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50 Meaningful and Creative Logos with Thoughts Behind Them

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When it comes to describing what a good logo is, this old saying comes in handy: “A good logo is a dead logo”… Uhm, well, ok I’m just kidding :). Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

A good logo is a logo that lives.

The collection below features great, creative logos that have a message hidden. They try to convey that message through type, shape, negative space, and by triggering image and/or meaning associations in our minds. Enjoy!

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How to Create a “Stay-On-Top” Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

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In the project I was working on recently I had a chance to experiment with CSS3 and jQuery. You know CSS3, right? It’s that thing that makes all those beautiful and amazing things on the web and makes Flash want to run away and hide. Yeah, that CSS3. And I’m more than sure you have heard about jQuery. If you haven’t, well, it’s a kind of library where you cannot borrow any books, but it allows you to do other stuff and bring some additional magic to the web.

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Building Real-Time Form Validation Using jQuery

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Client-side validation is something every web form should have, no doubts about that. While server-side validation does its job, it certainly lacks good user experience. What is so great about client-side validation then?

Not only is it useful to the user because it makes the process of filling out the form a lot quicker and a lot less painful, but it also shows that you actually care about them. For the user there’s nothing better than knowing right away if they’re doing it correctly.

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to build real-time form validation using jQuery. If you’d like to see what you’ll be building, you can watch the short video intro or hit the “Live Demo” button and check it out.

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