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Salman Saeed is a Photographer by Hobby and a Corporate Slave by Profession, who blogs at Demortalz and can be found on Twitter.

7 Myths that Bloggers Should Stop Worrying About

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The concept of earning money by blogging has been covered by the gurus, on their blogs, in their own ways,and sharing their experiences. This has confused some new bloggers about which source to give more credibility and which opinion is more reliable. Blogging, unlike some years back, drags new addictions towards itself because of the myths circling around about it. If you are already in the blogging field, you already would have went through the times and realized what I am going to tell you today. If you’re new to blogging, this information will open your mind and help you understand all that you have read so far about it.

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Get More Pageviews: How To Encourage Visitors To Click More

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The secret of success in constructive blogging, is getting more page views. This will make sure readers get involved in your site and click more, resulting in an increase in the traffic and page views. Search Engine Optimization gets better if a reader stays for a longer period of time on your site, thus decreasing the bounce rate. There are many ways to appeal a reader click more on your site, but out of all those tools and methods, I tried to pick up the most effective and suitable to every blog/ site. These methods are being seen in practice on even the blogs of the gurus, which proves that what you are going to learn today, would be reliable.

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Six Solid Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

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If you think you know what WordPress is, and what is it used for, I still believe you need to give this article a read to get to know what WordPress is really capable of. Wikipedia defines WordPress as ‘an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL‘. And indeed you are correct if you think that WordPress is one of those inexpensive and relatively easy ways to start a blog site, but WordPress has come a long way since it was only a ‘Blogging Platform’. If you don’t already know, there are two websites and which is because it has now reached a new mature level where it doesn’t only support blogging ( but also can be used for other different website applications (

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The Secret of Using Keywords to Boost Search Engine Ranking

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You can’t search for anything on google until and unless you know a keyword about the article or software or whatever you are searching for. This keyword is something that describes the subject of the material you are searching for. So it’s obvious that if you are writing a post for your blog, an article for a magazine or building software, your keyword should be something that helps the reader reach you.

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When is the Perfect Time to Redesign Your Website?

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You might get a shock to read this at the start of this article, but let me tell you, there is no need to redesign your website. Very rarely will the people who visit your site return because of your website’s design. Their only priority is finding the content, information, or product they want and it’s important that your site has what your customer is looking for. This is the most important thing I will be addressing in this article and will explain why it is so important. To be frank, the most important issues you should have are fulfilling your customer needs and making sure that your branding message is reaching the right people, not the template design. So if you are trying to package an ineffective product in a beautiful way it’s not very likely that you’ll succeed, regardless of your website’s design.

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A Detailed Guide To Write An SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress

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If the content is the King, we can say SEO is the Queen. 1WD has already brought you a lot of articles on SEO to help you optimize your blog and make it search engine friendly so you can increase your traffic and your sales. Today I will talk about WordPress SEO Optimization, being that it’s the most used platform by self hosted blogs. They say that WordPress is SEO Optimized which is the reason they use it, but it’s not fully SEO Optimized and so to reach the 100% you have to put in a little hard work apart from all the plug-ins we suggested already.

Its pretty easy to submit your blog or website to the search engines by just copying your sitemap’s URL and hitting the next buttons for their submission process. But in order to make the search engines pick your new posts and inject them into their site’s data we need to optimize our posts, just as we optimize our blog. It includes the keywords, that we use in our blog or website’s header as well as the Titles and the Tags. So in order to write a perfectly SEO optimized blog post, we need to think about it just as a web page and use some, or all, of my tips below. We will focus mainly on WordPress, for it is pretty easy to optimize for the search engines.

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The Effective Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fans

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Facebook is one of the leading marketing tools that businesses use these days to find new customers, stay in touch with their existing customers, provide assistance to their existing customers and promote new products. While Facebook is the best social media platform to connect with your customers will Facebook serve as an effective marketing tool for you too?

The best way to use Facebook as a marketing tool is to create a Facebook Fan Page that is related to your business, but the fans on that Facebook page don’t appear magically. You have to compel Facebook users to click on that ‘LIKE’ button on the top of your Facebook Page and make you feel good about using Facebook for your marketing. Everyone nowadays wants more and more fans but it’s not that easy to get them. I have worked on many start ups, and have helped those start ups increase the number of Fans on their Facebook Pages from nil to a respectable number, and thus from that experience, I can talk about some effective tricks here, to help you raise the number of fans on your Facebook Page, and make you feel good about it.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Web Designer?

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Being a web designer, whether it’s freelancing or working in house, is a difficult job. There are a lot more skills needed than just knowing how to code a web site. If you’ve ever considered becoming a web designer, continue reading to see some of the skills needed to compete in the job and freelance web design market. Some of the skills might surprise you.

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