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Document Your 2012 With Style Using an Advent Calendar

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Advent calendars aren’t yet the trend in the blogging industry but there have been really good bloggers that have found a great use for them. One of the well-known advent calendar is 24 Ways.

They have done a good job with their advent calendar which has created a new meaning for it. I am not sure if 24 ways was the pioneer in the wave behind advent calendars for blogs but they surely have been the driving force. Today, we will try to show you some of the best advent calendars. We will discuss what makes these advent calendars stand out and how they can catch the attention of your website’s visitors.

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Know Why Your Website’s Header Is Driving People Away

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Whichever website you visit, the first thing that you will notice is the header image of that website. Later on, scrolling down the page or admiring the header image is something that depends on the purpose of your visit. The point is that the header image (or, to be more generic, the header section) is a very important part of any website design. Header images have been an integral part of websites for a long time, but lately original designers have given a whole new life and excitement to header images. It is the header image that initiates the mission of any website and a dull header image might just kill the experience.

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A Quick Introduction to Ruby on Rails

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Time to Ruby dooby do! It can take a lot of time, and be quite boring, to learn a new programming language. A .Net developer will jump up and say why should I even learn it? I am a professional .Net developer and my day job doesn’t give me time (and scope) to learn a new programming language. But, it isn’t like that. You learn a lot with new programming languages especially when they are a refined version of other optimized ones. Ruby is that sort of language. I agree that the transition from being a noob developer (in a particular programming language) to a pro is arduous but you will appreciate the experience. As of now all that I can do is let you guys know that if you stick around with Ruby then you won’t be at a loss. Just be positive.

Note: Consider this article to be a very basic discussion on Ruby (the programming language) and Rails (an application framework). My basic goal is to introduce you to Ruby and give you that initial push which is required when learning a programming language.

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An Interesting Debate on Browsers

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Browser Wars. That is one boring discussion. Isn’t it? IE lovers (if they exist) will ignore such discussions because they continue to favor IE (for reasons unknown) till death do them apart. Firefox users will always have something which will give Firefox an edge when compared to Chrome. Lastly, Chrome lovers will continue to love Chrome no matter what. But, this discussion isn’t about IE, Firefox or Google Chrome (not even Safari). It isn’t about their features. It isn’t about how they perform and how (dis)honestly were they coded. This discussion is about something totally different. It is about surrendering to the ever-changing browsers or give up supporting them. It is about two different schools of thought, those that believe the browsers should change, and those that believe the users should. It was sparked by interesting discussion between Aral and John.

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Current Trends in Social News Website Design

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Trends don’t happen overnight. It is the gradual process of change in an industry that initiates new trends silently. We might not notice the “new” trends in an industry unless they actually become new trends. I covered the trends behind hotel web designs just because I could see a pattern emerging amongst all the well known hotel web designs. Nowadays, community based news sites have become very common. Such sites push the end user to share news and vote for news articles that are worth it. Digg lost its fan following but Reddit is still killing it. Somehow such news based community websites have followed a set pattern which has always been the success formula. This discussion will focus on such trends that have kept the community based news sharing websites going since a long period.

From The Archives - While you are here, don’t forget to check 45 Best Social News Websites To Garner More Traffic that we did on 1WD a long time back. Most of them are still as effective now as they were back then.

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Why Every School Must Teach Design

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Do something for me. Stand in front of the mirror and just look at your physical beauty. Can you imagine the immense amount of thought that would have gone into designing something as complex as a human being? I believe in evolution, and if you look at it, it looks a lot like the process a design might use to get to a final design. Imagine how the first human being came into existence. Think about how Earth was designed in a manner that it will have day and night. Humans were designed to work during the day and rest (as in sleep) during the night. Can you see how every design of nature relates to each other? Every design is so beautifully crafted that you won’t notice anything unless you actually look at it the way I want you to. Design is such an integral part of everything that it must be taught to humans from the time they start school. It is simply mandatory.

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12 Creative Web Applications for Creative People

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Photoshop is still one of the most complex photo editing tools out there. Though the web is loaded with Photoshop tutorials and people have become accustomed to using Photoshop, there is this section of digital art lovers that are afraid of Photoshop. Somehow it seems over stuffed with options. It was to win over this genre of end-user that various web-based applications popped up and slowly became famous. We have already covered plenty of such tools but somehow the list seems to be growing exponentially. This article will list some of the new (and some that were missed earlier) tools that make our lives exciting. I will start with web-based tools for designers and then include few A.V. based tools to keep you intrigued.

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The Year 2012 For Designers And Social Media Masterminds

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“Change is inevitable” is a very boring line to start this discussion, but somehow it is the best fit for my upcoming thoughts. The changes witnessed by the Web Design and Social Media industry in the year 2011 were a cue for us to predict what might just happen in the year 2012. The word responsive can become overly predictive in 2012 just like HTML5 was in 2011. Similarly, multiple brands will pick up HTML5 and might just start showing off, unless the showoff becomes a turnoff for visitors. Assuming that Mayans prediction of the earth coming to an end in the year 2012 was a dud, this discussion will focus on the upcoming trends that will become important in the year 2012 and the upcoming years.

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10 Amazing DOS Games to Rid Yourself of Boredom

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Remember the days when a computer would require a floppy to boot? There was hardly any on-board storage in computers in those days. You wanted to save anything then you had to save it on your floppy drive or else forget it. Those were the days when DOS based games were top of the gaming heap and we would spend hours playing those Pac-Man type games. Gone are those days but somehow the love for good old DOS based games is still around. That’s why the playable Pac-Man Google Doodle became ultra famous. DOS games will continue to a place of their own in our highly technical lives. This list will introduce you to some of the famous DOS-based games that you can still enjoy during your free time. You won’t get bored. Trust me!

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13 Promising Startups of 2011 that Everyone should Watch Out For

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The year that it was! 2011 was a year full of stuff implausible even in our dreams. The Facebook redesign, the advent of Infographics, the new Twitter, and (of course) the much expected new years resolutions that start to follow. My fingers are itching to talk about my personal achievements in the year 2011 but then I don’t want the editor to kick me out of 1WD for being overly personal. 2011 saw some ace startups that are here to stay. I will take you through some of the riveting and ambitious startups of 2011 that will continue to grow in the year 2012. Let me know if you have others in mind that should have been part of this list.

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