Prithu Banerjee a.k.a. Prit is a graphic design consultant. He lives in Sweden and has recently started his firm which specializes in web 2.0 consultancy for startup and mid sized companies. He loves traveling, exploring and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.

How to Use as Your Online Business Card

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You would probably ask, ” I already use so many services – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, YouTube etc on a regular basis, what’s the need for another one?”

Well, is not really just ‘another one’ , it’s a service meant to put together all your other services. It’s a neat way to merge your multiple online profiles scattered across different service providers in one single identity – either for your personal use or for professional purposes.

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4 Simple Steps To Make Silhouettes Using Photoshop

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Silhouettes as an art form originates back to as early as 18th century drawing its name from a French minister Étienne de Silhouette who imposed heavy economic cuts on French people. Quite symbolically austere outline portraits which became popular in the same time period started to be referred as Silhouettes.

Silhouettes art had tremendous popularity which has grown over years and is now associated more with images depicting fashion and fitness. Traditional ways of making Silhouettes are somewhat complex which involve cardboard and paints, but thanks to two wonderful inventions of mankind – Photoshop and Wacom things are much simpler now.

In this tutorial I will take you through some beautiful examples for inspiration and then we will proceed to make a silhouette from scratch.

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Using Retro Style Images And Banners For Advertising

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Retro style images and pop art graphics like those of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol is a popular style adopted by graphic designers for web and print design. They are chic, fashionable, eye-catching and add to the ‘cool’ factor of the company and its products. Lots of stock images are available for download which can be used for web designing, however if you want something unique or customized it’s better to grab a pencil and paper and do it yourself.

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