Firat Demirel

Firat Demirel is a blogger at Turkey's most popular Web 2.0 blog Webrazzi and technology blog Teknorazzi. He is also an entrepreneur and a design lover. He is interested in www, mobile services, social networks, technology, social media trends and design. He likes networking much, find him on @Twitter.

11 Qualified Mobile Interface Tools and WordPress Plugins

Mobile internet is an important channel to reach blogs, especially for popular ones. Instead of making mobile web sites, it is easy to change web interface into mobile. Such as you can access your blog admin by visiting, if your blog hosted on But it is not enough, there are great tools to … Continue Reading

28 New Great Magazine/Newspaper Style WordPress Themes

As a great cms platform WordPress has many examples for every work  like blogs, companies, portfolios, galleries etc. Magazine/Newspaper style themes are one of the most wanted WordPress themes and they are very useful for managing lots of posts on a page. This type of themes are mostly liked by small and medium-sized teams who … Continue Reading