12 Tools To Reevaluate And Analyze Your Web Design

Nowadays there are pretty many tools to analyze your site’s code and traffic, but there aren’t that much tools to evaluate design and accessibility. Personally, I think that best ‘tool’ to evaluate web design is other people feedback. Surprisingly – there are just that type of tools available. Check them out together with some other … Continue Reading

45 Photoshop Actions To Enhance Your Photos And Stand Out

Actions come really handy when you have a need to enhance your photos, but you just don’t have a time for it or necessary skills. Photoshop actions contain various adjustment layers, filters, effects, who are originally recorded by author and you can play them back again. You can create actions yourself or you can just download professional … Continue Reading

50 Creatively Thrilling Photo Manipulations: No Confines

Photo manipulations can show the maximum creativity and skill from artist and software as well. There are no confines in photo manipulations – artists express their thoughts anyway they want though sometimes even huge companies collaborate with such skillful artists to express their thought in abstract and very loud way. Combination of skill, imagination and creativity deliver to you those amazing inspiring … Continue Reading

65 Free Premium Like Mini Pixel Fonts

This article brings you back to classic values. If you’re tired of all those grunge, sleek new fonts, go back and check out these simple pixel fonts. Pixel fonts come in handy, when you need to write really small, solid, easy readable text. Those all fonts may seem pretty similar with each other, but they’re … Continue Reading