Wayback machine – history of Internet

For this time I wanted to share with one more like fun web site. This websites is building digital library of Internet sites and other digital form resources. As for me – this resource page took me big interest, because in 1998 or 2000 I didn’t even know much about Internet – now we have … Continue Reading

15 Excellent Free Font Resources

I wanted to share web pages where to find great free fonts, so I looked after the most popular web pages where to find some. If You don’t know how to install one, it’s easy: a) Windows XP – put font into C:/windows/fonts directory; b) Windows Vista – right-click on the font files, then click … Continue Reading

250+ Shiny and Free RSS Feed Icons

Few days from now on, we really got inspired with great artworks. Today it will be little different – I wanted to create one of the biggest RSS Feed icon collections hopefully. I looked over huge amount of resources and hand picked most amazing icons I found.  RSS icons are one of the most known … Continue Reading

38 Beautiful 3D typography works : Inspiration

There are times, where artwork just can say more than words. We all are used to see typical typography works ( I am not saying bad – just usual) , usually 2D, but 3D gives us just so much possibilities to turn Your artwork in different track, unbelievable! Just check out these 38 amazing typography  … Continue Reading

Where to find amazing photo backgrounds or textures?

If You are a graphic or web designer, great texture always becomes handy in your workflow. You can create amazing effects just combining those textures together and playing with them. I just took a look around and thought that I need to make a list of amazing textures, because quality images and textures are never … Continue Reading

Especially for MAC users: Google Chrome Review

And this is it –  all blogosphere is now talking about new Google Chrome browser. Google just released beta version and I must say – unbelievable speed! When I heard at first about Chrome I thought – just one more browser – there are enough already, and yeah, I hear all MAC users screaming about … Continue Reading

48+ Greatest Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

As I am big Photoshop fan, I really love their keyboard shortcuts – it really helps to build up working speed using them in Your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts are keystrokes or keystroke combinations to quickly execute some command.  If You like using Photoshop as designer, You will evaluate those keyboard shortcuts strength. However there are … Continue Reading