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Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

70 Typographic, Clean And Minimalist Color Scheme Web Designs

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Hello there! It’s time for little inspiration and this time I wanted to showcase something different. You may know that very popular designer slogan – “More is Less”, and yes it’s often so true – unexperienced people tend to overcrowd, use too much colors in their designs. I just love these designs – they are very light, clean and usually uses only monochrome color scheme and just one or two bright colors for links or headers.

You may also notice for such designs it’s more about grid, harmonic distribution through whole page and very silent, elegant accents. It’s not about many colorful photos,images or icons, crazy backgrounds or experimentation. Almost all of those designs are very clean, slightly increasing web page loading time, sometimes it’s crucial to have as light designs as possible, for example reddit, digg, stumbleupon social networks also consist of very few images and where is possible just color and CSS is used.

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23 Extremely Helpful WordPress Help Sheets And Resources

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Cheat sheets are extremely helpful while your developing your wordpress theme, but definitely don’t remember all the code snippets or tricks. If you have such helpful reference resources, you can easily find what you need in very short time. Even if you’re beginner these help sheets will come handy to understand what the basic template files are, check wordpress site architecture and most important get those code snippets also explained in good way! This list features not only wordpress help sheets, but also SEO optimization articles, online theme generator and coding tips showing where you can look further if you’ve got problems with coding.

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Beautiful Gradient Effects On Web design – Research: Part 2

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It’s Monday and beautiful time to get inspired with very good examples and research a little bit what’s happening behind the scenes from graphic designer view.

This time I will showcase and analyze gradient effects used effectively in web-design and logo design creation. It’s very important to create and use subtle and eye-catchy color combinations and transitions to achieve modern and stylish effect. Maybe you haven’t noticed but light and shadow effects are widely used and it doesn’t necessary mean just color, but to bring greater effect, use textures and then put on them light but observable transparent color effects and you’ll see magic happening. Using light you can easily emphasize places and actually lead visitor’s attention from point to point using just color, illustrations, text size.

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36 Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop and Resource Sites: Part 1

Posted in Freebies, Tools, Web Design • Posted on 28 Comments

Surprisingly I did not find many articles featuring color gradient sites, color generators and lastly beautiful collections of gradients. There are big variety of many color generators, color palettes and things like that, but not many really focus on Photoshop gradients. I don’t know that’s good thing or bad, but I really love gradients, many beautiful websites and logos are created just by using color variations in subtle, very creative way.

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Collective Thanks To 80 Companies Supporting Design Community

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I really must refer to Colorburned post here – He did a great job by bringing up so many companies and idea, which helped me to directly find related companies, which could sponsor my website too. It’s been a while and now I wanted to take a deep research about current companies, which use and actually buy those advertisement banner places thereby supporting design community in return helping to build good page rank and actually get very targeted design related clients. I listed here all the companies I’ve found advertising on graphic design, web design, blogging related blogs, showcase sites like mine is. Now after research I must say I was surprised, browsing through all those blogs daily I didn’t checked those sites, but now I found many good softwares, services I would really love to try myself! Not always the best stuff available is for free and really what did I see was very reasonable prices for several really good services.

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250+ RSS Feeds For Every Graphic, Web Designers And Bloggers To Subscribe To

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Hello there, I’ve been around the design and blogging world now for some time and since I am very active and taking serious my work, I always search for new, perspective, promising or just very popular blogs. Of course, there are big discussions about subscribing so many blogs, because it’s better if You can create your own stuff just by reading books, from your own experience or just you’re great and unique thinker. But unfortunately I am not one of those people just yet, so I feel the need to see what other blogs are writing about, analyzing which articles and why become popular and finally I got new ideas by just browsing through these blogs when I am feeling frustrated.

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13 Beautiful WordPress Showcase Sites

Posted in Showcase, WordPress • Posted on 34 Comments

I created very similar article yesterday, but this one is because I read my feed and saw there are many similar articles with web design related inspiration. This time I wanted to show you the next step – beautiful showcase websites, which collects WordPress based blogs and delivers long run inspiration, so you can subscribe and check what’s new happening all the time!

Don’t forget to check also my last discovery – it’s very unique social bookmarking site, but guess what, it showcases only WordPress related articles, freebies, tutorials..and things like that, pretty cool don’t you think?

Updated list – now there are 14 WordPress Showcase sites and 2 WordPress related social bookmarking sites!

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55 Really Creative And Unique Blog Design Showcase: Inspiration

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There are millions of blogs around the world, so it’s really a challenge to stand out with unique design. Maybe somebody will tell, that all matters is content, but I strongly disagree. Right now, my own blog design looks quite miserable, so I really know that matters. If you leave professional look and feeling you’ll convert one time visitors into long-run subscribers so much easier.

This time I wanted to showcase really successful and creative blog designs I found through a lot of searching and comparing to give necessary inspiration for you, and actually for myself too a little bit. I divided all 55 blog designs in three categories – Dark Design Showcase 1-10, Colorful and Very Creative Design Showcase 11-45 and Clean And Elegant Design Showcase 46-55. Hope You enjoy this one!

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22 Free Seamless Vector Pattern Resources Perfect For Web Design

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Patterns actually can be found almost everywhere – in print design, web design, graphic design etc. For example if you use pattern in web design, just set CSS repeat-x-y and you’ll get beautiful background,but image will be very small and page load time will be much faster. There are very big variety how you can use and implement patterns, but the fact is – free resources – like patterns, brushes, shapes are big time savers. Of course it’s better to create your own stuff, but sometimes you receive project with fast deadline and you need everything to do fast and this is one of the solutions.

This list just features 22 resource sites and several very well written articles with premade pattern collections, it was very interesting for me to write this article, I am hoping it will be interesting reading and useful resource for bookmarking.

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