Managing Balance Between Inspiration and Individuality

Inspiration is a very broad word to begin with, since it can be a lot of things. It can be things that make you happy, sad, scared, angry, excited – anything you can feel that works up your creativity and tickles your imagination. It can also be someone who gives you motivation in life – … Continue Reading

40 Mouthwatering Websites for Your Delight

Being a fan of luscious food and cuisine, I like to surf the net and see what new restaurants are popping up.I crave for food too much that I find myself staring at very tempting pictures for hours. I do believe in the saying – you eat with your eyes first. We always look at … Continue Reading

Pointers and Guidelines For Freelance Graphic Designers

“Dream Job” as others  call it. Why not? In freelancing, you enjoy the benefit of working on your own time table, have your freedom and relax. But everything good comes with great hard work and hard-gripping effort. It’s a great responsibility and discipline having to work everything on your own, having to learn the operations and … Continue Reading

Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

“Freelancer” – a title very self explanatory. You wouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what it means. Being such, you work on the comfort of your own home & time. No one is the boss of you – just yourself. But let’s face it, two heads or more is always better than one. Getting ideas and … Continue Reading