Poonam Agarwal

Poonam works as Product Manager at Harbinger Knowledge Products and looks after Raptivity Web Expert, software to bring web pages alive through Interactivity. This software helps to add interactivity to websites without programming! She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and is an active blogger (http://raptivitywebexpert.blogspot.com)

5 Ideas To Help You Become Better Web Designer

Web design, like every other form of design is ever-changing! Web designers thus need to be updated with the latest trends to be able to design creative websites. Web design has seen the emergence of new trends and new ideas in last few years. There was also the addition of website interactivity to web design. … Continue Reading

Bring Your Websites Alive: From Boring To Exciting!

Some have a passion for web design; others consider it a mere task! This article is for those who consider web design more than just a task, in fact, it is meant for those who always have a passion to create something new! Bringing together elements of design and technicality is an exciting task, if … Continue Reading