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What Happened to HD Web Design?

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In this article, we will be sharing with you about how HD web design changed the world. Why do people love or hate it? Are web designers excited about it? Do people even notice? How did it change the workflow? What are the some tips and tricks that web designers can do to make their lives a bit easier when it comes to web designing for high resolution screens?

It is undeniable that Apple is a great influence and mover in technological innovations. These days the popularity of gadgets with retina displays changed the way designs are made. This new advancement requires increase in every bit of pixel used in a design. Mass production of high resolution screens, tablets and smartphones demands web designers to catch up.

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30 Premium Flat WordPress Themes That Rock!

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Looking for some flat WordPress themes for your website? Flat is hot right now! Flat design or flat UI is now the growing trend in the web design industry and the audience are going gaga for it. Going for a minimalist approach, flat designs are sophisticated, simple and sexy.

Most people don’t have enough time to spare to create a new flat web template and the best solution to that problem is to purchase one. Flat designs are also made to fit with retina displays; your blog can be visited by people on their tablets and smartphones. It’s the perfect concept for you to gather more audience. If you want to take the plunge into the awesome revolution in web design, then, let us cater to your needs in this article. Okay, let’s move on to the latest 30 rocking WordPress Themes with Flat Designs.

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All About BIG and BOLD Typography: Tips and Inspiration

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There are many ways to attract viewers’ attention when it comes to web design.Flash techniques, awesome photography & catchy color schemes are just some of the many methods used to create visual interest. There is something even simpler that can create a big impact…kick-ass Typography. Specifically, I’m talking about big and bold typography. When used correctly it can stand alone in a layout and still attract a lot of attention.

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When High Fashion Invades The Web: 50 EPIC Fashionable Websites

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Fashion is a cultural phenomena and a means of personal expression. It has been around for ages and is undeniably a big phenomena. It is important to those that follow fashion trends, and for many people fashion is an integral part of their life and identity. Getting into the hostile world of high fashion is a great achievement for those that are passionate about it as the industry is undying and it gets bigger by the minute. That’s why it has decided to take over the world wide web as well.

When it comes to fashion, everyone’s a critic. “High-fashion” means taking things over-the-edge. Seeing designs in an unusual or unique way that would actually gain signature. Sometimes, high-fashion could also mean ” going totally whacko” – Just like the ever notorious fashion icon, Lady Gaga. But of course, a high-fashion website can be played well with great Photography and cutting-edge web designs. In this article, I will be gladly sharing what websites are highly fashionable and edgy enough to get fashionistas’ attention.

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Introducing Google Chrome: All In One Super Charged Guide

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Google Chrome is the most fastest browser anyone could ever use. It has lived up to most people’s expectations with its speed, security, innovative navigations, ease of usage and very cool extensions. And because it uses WebKit as a rendering engine, it’s completely web developer-friendly.  So, let those HTML5, CSS3 & Flash-less designs come rolling in.

In this article we aim to deliver an All in one resource guide for Google Chrome users. From extensions to some advanced tricks we got it covered for you. So Fasten your seat belts and lets check out more than 90 kick ass extensions, themes, web apps and tips to customize your Google Chrome.

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Web Designers’ 2011: New Year’s Resolutions

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Time to kick 2010 out and kiss 2011 hello. Yep,  it’s that time once more when you make new year’s resolutions. And looking at it, it’s pretty much just like last year – funny. Well for some, who can really stick to their resolutions I salute their determination. One fact about resolutions is that they are just too good to be true, which makes it even harder to accomplish. For example – “A chain smoker’s resolution : Quit smoking”. Now, that would be very hard to do because as we know smokers are addicted to nicotine and feel like they’d die without a puff an hour. It’s better to go like – ” Go slow and take only 3 sticks of cigarette a day instead of 5″. You can’t rush perfection, take one single step at a time. This time, lets stick to making a more realistic list and something that would make you realize your list of resolutions.

Here is an inspiring list of resolutions for web designers, developers and bloggers. Hopefully to get you started on the new year right.

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Holiday Inspired Freebies: 50+ Templates, Fonts & Icons

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Hello there in winter – it’s cold out there, icy and everybody needs to put on their warmest coat, but here comes bright side! People are decorating and beautifying their homes, stores, cars, hotels – just anything they own or walk into are inspired by the holidays. Especially on the internet where anything is possible and quickly can be implemented and changed.

People go crazy on Christmas inspired/related designs, where nothing is over done or too subtle. After all, Christmas is about love, peace & joy!

In this article, I will be sharing tons of resources & images to all the bloggers, readers and everybody who’s reading this with theme of Christmas and Holidays.  You may say it’s too late for this kind of article – but I am saying, while there is winter in the weather and people are still trying to get over New Year and start working – it’s not too late!

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50 Heart-Warming Greeting Cards:Enjoy Your Holidays

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“It’s the thought that counts” – may sound cliche, but it’s true. It makes one feel bubbly to realize that there are people who have thought of them in such special holidays & occasions. Especially at this time of year, when people give gifts, attend to parties here and there. Even to some who annually makes a Christmas wish-list, receiving something more personal and intimate creates a very warm and heart-felt smile. Reading love one’s thoughts and wishes for you makes you feel warm & fuzzy all over. It’s amazing how simple things in life can give joy to others. The best way to do this is by sending personalized greeting cards.

Here’s a collection of very inspiring holiday greeting cards for you. Happy Holidays!!

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60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs For Your Inspiration

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Although digital arts is much appreciated and renowned in the world wide web, it’s undeniable that hand drawn sketches are equally impressive and delightful. Using hand drawn designs as webpage backgrounds, designer portfolios and illustrator portfolios, is getting popular these days. It has that artistic and personal touch that awes people, and not to mention it surprises the viewers too. It attracts artsy people from digital, animation/cartoon, sketch, and other art fields unmentioned.

Though it may be rather challenging at first, it helps when you get inspired by masters. So in this article, I collected a bunch of very impressive and edgy hand drawn websites that would inspire you. Here goes…

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Improve Your Work Flow: Photoshop Cheat Sheets And Reference Cards

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For busy people who are always conscious of time, don’t we always wish for easier and faster ways to get things done? I know, it’s a pain to be doing long processes and looking at the wall clock every once in a while to keep track of time. Using Photoshop isn’t always a breeze, there are lots and lots of tools to use. Especially if you’re doing serious photo manipulation techniques. It’s a hassle to be clicking from one button to another.

Well, here’s good news! I will be sharing cheat sheets for Photoshop to save your time and effort. This should make it easier for you to go around the tools using keyboard shortcuts like an expert. It is difficult to remember all of the shortcuts since there are too many of them. Download, print then stick them to your wall or anywhere, near your working area.

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