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Graffiti Art: From the Streets to High-End Galleries

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Graffiti art, and underground street culture in general, has long been seen as provocative and uncompromising. It has close connections to gang culture; originally vandalizing objects and places to mark their territory. Today, graffiti art is now a respected and new art form, a rich medium with no restrictions and plenty of freedom to work with.

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23 Creative Book Cover Designs and Their Story

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Even in a deep and text-based world like literature, you still have to think about art: book cover designs. Cover designs are probably the hardest thing for designers to design because it should show the heart and the soul of the book in one single image. At the same time, it should be visually striking and appealing. Readers are still visual people after all. And a creative book cover design needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. And this article is made to give them the justice. Enjoy the showcase of what we consider some creative book cover designs. These are just some of the amazing book cover designs that made us think, laugh, cry, smile, or contemplate about life.

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Foolproof Method from Beginning to End for Design Projects

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Just like there is a Scientific Method that scientists and researchers should follow, there is also a process for all designers to follow. This is called the ‘Design Thinking Process’, created to make the designer’s job a whole lot easier.

The Design Thinking Process has seven concrete steps wherein the problems are defined, ideas are created, and in the end, the best solution is chosen and implemented. The process isn’t exactly linear though, as the steps can occur simultaneously and can be repeated when needed. The whole intention of the 7 step process is to meet the client’s needs and maximize the designer’s precious time.

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Web Design History: From The Beginning

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The history of the Internet is short, but so much has changed within that time. It has radically changed how we live our lives. More importantly, the internet has created thousands of jobs that did not exist a decade ago. These include jobs in SEO marketing, online telemarketing, freelance writing, blogging and of course, in web design.

Although web design has only been with us in the past few decades, it has become a large part of our lives. We couldn’t imagine the internet without its animated graphics, fancy text, cool backgrounds, and background music. How did all these come to be?

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Graphic Design from Around the World 3: Developing Countries

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The third part of the series ‘Graphic Design from Around the World’ will feature graphic design from ‘developing countries’. There is no single definition to what a developing country is, and the list may vary greatly. Some developing countries may have high standards of living, while others vice versa. These countries are not as well represented in many aspects because of their so-called status–may it be politically, socially or culturally. Even in designs, most of the famous graphic designers hail from first world, or developed countries. There is much debate and criticism on the term ‘developing country’, but let us not discuss it in this article. The countries I will discuss here are from the list of the World Economic Outlook Report by the International Monetary Fund; and thus following the ‘Western model’ of economic development.

Part 1 | Part 2

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Science of a Good Headline

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Creating the title is the hardest and most agonizing part of the writing process. Whether you are writing a novel, a news article, an advertisement, a blog, or an e-book.

How do you cram the whole content of the book or article into a few words? How do you keep viewers interested enough to look a second time?

Coming up with a good headline is a task many writers take for granted. But good writers know that the title is just important as the whole book itself.

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Why the Starving Artist No Longer Exists

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Every artist knows that the path to success is largely rocky and unpaved; filled with obstacles and challenges along the way. If you are a struggling artist, you may have felt abandoned by your family and friends occasionally. You might have been discouraged by others who called you foolish or immature. You might have been told to grow up and get a real job. But your creative soul knows there’s more to just getting a safe job and being just like everybody else.

Let’s admit it. Being an ‘artist’ is not the most practical career choice to make. It’s highly unpredictable, and you need a certain degree of luck to be able to break through. Choosing to be an artist seems like voluntary poverty. And in these hard economic times we are facing today,being an ‘artists’ seems all the more impractical, if not a stupid career path to take.

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Creative and Environment-Friendly Packaging Designs

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It’s funny that a few years ago, people were all over the new packaging material, plastic. The consumers thought this is the wonder material, the material that’s great for the environment. It’s cheap to produce, easy to work with, and it doesn’t hurt any trees! It was during the time where trees were being cut down indiscriminately; so people were happy that plastic was used for packaging and not paper in order to save the trees. Plastic was believed to be the material that can save Mother Earth.

Fast forward years later and we see the immense effects of using plastic. The problem is, plastic is non-biodegradable and it is hardly reused or recycled. Most people use it on a one-time basis only. Plastic makes use of chemicals and materials that’s harmful to the environment.

We’ve probably heard of environment-friendly packaging design in the packaging industry. It’s the hottest thing today, but it’s big not only because it’s popular, but because it’s good for the environment. Consumer products always have a great deal of impact on the world and our environment. Companies are now taking the responsibility of sustainability to foresee that future generations can still enjoy nature as we do today.

I admire creative and environmentally friendly packaging. The companies’ efforts to save the planet are encouraging. It’s good to know that there are still lots of people who care for mother earth. Here are some of the most creative and environmentally friendly packaging designs that I could find. It’s time to go green!

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Brick and Mortar or Online Business?

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Are you the type of person who hates the grueling 8 hour daily grind that comes with becoming employed? You are probably one of the millions of people dreaming of having their own business. Now you may have saved enough money to get out of the 9 to 5 grind and invest in your own business.

You should by now have been educated that there are several business formats available for today’s entrepreneur. Should you launch an online business or go with the traditional brick and mortar setup? The decision is yours to make alone, but this article will help guide you through a wiser and more profitable decision.

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A New and Growing Freelance Industry: Wedding Videographer

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You may have had an experience with videography or two, albeit non-professionally. Maybe you have a friend or relative who asked you to shoot their wedding. You did well, and now more friends are asking you to shoot theirs as well. You find that there’s actually a big market for you in the industry. In the photography industry where it’s already full of competition, going into the new and growing freelance wedding videography industry might be a good idea.

Yes, venturing into wedding videography is a smart choice for enterprising creative people. But there are several things you need to research before you put a price for your services. You need to invest in a lot of time for research, preparation and experience. Obviously, you need a few things to get you started.

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