Dainis Graveris

Role: Integrator of Company's vision

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

Blogging Like A Pro: Introduction To 10-Part Crash Course

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If you are involved in the blogging world in any way you will know just how hard it is to find great tools to make your work process easier and more efficient. I’ve been blogging full-time for 2.5 years already and I’ve tried many approaches and tools. Going from a PC to a Mac I needed to find comparable tools and that proved challenging, it was like starting over in some regards. It’s hard to find those nifty little, and useful tools, but once you do, you can enjoy the whole blogging!

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Eleven2 Success Story And Giveaway:First Come, First Serve!

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Have you heard about Eleven2? Well, 1WD has been hosting with them for almost a year now! How is it? Well, you can see it yourself – site is working fast and we rarely have any problems now! If you have ever owned internet business I bet you know how crucial is to have a great hosting provider with good support. I’ve been lucky to get to Eleven2, they are really reliable! I would even say 24/7 support is the most crucial part, because there are always times when something goes wrong and without immediate attention, you may loose more than you imagine to your branding!

Long story short, Eleven2 just relaunched their business, redesigned their website, added different plans improving greatly and today I am sharing their story with you! And be quick to get your free hosting account – only 100 packages available!!!

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Bullet Proof Guide: How To Make Money From Your Blog

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More and more people are trying to earn online – there are millions of  new blogs, start ups and applications already and many more are being created each day! While there are so many people working online, only some of them are  profitable ( I mean really profitable – not just making their living)!

In this article I wanted to scratch the surface about several well known, and not so well known, monetization techniques that you could implement in your own business. Even if you don’t have your own business blog yet – no problem, because even a simple understanding  how other people earn online will be a great help to boost your confidence to start! Yes, online business can be very profitable if you follow certain rules to monetize your site!

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1WD Giveaway Contest Winner Announcement & Feedback

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Hello everybody! We’re finally back with our contest results –  I am apologising it took so long, but wasn’t easy to gather all results from Facebook, Twitter, comments –  decide which prizes get each winner and finally putting that all together and contacting all our kind sponsors. Holiday season also didn’t help to get job done faster..:)

Huh, okay, but to move on –  finally results are announced and you can check if you’re one of the winners in the list by reading further. Don’t worry we are contacting everybody even if we didn’t get your email –  expect for Twitter private messages or Facebook message so we can be sure you receive your prize as supposed.

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1WD 2 Year Anniversary And Massive 6000$ Worth Giveaway

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Hello everybody! Finally that day has come! Which day you may ask?

Well…where should I start? –  today 1WD is celebrating 2 years anniversary and fourth (4th) version of design.

We were working really hard all summer, and if one year ago I was working all alone, now I am honored to have a beautiful team together with me including several full time writers Rean, Sheena, Jane, Michael,Charina with our main chief editor Saad Bassi and social media ninja Ligita Kluga.

Huh, also what I need to add, our actual 2 years anniversary was on August 30, but we didn’t announce it because our new design wasn’t finished. Now it’s here and we are finally ready to move on!

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PhotoSquares Portfolio WP Theme Review & Exclusive 25% Discount

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PhotoSquares WordPress theme was created to give users most flexible solution for building online portfolio. Flexible is a word that describes best almost everything about the theme, you can totally customize the theme without knowing any programming at all.

In this review I will explain some of the most powerful PhotoSquares theme features, I just want to show what really makes this theme unique – as title explains already this theme will suit the best for portfolio and photographer sites,who put their biggest focus on images, beautiful works they’ve done before. Let images speak and enjoy the benefits!

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Unique 3D Text – Xara 3D + Photoshop Tutorial

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So hello again! It’s time for my first tutorial I’ve ever been made. I actually hope You will enjoy this one, and that will encourage me to do some more. We will use Xara 3D to get 3D text effect, then export text to Photoshop and add some style there.  If You haven’t got Xara 3D, You can download demo for free ( 15 days trial) and You can read my review about Xara and their pros and cons. And yeah, If You don’t want to download program I will give You *.psd file with text elements, so You can skip Xara part and get straight to Photoshop retouching part.

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Creatives Showcase: 38 Deviantart August Inspirational Pieces

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During hard organising and designing work, I was getting so busy I didn’t get any time to create some more valuable articles from my side. Since actual development process is going to end, I will warm up today and feature some of the best artworks from Deviantart to get you inspired. If you recall, I always enjoyed to write some personal thoughts, impressions about almost each specific design and I will try my best again to name points, which really make design to stand out.

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Freebie:25 Original And FREE Abstract Smoke Brushes

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This brushes pack contains 25 high quality photoshop brushes made with Photoshop CS4. The size of the brushes is aprox. 1200 pixels and the quality is the best you can get:

– sharp edges
– smooth gradients.

This brushes are very useful for making wallpaper backgrounds, like the famous Vista wallpaper, or web headers, even on photo manipulations as fake smoke. Free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy!

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1WD Is Changing: Insights And Email Newsletter Finally!

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If you’ve been active reader of 1stwebdesigner, you may have heard I have been planning big redesign for a long time. I think I’ve spent several months analyzing other similar blogs, thinking about features we need to include and just to understand which ones just don’t work.

I consider new redesign will be complete site relaunch, we’ve got a lot of positive feedback about new redesign already, when we tweeted about it and gave a sneak peek insight in new design, you can still see it on my Deviantart profile (not final version though, we are making small improvements all the time).

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