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How to Enhance Your Website Using Breadcrumbs – Showcase

On large websites and websites with hierarchically arranged pages, breadcrumbs are a really great way for users to navigate around the web site. They are a type of secondary navigation scheme which indicates the exact location of a user on a website. They greatly improve the findability of a web site’s sections and pages. Breadcrumbs, … Continue Reading

20 Most Valuable SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is one among the popular weblog publishing platforms available on the web. There are millions of blogs based on WordPress. Search engines are the best way to promote, publicize and help people discover your content. Thus, it is very important to optimize your blog or web site so that search engines can discover your … Continue Reading

Advanced Calendar Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking some intriguing calendar plugins for your WordPress based blog? Following is a collection of some of the best calendar plugins for WordPress that could suit your needs and maybe this is exactly what you need for your blog now! Each plugin serves a unique purpose and can be customized to your specific … Continue Reading

49 Top Sites And Collections To Find Free Icon Sets

Pictures talk a lot more than words do, so placing icon in websites and blogs in key areas will gain the attention of the readers. Web designers work a lot searching for best icons to include in the site and to make their site more effective and reachable. You can also use these icons to … Continue Reading

10 Must Have Portable Applications

Guest post by Srikanth AD Portable applications are handy when you are on move and can be run on most of the removable storage media like USB drive, mobile hard disk, iPod etc., Here in this article you will find extremely good 10 portable applications, that are very useful to carry with. If you are … Continue Reading