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50 Practical And Time Saving Premium Product Mockups From Graphicriver

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Which is more important to you – the content or the package? No doubt, it’s a discussable question but the compromise we might agree on is that both are equally important. Package and product design plays a massive role in marketing and consumer alluring. Yet we shouldn’t forget about the web – product showcase is important here as well. And especially when consumers aren’t able to touch the goods – the design and presentation will be crucial.

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50 Impressive & Fantastic Print Ready Premium Flyer Templates

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Designing for print requires some additional and more advanced knowledge which designers often don’t have. And what about those who doesn’t have no knowledge at all but are seeking for a beautiful and qualitative print work? Again Graphicriver is the answer. The print templates that can be found there range from business cards to full magazine mockups. If you’re on a low-budget and don’t want to hire a designer but looking for a nice solution this is definitely the place to check out first. Also if you’re unexpierenced designer in the print field and asked to do a print-ready solid project, this is where you can set off. The templates sold here are detailed, unique and layered so you can examine every little detail or even start building your own project on the basis of it.

Today we’ve prepared a compilation of a niche which will always be in demand – flyers. Flyers have been around couple decades and probably will be couple more. Whether it’s web or billboard – every event needs a flyer. They’re on of the most powerful marketing tools so you have to be careful when choosing one. Fortunately, Graphicriver has plenty of wonderful option to choose from so keep reading and check out these 50 impressive and fantastic premium flyers from Graphicriver.

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50 Stunning And Useful Premium Photoshop Actions

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Trying to lighten your workload and learning new ways to do things faster is important for every skilled and clever designer. One of the most gratifying and neat, yet often underrated, Photoshop features is actions. Actions are premade sets of commands that allow you to achieve almost any desired effect within seconds. Actions are extremely handy if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your project or you’re a beginner and unfamiliar with some advanced techniques. Another cool thing is that everyone is welcome to create their own actions. Thus, you can share yours with the whole world and even earn some money. Where can you find the most useful and creative actions? Well, just like with other Photoshop related things, my answer is GraphicRiver. This article presents 50 stunning and useful premium Photoshop actions from GraphicRiver to ease your workflow.

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40 Beautifully Executed And Trendy iPhone App Web Designs

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With so many iPhone apps in the game you have to really stand out in order to get noticed. One of the best ways to do it is by having an appealing and stunning web design to promote your app. I’m sure you all have seen at least one of those colorful, sleek and pixel-perfect app designs with a huge iPhone vector in them. The developers are trying their best to make their app stand out of the crowd and for us, designers, developers, and simply web design lovers it’s always interesting to see what they’ve came up with. This article presents 40 beautiful, inspiring and engaging iPhone app web designs. Also be sure to check out our recent article about iPhone apps to keep you on edge wherever you go.

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50 Fresh and Beautiful Fonts From 2011

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Finding the right font for your design work can often be really frustrating and time consuming. For that reason you should always have plenty of various fonts in your toolbox. When was the last time you downloaded a nice and pretty font? It’s time for you to update your font library with some fresh and stunning fonts. This article presents 50 fresh and beautiful fonts from 2011 to enliven your design work as well as a few typography tips. The list contains many smooth and solid fonts that are suitable for web design as well as some funkier and nontraditional fonts that will add that extra something to your digital art. And did I mention that all the fonts are completely free? (some fonts might be available only as demo versions). Also here are a few tips to consider when working with type.

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Ultimate Guide to A/B Split Testing – Articles, Tips, Case Studies, Tools and Resources

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First of all, what is A/B split testing? In basic terms A/B split testing is a variety of marketing testing where customers randomly receive almost identical, yet slightly different, test samples. This method can efficiently be used in various niches such as brochures, email campaigns and landing pages. A/B split testing can help you to improve conversion rates, better understand visitor behavior, test out new products and much more. Email newsletter services like Mailchimp have already implemented A/B split testing in their feature range.

More and more people are becoming aware of A/B split testing and not without reason. Case studies and examples show how greatly testing can improve a site’s performance, usability and conversions. What’s more, it costs you comparatively nothing. There are plenty of useful tools already made like Google Website Optimizer which cost you nothing. Continue reading to find comprehensive guides on A/B split testing, exciting case studies, useful tools and resources.

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30 Greatest Online Project Management and Collaboration Tools For Easy Communication!

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Project management and collaboration skills play a major role in every business and often the outcome of a project is highly affected by the initial planning and monitoring stages of a project. Project management is especially important for small and flexible businesses where all the work is based on a few people who have to communicate and develop the workflow. Globalization has made collaboration even more essential since many modern businesses like web design agencies don’t even have a constant address – people all around the world are working from their home.

Web-based project management and collaboration tools are the top choice of hundreds of entrepreneurs and thousands of small and medium size businesses. These tools will maximize your productivity, organization, and help you keep on top of your projects effortlessly. Keep track of your projects, manage your workers, set milestones, schedule your work, upload your files, send invoices, sync with your mobile – all of these features and more make these apps almost necessary.

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40 Latest Premium Magazine WordPress Themes From 2011: Top Quality Ensured

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So you’ve decided to launch a magazine/newsletter type of website, have figured it all out but don’t know anything about the technical stuff? Don’t worry, that’s not a problem since many great CMS services such as WordPress and theme marketplaces like ThemeForest are around. A magazine/newsletter type of website will always generate a lot of content and attract many visitors therefore you need to choose a theme that’s practical, responsive, good-looking, yet integrated with an efficient CMS system. Where to get all that? Should you hire a professional designer and developer? You might do that, however since there’s a number of various awesome theme marketplaces there’s no need to. At these marketplaces you can purchase high-quality unique premium themes for ridiculously low prices. Continue reading to discover 40 fresh and stunning premium magazine/newsletter WordPress themes.

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40 Incredible Premium Portfolio WordPress Themes to Make You Stand Out

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Having a well-designed and demonstrative portfolio is crucial especially if being an artist is your only livelihood. It often happens that talented designers can come up with a fantastic design but don’t know how to turn it into a functional website. And it’s the other way around for developers. What to do if you’re a photographer who needs to show of his work but have no clue about websites and don’t want to pay through the nose for a portfolio? This is another niche where theme marketplaces come in aid. At theme marketplaces you can purchase fully-functional, well-designed high-quality portfolio themes dirt cheap and not worry about all the coding stuff. This article presents 40 incredible premium WordPress themes to make you and your work stand out.

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The Best Of 2011: Trendy Web Designs From Deviantart

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Year 2011 is rolling forward swiftly and the middle of summer is nearly here. Some of you might unwittingly note that the end of the summer is inevitable while for others that remaining month and half is enough to fully enjoy the benefits that summer offers. Here in the virtual world the time is running even faster and we can already see some of the changes this year has brought to us. Imperceptibly and subtly yet compelling the new web design trends are conquering the scene. Because of the immense traffic and user count Deviantart can definitely be considered to be a trendsetter.

This article takes a peek at thepast half-year and presents 50 splendid and trendy web designs from Deviantart spring and summer 2011. Can you spot the new potential trends? Are big headlines and patterned backgrounds still popular? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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