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Improving the Performance of your WordPress Site: Part 1

Throughout this guide I’ll be showing you how to improve the overall performance of your WordPress site. This main elements of your site we’ll be looking at are your theme’s code, and your database, site performance is something you can spend countless hours working on. Though a few smart decisions and half an hour can … Continue Reading


How to use BuddyPress as a Private Collaboration System

For sites with multiple writers, it’s nice to have a place for them all to interact privately. Though there are solutions like Yammer and Teambox, they require your writers to register and log into another site.  I  can only guess as to how busy some people are! With this post I’ll show you how to … Continue Reading

OS Talk: Why Web Developers should use Linux

There are many reasons why working on Linux has advantages, but for web developers, it should be a no-brainer, but just in case you really need reasons here are just a few of the main ones. The main feature Linux boasts that makes it better suited for web development over any other Operating System is … Continue Reading

How to Create your own BuddyPress theme (Part-2)

After completing the 1st part of this guide you should have a theme which looks just as you want it, or is not far off what you aimed for. In this part I’ll show you how to add even more changes to your child theme. If you haven’t read the previous parts yet I recommend … Continue Reading

How to Create your own BuddyPress theme (Part-1)

After installing BuddyPress you may want to change from the default theme. Yes it looks great, but to stand out from other sites using BuddyPress you’ll want to use a different theme. Finding a good-looking BuddyPress theme you like is hard too,  compared to WordPress there isn’t near as good a selection. So why not … Continue Reading