Get Inspired: 40+ Websites with Beautiful Typography

Typography has really set a great trend this 2010.  Experimenting with the right choice of font, splashing with  bold or plain colors,  and designing it in different perspective are elements that works on typography. It uses on logo, poster, and websites. It does not only attract visitors attention but also create a cool look on … Continue Reading

50 Insanely Creative Examples of Single Page Websites

Single page layout or website is growing a trend in  IT world this 2010.  Web designs are really crucial now a days because of the element needed to produce a great website. With single page website, you’re putting your creativity, content and everything in just one place.  Simplicity , creative yet flexibility of the design … Continue Reading

30+ WordPress Themes powered by jQuery and Ajax

jQuery is a fast and excellent JavaScript library that can be used to creates flexibility on designs and interactivity on your WordPress themes and with Ajax you can reload a certain part of the website without reloading the whole page. It promises to have a ” write less, do more” functions. With a few line … Continue Reading

Create Charts And Graphs With Nifty Codes & Tools

Charts and graphs are graphical representation of data that organizes and represents a set of numerical or qualitative data used for analysis such as bar graphs, line charts and pie chart. Are you tired of lame and not-easy to deal with graphs and charts? There are techniques that will lessen the static images and create … Continue Reading