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Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

30 Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials Every Designer Will Love

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Few days ago I created this article 105 People Photo Manipulation Works You Will Really Marvel with amazing photo manipulation works. This time I went step further and actually tried to find tutorials teaching you how to achieve such effects! Of course, I didn’t find the same effects there, but if you look closer and really study these tutorials I showcased here, you will understand you’ll have all the skills to create such artworks! More or less techniques are the same and with little creativity you can create your own masterpiece even today!

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105 People Photo Manipulation Works You Will Really Marvel

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Oh, I am really marveling those photo manipulation works with people and countless amazing, colorful effects! Somehow I don’t think I have seen many tutorials out there teaching really how to come up with something so beautiful like that. Right, but that’s understandable, you will find many separate effect tutorials, but you really should learn to put it all together – but don’t worry effect and photo manipulation tutorial roundup will be featured in next article!

You must be thinking – man..105 artworks, is this guy completely crazy? Well, I must admit I went crazy, but I couldn’t not feature those works here, you must see how amazing this art is if you haven’t seen something like that before! At least I have crazy inspiration now to put something like this together myself – how about you?

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53 Best Practices How To Attract RSS Subscribers

Posted in Web Design • Posted on 22 Comments

I’ve heard a lot of people constantly struggling to increase their RSS subscriber count. But before complaining often people aren’t aware there are few very well reasons for such things happening. In this post I wanted to take a research on many different, design related blogs and investigate their best practices how to use RSS buttons, where to place them, how to stand out and make that RSS button easy to notice and use.

First of all you must write regular, valuable and unique content to get attraction! No one likes to read the same stuff over and over again, because they now how and where to get good information. Also don’t write one day about Windows media player and next day about tips how to attract women – have a clear focus, so you can attract people directly interested in your topic and would want to subscribe in return to get more.

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20 Professional Mozilla Firefox 3.5+ Ready Themes

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I did several months ago Firefox 3.0 ready theme showcase, but things always are moving forward, so I did research once again and found many new really beautiful and professional Firefox themes. I am really picky about such themes, wallpapers and designs, so Charamel theme was big surprise for me. It’s very polished theme, I definitely recommend it.

I tested manually every theme here to be sure it’s really good, so you will not be disappointed. Just go on and scroll through and choose one on these themes and browsing with Firefox will become even more enjoyable!

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1st Photoshop Web Design Professional Layout Tutorial

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Hello there! I know I’ve been promising tutorials over here for a long time, but as we all know things do not happen so fast as we wish, but good thing is they happen at all! Previous week I did a lot of designing, practicing myself, started to use DeviantArt more seriously – there are really good community! If you are DeviantArt user check out my profile there – dainix.deviantart.com – from now on, I’ll upload there new,fresh designs regularly!

Oh, and if you have never been using deviantart as community, I will definitely write an introduction article about DeviantArt revealing my good/bad impressions and discoveries in my devianting workflow!

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Guest Authors, Poll And Partnership With IconShock

Posted in News, Web Design • Posted on 8 Comments

Hello there, my beloved readers! Things are again going to change, so I thought I should create this community post and explain what’s happening behind the scenes. This time I will discuss with you two topics – 1. I am searching for guest writers and 2. I received amazing partnership from Iconshock Projects company! But take your time and read this article through to understand what I mean, I am sure you’ll like these ideas!

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33 WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Comment Section

Posted in Plugins, WordPress • Posted on 163 Comments

As always I am trying to mix up topics I cover and this can be considered as continue to previous article. Last time we got inspired and examined many good blog comment form examples, but this time I went further and found 33 WordPress plugins, which can be used effectively to power up and evolve comment form possibilities and security. If programming is not your strongest side, then such automatized plugins will be irreplaceable for your blog! If you know some more effective comment form plugins, feel free to add them in our comment section! For the next time I am thinking about WordPress comment section hack roundup article, so stay with us!

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77 Inspiring Blog Comment Form Designs – Good Examples

Posted in Inspiration, Web Interfaces • Posted on 90 Comments

I am continuing to do separated web-design roundups and research, this time we will look at good blog comment design examples. Maybe you can argue, how similar are such comment forms, but still I believe such huge roundups can help to see differences and compare many designs in one place.

Usually forms are pretty classic with standard fields, submit buttons – nothing more, nothing less. But still even little change of field background, border style, font, rounded corners, small icons can make huge difference. Usually my attention grabbed those comment designs with small icons added to describe each form, transparency and extended possibilities. It is always good idea to add live comment preview, smilies or some simple CSS bold, italic, underline effects to give more options to advanced comment writers. But if you want to really stand out and create something fancy, put background images in good use, where possibilities are endless as you will see in these forms. I really hope you will enjoy this article and will do your own research and considerations, what you like/dislike and why it is so. I will be more than happy if you will join to discussion in comments and pick your own favorites!

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76 Dirty, Extreme And Creative Free Grunge Fonts

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Grunge, dirty, fancy typography and artworks are very popular design trend in our days, so I wanted to showcase here most popular and professionally executed fonts in my opinion. Unleash your dirty side and create some fresh design mixing font size, color, textures together – try something new if you haven’t done it yet!

Such fonts as these are often used in music band logos or cover designs, but I am sure you will think of your own unique approach in logo, web or graphic design! Enjoy!

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