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Pop Up That Page: 10 Best Optin Plugins for Your WordPress Site

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Whether you are using WordPress for your business or for blogging, you need to get people on your mailing list. But, if you also want to increase the number of readers who sign up to your list, then you need to use optin plugins. In this article, you can find out the 10 best optin plugins you can use for WordPress.

Why optin plugins are needed:

  • Allows you to add popup signup forms to your WordPress site
  • Allows you to test and monitor the effect it has on readers
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30 Stunning Business Cards for Your Inspiration

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Stunning business cards are very important identity for anyone who is working or owns a business. If you are a web designer, the business card can be your website identity to any client. It works as a bridge between you and your customers and creates a good and lasting impression.

Like your website, business cards are also very essential elements- and with some designing creativity, you can add textures, materials or different shapes to your business cards.

There is simply no rule in creatively designing your business card, everything matters including:

  • Custom shapes
  • The finishing
  • The cut

The very design of your business card, that should be eye catching so that people get the idea about what kind of an artist you are once they see your business card.

Some designers also use letterpress business cards. There are many ideas for business cards such as graphical, typography, or just simple and original.

Here is a list of some unique and fascinating business card examples that we have compiled for you today, you choose an idea for yours as well.

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Discover the Extraordinary: How to Find Great Web Design Resources

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The Internet has completely transformed the computer and communications world like never before. The Internet has become a world-wide broadcasting mechanism for collecting as well as sharing the information.

Through Internet browsing, you can easily access information on unlimited topics related to web design.

However, the biggest hurdle that people face on the Internet is how to effectively access the huge information available with a simple mouse click.

Today’s post is about teaching you the best way to scour the Internet in order to find cool resources that can be perfectly used in your designing projects. Let’s start!

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20 Best eBooks to Learn PHP and MySQL Development

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Having some basic knowledge about the PHP and MySQL, nowadays, is necessary for every web developer. If you are creating websites for your clients, you will definitely have to use any one of these coding.

PHP and MySQL also serve many other purposes for web developers. They can learn the latest techniques about PHP and MySQL through different sources such as eBooks.

eBooks are easy to download. You can just read them instead of going to class. There are very few authentic sources from which you can learn the right PHP and MySQL techniques.

To help you out, we have collected 20 of the best e-Books through which you can learn everything about the PHP and MySQL. Here is the list:

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Who Wants Free and Fresh WordPress Themes? We’ve Got 25 For You

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There are so many free and fresh WordPress themes out there that it’s hard to decide which one. Free WordPress themes can be used for creating websites like blogs, portfolios, business and much more. Just searching for hours through the WordPress themes store for finding the perfect  and perfect WordPress themes can take lot of time.

WordPress currently is the most popular CMS platform available. With its huge popularity and growth, there are numerous themes shared by other developers for free. You can download them and use with your own website according to your own need.

Fresh and free WordPress themes with good quality are not easily to find on the Web. All of these themes have amazing features that you will find in any other premium theme.

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Make it Artastic: 30 Beautiful Photoshop Brush Sets

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Photoshop brush sets can be a great time saver for the designers because these allow the designers to easily and quickly create fantastic artwork without the need to draw all the individual design elements.

Good Photoshop brushes have always been in demand, which is why every designer should have a great collection of Photoshop brushes in their tool boxes. It is not hard to find Photoshop sets but finding those with the highest quality can frustrate any web designer on the lookout.

In today’s post, we are featuring a high quality collection of brushes that can be of great help to every designer. Latest versions of Photoshop do come with nice pre-installed brushes but they are only the beginning of what you can possibly do with the Photoshop brushes.

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30 More Android Applications You Mustn’t Miss This Year

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Android, as we all know, is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. However, it was considered as the second choice after Apple’s OSX. But, with its functionality, it has gained wonderful popularity for the last five years. No doubt, there is no replacement for a laptop or a computer, but working on-the-go may allow you to settle for some Android applications.

Whether you are a designer, developer or a freelancer, you have to work with codes, designs and projects on daily basis to achieve something.

With powerful smart phones and tablets releasing every year, more and more tools are coming to help out developers and designers in their work. The thing which makes all these devices useful for the developers is their compatibility with the Android apps.

However, with thousands of Android apps available to download, it can be very hard to choose the most useful one for you. To help you out, we have collected 30 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss out as a designer, developer or freelancer.

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20+ Killer WordPress Form Plugins Just For You!

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With plenty of tools and plugins, blogging has become so easy today that just about anyone can do it. With enormous amount of competition, you might want to get help from any source you can find.

Plugins are surely one of those help. These can make any process faster and smoother, something that is an advantage to you or your readers.

Having forms plugin that has an easy-to-use interface will make the creation of custom forms effortless. When we talk about websites, forms are one of the most important parts.

Creating forms once required HTML coding experience but plugins have made this very easy. Now, anyone can set-up forms and even the most complex forms as well.

Why do you need a form plugin?

  • User feedback
  • Acceptance of guest posts
  • Selling of products
  • For the comment section

All of these functions require a form plugin. However with so many form plugins available on the Internet, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your site. In today’s post, we have collected 25 best WordPress form plugins to help you make the right decision.

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10 Web Hosting Services Reviewed!

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Every website requires hosting in order to be live on the Internet. Designers and bloggers are well aware of its importance; they use it to establish their brand and business. It is also helpful to stay connected with existing and potential audience. Choosing really good web hosting services can be as important as the information available on your website. If the server of your web host goes down any time, it can hurt your business or even destroy your hardwork. It is very important for designers to choose a web host that makes their work uninterrupted. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a web host provider. Some are free and offer very limited features while others charge you little but offer unlimited features. I would recommend you to use price-based web hosting because they provide you more facilities than those free or cheap service providers.

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Font Awesome Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Ever wonder what Font Awesome is? Don’t look anywhere else because here is the Font Awesome review you are looking for.

Font Awesome is a web font collection that contains all the icons from Twitter Bootstrap framework. It provides you scalable vector icons that you can instantly customize. You can customize it in any size, color, drop shadow, or any other thing that you can do with the power of CSS.

The setting up of Font Awesome is as simple as adding two lines of code in your website. If you are an advanced user, you can customize as you like it. Just add the Font Awesome on your website with a single code line.

There is no need to download or install any software for that purpose. There are number of features that Font Awesome offers for your website. Let’s discuss each one of them briefly.

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