Breaking Down And Reviewing Important Blog Design Elements

There are a number of design aspects to your blog you should be thinking about.  Each element on your blog has more going on than you initially think.  Doing your homework and looking at other blogs in the industry to help brainstorm ideas, and see what works/what doesn’t will be essential to designing a blog … Continue Reading

45 Web Builders to Create an Insanely Awesome Free Website

Looking for a place to create a free website?  There are plenty of resources that allow you to create you own website, blog, wiki, or social community without having to know any programming language.  These free website creation sites allow you to easily create a site, customize the design, add content, and have your own … Continue Reading

Tips for Web Designers From an Internet Marketer’s Perspective

Regardless of if you work at a full-service web company or as a freelance web designer, you will eventually have to work with internet marketers.  Being that I work as an internet marketer at a web agency, I have daily interaction with designers, programmers, IT/support, and other marketers.  One thing I have noticed is that … Continue Reading