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Facebook Timeline: Quick Tips And Smart Examples

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A lot has already been covered about Facebook Timeline. A lot of critics (as expected) have negatively criticized Facebook Timeline while others consider it as the biggest gamble (which seems to be working) by Mark Zuckerberg. I will try not to bore you by discussing the same stuff over and over. Facebook Timeline is here to stay and we can either sit on the sidelines and let Timeline take control of the social world or we can be a part of this new movement.

Though I am a firm believer of swimming-against-the-tide yet, on this rare occasion, I will suggest you to enable Timeline on your Facebook Profiles. It is time that you become accustomed to the new social networking phenomenon.

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5 Tools to Help You Identify any Font

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The Internet is full of gazillions of fonts that can, at times, make life tough if you are looking to find the name of a particular font. You know, those situations where you have the font but you don’t have its name? You know it will work. You like it. But, you cannot use it because you don’t know what it is called. Such a situation can baffle any web or graphic designer at the best of times. Thankfully, technology comes to our rescue in such a scenario. This article will list down some of the famous Font Identifying Tools that make life easy when you are stuck. Also, I will test these tools quickly to gauge their authenticity. Each time I will pick a random font from Da Font and see if these tools can identify it.

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Advantages of Converting Your Blog into an App and How To Do It

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Mobile Media is trending for those who live on Internet Marketing. If you create a website but forget to test it on various mobile platforms then you simply ignored a huge chunk of your visitors. Users using mobile phones to visit various websites and catch up with the latest updates online has resulted in a new business focus which runs solely on Mobile compatibility of websites. An industry that grew simultaneously along with the increased mobile traffic was the App development industry. Today, there is an app for almost everything. I mean you might even stumble on an app that helps you search for dentists in your city. Crazy!

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Future Of Interface Design – Touchscreen Or The Legacy Grandpa Style

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My grandpa, somehow, still prefers raw milk (which includes milking the cow himself) over pasteurized milk. He advocates that “the human race existed long before pasteurized milk was heard of.” I won’t be discussing the benefits of pasteurized milk, but I wanted to shed some light on human nature which finds it hard to shed its old skin in order to wear the better one. He does drink pasteurized milk daily as we don’t have cows in our backyard yet he continues to rant about his good old days of raw milk. Somehow, I found Bret Victor’s view on Interaction Design almost related to my grandpa’s situation. It was more of a love to hate you situation.

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Background Pattern Design Trends And An Inspirational Showcase

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How many times have you focused on the layered background textures or the background image of a website instead of its overall appearance? Background Patterns are like the watchdogs for a website that watches her back without even disturbing its existence. Background patterns (when used smartly) add to the website’s overall appeal. Sometimes they might look overdone but design is very subjective and sometimes new designers go a bit overboard. This discussion is part of our ongoing series of Design Trends in the design industry. Stick with us and rest assured that some astonishing designs are coming your way.

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Tales That Will Bring You Closer To Typography

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Typography is an integral part of our lives. We know it. But, have you tried to connect with your favorite fonts? I was pretty surprised when I was digging into the history of Ampersand due to its legacy stories. It inspired me to dig more into the broader range of typography. This discussion will dive into the backwoods of our print world and move along the journey which has already been covered by our typefaces.

Remember, basically typography is white. It is the black space in between that changes its forms.

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Modern Day SEO Practices That You Must Follow

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Search Engine Optimization tactics have changed over and over. Webmasters have always been trying to figure out how to fight Google but every time Google seems to be the last man standing. The major reason behind this is Google’s ever-changing search algorithm and the search results that Google seems to play with every other year. You don’t believe me? Well, try observing search results for something as obvious as “car hire”. Do you think that you can push your blog in those search results? You think that your SEO tactics can push your URL in between all the results of Google Places and Google Maps. I seriously doubt your confidence.

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5 Bizarre Techniques To Find Inspiration Away From Work

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Before I start, let me put up a disclaimer. You know, the one that helps me save myself when you guys sit on my head and kick my, well, you know what! See, I ain’t rich enough to fight against your lawyers so, here we go:

All characters and names mentioned by me today are not fictitious or imaginary. And any resemblance to many people living, dead, in a coma or just purely out of work is purely intentional and not at all regretted. Also, all ideas pushed are to kick you out of work. I love all you famous (and rich) designers and am lying!

Getting back to what we are here for. To give up on our tightly lipped schedules where we don’t have a minute free to say “Hello” to our own souls. You know, the world of Internet and freelancing is such that you got to fight against your free will so that you don’t end up messing your client’s time. It is like being on your toes if you don’t want the competition to rip your apart. But, have you noticed that most of us opt for freelancing because we want to get rid of the sick day jobs and be our own boss? Instead, we end up being a freelancer who is working like never before in order to rake in lots of money as quickly as possible.

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Yay Or Nay Of QR Code Marketing

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You must have seen plenty of QR code showcases already but somehow I feel that people haven’t learned QR code marketing yet. Reason could be that QR codes are kinda of new to internet marketing. I’m not saying that QR codes are new, but they have a lot of room to grow and the possibilities are yet to be explored. The world of SEO might have exhausted its regular tips but QR code is yet to explode. Today, I will dare to understand the world of QR code marketing. Stick with me, it’ll be worth it.

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14 Unusual Websites To Kill Time With When Bored

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How is the world on the other side you bored go-getters? I know that a time can come when you just don’t know what else to do? There comes a time in life when you just don’t want to go offline because you are addicted to the internet but you don’t know what to do because you seem to have surfed almost all of it. If you are still reading this then I am assuming that you are someone who will give up on their youth if not shown a kill their precious time. Worry not. I will introduce you to some of the most amazing websites that provide a quick cure to boredom.

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