45 Insane Game Website Designs for Your Inspiration

We have already covered hand-drawn websites, websites with unusual navigation, travel agency websites, and a lot more! You know what’s missing? Game website designs! In case you didn’t know, websites about games are becoming a thing, and it’s one of the most profitable niches out there. If you are passionate about gaming and you want … Continue Reading

Recreate Google+ Pages Using Adobe Photoshop

Google Plus fans out there all know that Google+ got a redesign that makes it prettier and simpler to navigate. We are going to recreate the whole design. Imitating  a design is a way to learn new things and apply it to future projects. What beginner’s will learn from this are how useful Direct Selection Tool(A), Pen Tool(P) … Continue Reading

Create a Web Hosting Landing Page in Adobe Photoshop

In this week’s tutorial we are going to create a Web Hosting Landing Page layout for Besthost as an example. The template will have a simple logo, navigation, slider gallery, package, about us, services, testimonials and footer. Let’s combine these all together to make an awesome template. I will try my best to make it … Continue Reading

Create An eCommerce Landing Page In Adobe Photoshop

In this week’s tutorial we are going to create an eCommerce landing page using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is intended for new designers who are planning on designing an eCommerce template. So what are we waiting for? Ready your workspace and let’s get started.