25 Most Recommended WordPress Alternatives For Bloggers

Being the most popular blog publishing application, WordPress caters to all bloggers and web developers alike. As an open source Content Management System (CMS), powered by Php and MySQL it has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system.   But it may not cater to some specific needs. There is no harm in trying … Continue Reading

Using Flashy Product Photos To Improve Your E-Commerce Design

The main most important design aspect of any e-commerce website would be product photography. Being unable to touch, smell, taste and hold, alternatively handle the product they find interesting, the closest interaction the client could get are the images. Basically, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers, the more confident … Continue Reading

Sorting Out and Dealing with Different Types of Clients

Psychological approach is also an effective strategy being used in business. Learning how to read the clients’ personality can give you advantage. This way, you will know how and in what way to approach them with your marketing strategies. You will be able to handle and build a good professional relationship with your clients.

30 Delectable Coffee Websites for Your Inspiration

Nothing makes the day like a nice warm cup of flavorful coffee – be it a latte, cappuccino, frap, decaf or just plain black. It’s just too good to miss.  It keeps you energized through the day and makes a good excuse to hang with friends. Coffee shops are always crowded with businessmen in the … Continue Reading

40 Mouthwatering Websites for Your Delight

Being a fan of luscious food and cuisine, I like to surf the net and see what new restaurants are popping up.I crave for food too much that I find myself staring at very tempting pictures for hours. I do believe in the saying – you eat with your eyes first. We always look at … Continue Reading

30 Cool Large Photo Background Website Designs

Web design is taking a plunge into photography and digital arts. Making large photos as a background is getting trendy.  Hence, putting up a catchy photo never misses to attract the audience attention. It says a lot about the website as well as the developers.  It also helps the designer create aura, a color palette … Continue Reading

Pointers and Guidelines For Freelance Graphic Designers

“Dream Job” as others  call it. Why not? In freelancing, you enjoy the benefit of working on your own time table, have your freedom and relax. But everything good comes with great hard work and hard-gripping effort. It’s a great responsibility and discipline having to work everything on your own, having to learn the operations and … Continue Reading