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Salman Siddiqui is an alpha geek, design guru and seasoned WordPress critic. Writing, for him, started out of ego but it has become the most luring and enlightening career option of his life. He is walking that extra mile for his freelancing dream.

Stop Designing User Experience! I Mean It!

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User Experience this! User Experience that! Stop it, will you? There’s plenty enough research done about User Experience . Now, can we please start designing? The problem with the Internet is that literally anything can go viral in no time. Same has happened with the keyword User Experience (UX as the nerds call it). Wasn’t aesthetically pleasing design the end goal for every designer? Then, from where did this term UX find place in our brains and how come it dominates our thoughts? Isn’t an aesthetically pleasing design that delights our user enough to keep them riveted?

Well, lots of questions there. I might be acting a bit extreme but I am a bit upset. I am upset with the trend that has forced an average designer to read tons of content about User Experience just to understand whatever it is. For me, UX is totally unrealistic. And whatever is unrealistic cannot be designed. Let me prove my point!

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The Power of Stories for Enhanced User Experience

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What ticks Twitter? It is not only the best possible news feed being generated by various Twitter users but also the stories that say it all in 144 characters. Although Internet has helped humans evolve the way they communicate yet the purpose remains the same – to stay in touch, to communicate and to share each other’s stories. How we do it hardly matters nowadays. Today I will discuss how stories have been used over and over in order to attract the attention of consumers and how it can be used to build a brand.

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Tips on Designing the Perfect Navigation System for Your Website

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Where is the Home Button? Does this website even care about its navigation system? And, by the way, why are they using breadcrumbs when I don’t see how it could be useful? Well, navigational menus can be a big turn off for your readers if they aren’t planned well. Although webmasters assume that a simple menu is enough, most of the time yet they forget that a navigational menu has its own requirements. Sometimes a simple to use navigation will do just fine for your website design while at times you will have to click a lot of links into your navigational menu so as to compliment the various branches of your website.

This discussion will pick up some of the obvious forms of websites and then shed some light on how the navigational menu changes for each of them. Hold tight and don’t leave!

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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Pursue a Graphic Design Career

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Done with college? Time to opt for a real career and get out of your part-time money-earning world? It isn’t easy out there especially when you want to opt for a career option which isn’t as safe as the job of software engineers is. Don’t get me wrong, I am a software engineer myself and I know that a 9-5 job with reputed I.T. company can make you feel safe. My point here is that a career option like Graphic Design is very nice and the process isn’t as automated as it is in various MNCs. This makes it a bit difficult for the infant web designer to find a way through the newly coined term Designer Poverty.

This article will help you understand the basic pointers that are essential when it comes to career in graphics designing.

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What’s Coming Up Next? Use Interactive Infographics To Stand Out! Why?

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Just get over Infographics! It is high time that webmasters face the fact that not just every Infographic will be a hit. You are bound to hit walls head first if you don’t spice up your Infographics. There was a time when people had understood the importance of the word Infographic. Soon, almost every heading in my feed had the word INFOGRAPHIC leading the title. It is not the case now because not every Infographic goes viral nowadays.

So, does this mean that the era of Infographics was short lived? Well, not really! Infographics do go viral if they have that touch of brilliance attached with them. One such touch is the interactivity which is pushed along with every new Infographic. Yeah, the Interactive Infographics will soon be the talk of the town. Ready for it?

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The Evolution Of Online Shopping – 60’s to the 90’s

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The wonderland called eCommerce. Today, some countries are busy doing most of their shopping online while others are starting to experiment with their online market. In either case eCommerce is here to stay. This article won’t shed any light on the future of eCommerce. No! Rather, I will be trying my best to collect in-depth data in order to help you understand how eCommerce has evolved. The journey has been more than just majestic.

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8 Tips to Follow for iPad App Designers

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Most of us didn’t understand the real use of iPad but still we bought it. The touch keyboard wasn’t as quick as our laptops, still we used it. And, before we even realized, the iPad had become an integral part of our lives. Now, no gadget is complete without the plethora of apps (good or bad) that come running alongside. iPad was no different. A market came into existence and everyone was looking for “iPad compatible” design. Guess what, the keyword iPad compatible is already being searched over 50,000 times on Google every month if Google’s Keyword Tool is to be believed. And then there are multiple related keywords. It simplyshows how important the iPad market has become for app designers.

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How to Choose the Perfect Font for Your Needs

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Comic Sans! I remember the days when I used to go with Comic Sans whenever I was confused about what font would suit my requirements. It looked like it was handwritten yet it was a font. You realize how wrong you were when people start criticizing your work. I was a kid back then so it was alright on my part to make mistakes and learn. But, once we enter the professional field we have to think twice before finalizing a decision. Same goes with fonts. The design of a font matters a lot in every format of text. It takes years of experience and plenty of intuition to develop that gut feeling required to analyze a font for a respective situation.

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Create Your Own Font and Kill Comic Sans

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Font! The word has a whole lot of science involved with it. Fonts are everywhere and those who don’t understand fonts use Comic Sans! Don’t worry, I am not diving into the never-ending debate of “Comic Sans in not a font” and related stuff. We are here to learn how we can create our own personal font. A point comes in everyone’s life when we want to see our own handwriting in the form of font. Also, one may just want to experiment with fonts and want to see something different in the fonts list in their personal computers. This is when you feel the need to create your own font. This article will try to dig into two different perspectives of this issue and find a solution in both cases.

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Feel the Love with Valentine’s Day Wallpapers, Fonts, and Infographics

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How is life, love birds? Usually, I tend to get into the history of things before I start discussing the actual topic but I won’t follow that tradition this time because I know you will be more interested in what I have in store for you for Valentine’s Day instead of the history of Valentine’s Day! So, without much discussion, let us get down to the real purpose. Bookmark this article as it will prove to be helpful over and over in the coming years. Whenever you want valentine’s day wallpapers, fonts or infographics then you will know that you have something useful in your bookmarks.

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