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50+ Useful Icon Sets for E-commerce Designs

The moment we think of E-Commerce, the next thought would be of the payment options and the hassles met at times. Even though this is the scenario most of the businesses are switching to online trading or e-commerce which has become indispensable. But most of the times we find this online transaction quite confusing, time … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Roundup of Blog Design Tutorials

Creativity has no end to it and especially designing has seen and is seeing a continuous growth in its field. To be creative we need to be updated with the latest updations, and WordPress the most popular blogging platform has seen a rapid development in a quick span of time. Mastering this can become quite … Continue Reading

Ultimate Roundup of 35+ WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress, a powerful blogging platform has seen a huge development with growing technologies, large number of users and many innovative features in recent years and to grow with WordPress, we also need to fine tune those skills. It is practically not possible to remember everything through programs and coding, So we have these WordPress CMS … Continue Reading

50 Must Have Design programs for Increased Productivity

We always love working in Photoshop, Flash, 3D Studio Max as designers but sometimes they could really get slow or fixing a minor correction in such huge programs may really give a test for our patience which make us think about some other alternatives to these bulky softwares. We have a solution to this in … Continue Reading

50+ Creative Automobile websites for Your Inspiration

Automobiles, which are a comfort and luxury in today’s life has gone through a lot of trials to grow till this stage. With Internet revolution, getting an information has become so easy that you no longer search for an expert advice. Same is seen in the automobile industry which is growing at such a rapid … Continue Reading

Save Your Laptop: 40 Cool Looking Laptop Sleeves

A laptop is no more a gadget but has become more personalized with its growing usage not only officially but also personally. While giving it a personal touch we always try to protect it from the scratches and take care about any wear and tear and first we give it a backpack or a sleeve, … Continue Reading

70 Insanely Beautiful Dual Screen Wallpapers

Dual Screen as the name suggests helps you to work in two screens simultaneously. They are extremely helpful if you are working on many projects at the same time and do not like the idea of frequently switching on from one screen to another. It consumes less time from your side and you do not … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Roundup of 45 Awesome Bokeh Textures

Bokeh backgrounds had become a huge trend from 2009 and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010 too. For those who don’t know what Bokeh is, it is originally “boke” and pronounced as bo as in “bore” and ke as in “Kennedy”. It basically means the “out of focus” parts of a photograph.Photographers sometimes … Continue Reading

Ultimate Roundup of Best Photoshop Wallpaper Tutorials

The best ways to learn and try new things with Photoshop is to create beautiful wallpapers. The huge size will give you plenty of ideas to try anything you want, and there really is no destination to what you can create. I’ve compiled a list of the best Photoshop tutorials that teach you how to … Continue Reading