Gustavs Jurisons

Gustavs Jurisons is 16-year-old Latvian who devotes his spare time learning the various programs. His passion is to work with 3DS Max, and from time to time to learn something new so that it would be helpful in the future. Recently he has become interested in Photoshop. He just started to use Twitter .

55 Futuristic and Hybrid Webdesign Showcase From Deviantart

Do you have the same passion as I do about everything that is future related –  slick forms, modern interfaces, new trends and techniques? Nowadays futuristic designs are becoming more demanding cause of web standards and the never-ending race between designers to create best looking websites. These designs listed below are perfect samples. While looking … Continue Reading

19 Carefully Picked Coding Editors To Choose From

Great coding software to help in daily development process can be irreplaceable tool – bad software can lower your work efficient stage so badly, you would even don’t want to hear my experiences. For example – Dreamweaver, try to write there any code in Design view, you will get so dirty code, that you will have to spend … Continue Reading

Inspirational 50 Twitter Backgrounds Showcase

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Collection Of 50 Best Carefully Hand Picked Retro Designs

Nowadays, more and more people are creating variety of modern designs, but there are people who are attracted by the retro designs. Basically retro is a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, fashion, or fashion, from the overall post-modern past, but have since that time become functionally or superficially … Continue Reading

Showcase Of 50 Best Inspiring Gaming Websites

Maybe you wonder where do the best webdesigns come from? The answer is simple. From the most profitable gaming publishers whose target is to pay attention to the particular audience. I have made a special list to give you a deeper view into the most artistic and impressive designs. Many of these websites are made … Continue Reading

50 Fresh And Inspirational Corporate Designs

Every website must highlight and convey information for their type of users in the right way to make it work. It’s especially important in corporate designs, where website must be designed in perfect way so visitor focus on points where designer intended visitor to focus. Many business projects are completely based on Internet marketing so … Continue Reading