.

76. Andrew Kelsall Design

PageRank - 4Alexa - 187,199Community News PageSubmit
  • Strict submission rules.
  • A post is published every 2 weeks which includes the approved links.

77. WP TidBits

PageRank - 3Alexa - 188,923Community News PageSubmit
  • The community news page isn’t promoted properly on the home page.
  • So, the returns might not be that great.
  • But, as WP TidBits is an appreciable design blog so the returns cannot be ignored if the links are included in posts.

78. Designing Mall

PageRank - 4Alexa - 200,369Community News PageSubmit
  • Use the form in sidebar to submit news link which will be displayed on the sidebar itself.

79. Free Web Elements

PageRank - 3Alexa - 220,635Community News PageSubmit

80. Jos Web

PageRank - NAAlexa - 225,117Community News PageSubmit
  • Community news page has no PR but the temporary sitewide backlink from sidebar is worth PR 3.

81. Webdesign Tutorials

PageRank - 4Alexa - 241,741Community News PageSubmit
  • No backlink advantage in this case but the traffic per successful submission is really good.

82. Smashing Post

PageRank - 3Alexa - 244,562Community News PageSubmit

83. Graphic Tutorials

PageRank - 4Alexa - 244,711Community News PageSubmit

84. Cre8ive Commando

PageRank - 2Alexa - 269,430Community News PageSubmit

85. Q Index

PageRank - 3Alexa - 303,014Community News PageSubmit

86. Design Shovel

PageRank - 4Alexa - 311,264Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Follows dig like voting system.

87. Little Box of Design

PageRank - 2Alexa - 318,255Community News PageSubmit
  • Temporary sitewide backlink is an added advantage.

88. CSS Brigit

PageRank - 4Alexa - 320,887Community News PageSubmit
  • Especially for website submissions instead of tutorial submissions.

89. Top Round Ups

PageRank - 3Alexa - 321,772Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

90. Joyoge

PageRank - 3Alexa – 339,628Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires logging in
  • Follows dig like voting system.

91. Vectorials

PageRank - 4Alexa - 388,508Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.

92. Design Shards

PageRank - 2Alexa – 406,385Community News PageSubmit
  • Requires registration.
  • Publishes links on homepage.

93. CSS Depot

PageRank - 4Alexa - 436,392Community News PageSubmit
  • Link displayed on sidebar.
  • One can also submit CSS templates and websites to gallery.

94. Cypher Box

PageRank - 3Alexa - 607,994Community News PageSubmit
  • Use the submit link on the left sidebar.

95. iAP Design

PageRank - 1Alexa - 667,830Community News PageSubmit

96. Fuel Your Interface

PageRank - 3Alexa - 776,678Community News PageSubmit
  • Links might be included posts too.

97. Learn AI

PageRank - 3Alexa - 1,394,465Community News PageSubmit

98. Vunky Search

PageRank - 3Alexa - 3,385,180Community News PageSubmit
  • Click on “Submit Tutorial” link on the top right corner.

99. Web Design News

PageRank - NAAlexa - NACommunity News PageSubmit


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