Ranjith Kumar

A User Experience designer with specialized experience in front-end engineering, i have over time developed a strong passion in being associated with product-based teams. The unified goal and challenges that a product's life cycle offers is simply unbeatable! For me, proficiency in tools takes the back seat when it comes to User Experience Design, and i believe one has to be passionate and equally agile to be a key part of the team. I bring to the table the diverse hands-on experience on various facets of experience design, and have played key roles in the team bridging the gap between design, dev and biz groups within product teams. My vision is to be the key hand behind the UX design of a world-class product in a team of passionate and uber-smart techies and designers! Specialties: Information Architecture, Wireframing, Heuristic Evaluation, Web standards, Interaction design, Semantic markup, OO CSS, Usability Review

How to Build a Killer User Experience Team

We are in an era where the term ‘User Experience’ is still evolving and enterprises are still figuring out how to fit this piece of the puzzle into their organization’s structure. The field is new and filled with lots of uncertainties for the decision makers of an organization, but it is definitely promising and filled … Continue Reading

How to Author a Super Accessible Website

Helen Keller, the deaf-blind and renowned American author and lecturer, who became world-famous for her passion towards preaching the importance of living a good life, conveyed an important message to the world through her life by overcoming the odds of sight and hearing deprivation. Hers was truly an outstanding case of determination and confidence. There are … Continue Reading


An Introduction to Object Oriented CSS

With richer interactions and media heavy pages mushrooming on the web, creating web pages, which load faster and respond well has become a challenge. Separating the content, presentation and behavior of a page using HTML, CSS and JS, is not the only thing that front-end engineers have to concentrate on nowadays. The limelight is now … Continue Reading

Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap

How are ‘Right brainers’ different from ‘Left Brainers’? Well, this is not a zoology question being thrown at you. If you are working on a team dealing with websites / apps, and if there is a design team working with a team of developers, you probably would be witnessing the answer to this question every … Continue Reading

Stay organized, Stay ahead

Stay Organized and Stay Ahead of Your Competition

The web is a super highway of information! With the phenomenal growth of the network, and the advancement of technologies, the growing number of netizens are left with a bombardment of choices online, be it spending time on their favorite social networking site, browsing through the ocean of links, or be it just idling around, between … Continue Reading


The Origins of User Interface Terms

“The way that you accomplish tasks with a product – what you do and how it responds – that’s the interface” – The genius HCI expert Jef Raskin defines an interface this way!” Being a UX Enthusiast working mostly on the web, the web UI terminologies and interactions patterns are obviously a part of my … Continue Reading

9 Etiquettes And Tips of a Photoshop Rockstar Designer

Hello friends! I don’t think we need an intro to the legendary tool, which has celebrated its 20th birthday last month, since its release, in 1990. Let it be designing those inviting little ad banners, to the finest of hand-crafted webapp UIs, PHOTOSHOP have a special place in a web-designer’s heart! With the bustle of … Continue Reading