Piotr Krzyzek

Piotr Krzyzek is an avid young entrepreneur who loves to write about Linux, business, technology and self-improvement on his main website PiotrKrzyzek.com. He is a no BS type of guy whose answers get straight to the point and never include useless 'fluff'. His latest business venture is a Facebook Fanpage marketing product which helps people improve their Fanpages to gain users and authority. Check it out at Quantum Fanpages. Piotr is a very friendly and down to earth guy so be sure to connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

Top 10+ Tools For Profiling Your Websites Speed

The goal of any great website is to provide quality content for its readers and clients, though no website can be truly successful if it cannot provide the content in a timely manner. How much time is acceptable isn’t always up to you though. It’s in the eyes of the beholder, hence the readers. If … Continue Reading