40 Exclusively Reviewed And Criticized Deviantart Designs

I bet you all are a little bit tired of classic list posts so this time I really spent my time to bring some value into this inspirational article. I gathered here 40 really unique and trendy web designs from Deviantart, all of them are fresh, created in February, 2010. But this time instead of just listing them all, I did a step … Continue Reading

60 Interactive, 3D And Astonishing Webdesigns Created In Flash

Advances in web technologies has paved the way for multimedia to go far beyond traditional means. Web browsing experience has been drastically improved with creative designs, 3D, mouse interaction, fun games, videos, sound, and astonishing animations, created on Flash platform. It makes extraordinary multimedia experience that attracts visitors.

Design Instruct – New Quality Tutorials And Tips Website

I received a letter from Jacob Gube few days ago where he informed me about new resource and tutorials website DesignInstruct he started with his brother. Of course I immediately headed to their new site and did my own research, evaluated design and it was worth it – layout is professionally designed, starting team is already … Continue Reading

29 Avatar Movie Wallpapers And Navi Recreating Tutorials

It seems like Avatar is becoming the most popular movie ever made, everybody is buzzing about it, creating fun clubs, tutorials, recreating navi persons and so on. Of course design community with their skillset can create something really beautiful, they can explain what’s needed to recreate such effects doing simple professional research. This is most fun post … Continue Reading

30 Web-Design Related Photoshop Tips, Tutorial Screencasts

Oh, this is a bit different collection I hope, because I couldn’t find really similar articles like this one. I did very big research through youtube, delicious, good-tutorials, vimeo, google and many more websites to find interesting Photoshop, little coding and tips video tutorials. What’s great with video tutorials? – you can see every mouse click and … Continue Reading