So You Want To Learn How To Become A Freelance Programmer?

Everyone wants to be a programmer and design their own web based startups. 1WD is your one stop resource for web design, programming, inspiration and everything else that’s related. So, we thought why not compile a one stop article for those who are beginning to learn coding. Without further ado, let us all learn how to program.

How to Fix Over Optimization Penalty in Order to Please Google

Let me start with a quick introduction to the recent debate on Over Optimization Penalty for those who live under some sort of information proof bunker and haven’t heard a bit about it. You will probably hear (and notice) the effects of this new discussion once your site loses all its organic traffic. SEO experts … Continue Reading

7 Ways to Make Money Online by Designing

Make Money Online! As easy as it sounds, making money online has proven to be a daunting task for many. Oh, I am not even considering the A-listers of the Internet industry. I am talking about the average Joe who struggles day and night to squeeze out a few extra dollars out of the complex … Continue Reading

Can You Smell What “The Rock!” is Cooking on Twitter?

Close the window right now if you don’t know who is The Rock! He follows ZERO users and is being followed by over 2.5 millions users on Twitter. As a side fact, his facebook page has 6.4 million likes. His wikipedia page is full of praises for the legend and YouTube is flooded with his videos. … Continue Reading

The Wizard of Design – Piet Zwart (1885 – 1977)

As it happens with all geniuses ,Piet Zwart didn’t get the sort of recognition that he deserved. He was a rebel during his days and did not want to follow the set rules for design back then. Working late nights and swimming against the tide were his passions. His work covered a wide spectrum of … Continue Reading