Ranjith Kumar

A User Experience designer with specialized experience in front-end engineering, i have over time developed a strong passion in being associated with product-based teams. The unified goal and challenges that a product's life cycle offers is simply unbeatable! For me, proficiency in tools takes the back seat when it comes to User Experience Design, and i believe one has to be passionate and equally agile to be a key part of the team. I bring to the table the diverse hands-on experience on various facets of experience design, and have played key roles in the team bridging the gap between design, dev and biz groups within product teams. My vision is to be the key hand behind the UX design of a world-class product in a team of passionate and uber-smart techies and designers! Specialties: Information Architecture, Wireframing, Heuristic Evaluation, Web standards, Interaction design, Semantic markup, OO CSS, Usability Review

HTML and Semantics – Conjoined twins of the Future Web !

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Around 4-5 years ago, my daily knowledge building and socializing activities went like – read books, attend some sessions/training, visit a friend’s place, engage in a constructive debate, take a walk @ the nearby park … and so on . But years later … the scenario is slowly changing and I hardly find any time doing at least a few of the items listed above, and a lot more additional items have creeped in to the list!

The technology has taken over, and the collective wisdom of humanity, is slowly getting harnessed onto the most powerful medium today – the WEB ! Kids are more concerned about making more friends on their favorite social-networking site than friends at school / college, we talk through comments and write on walls (I would’ve been happier, if we burn that much calorie to write on an actual wall … but this is something else J). The internet is slowly becoming a part of daily life now.

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9 Etiquettes And Tips of a Photoshop Rockstar Designer

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Hello friends! I don’t think we need an intro to the legendary tool, which has celebrated its 20th birthday last month, since its release, in 1990. Let it be designing those inviting little ad banners, to the finest of hand-crafted webapp UIs, PHOTOSHOP have a special place in a web-designer’s heart!

With the bustle of web-designers and photoshopers around the world, every day I feel left behind, seeing the awesomeness in the works of millions of talents out there who manage to outplay me, and as a result, help me rekindle my efforts to learn, every single moment.

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